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Mentholathum Lip Pure: Lip Balm and Lip Gel

Sponsored Review
Disclaimer: The products are sponsored but the views are my own, and I promise to be as honest and fair as possible, kay? Also, the products have been tried for at least 5 days prior to the review. 

Are you tired of having dry chapped lips?
Or....Simply looking for lip balm or lip gel to use?
Why not try out...

Mentholatum Lip Pure's Lip Balm and Lip Gel?
Sorry, I have no idea why this is so blur either. :/
I have been a HUGE fan of Mentholatum since a long long long time ago when I first saw their advertisement on China TV (yeah I was in China lar! :D). I longed to buy their stuff, but my grandma told me, "Wahh! Mentholatum is like the top lip care brand! Stuff is VERYYY expensive one!"

Um, so I believed her and didn't even see the price.

But it turns out that it is not that bad. Lip Pure's Lip Balm and Lip Gel are both priced at $7.90 each, and can be found in Watsons, Guardian, Fairprice and all large supermarkets I should think? :)

Pretty Picture?
So recently I was sponsored Lip Pure's Lip Balm and Lip Gel to try and review. You can imagine how happy I was to be sponsored by my favorite brand since I was P6? I was really really elated and excited when I received my parcel and tried on the lip balm and lip gel instantly. I will review them separately:)

Lip Balm
Simple, Elegant Cover:)

Fragrance Free and love the Ingredients!
One of the reasons why I love this is because it is 100% food grade ingredients to help protect and condition our lips. Also, there is no colorant and no preservatives, which is a good thing!

As for fragrance free, I kind of like fragrances, but I am okay without them because no fragrances = me less likely to lick it or pucker my lips to smell the lip balm! :D

When it is applied on the lips, lips will feel soft and moisturized. Even after most of the lip balm has worn off, lips will remain soft and smooth.

Tip on using:
I love using this lip balm on lips before applying lipstick or anything like that because I realize that lipsticks tend to be oilier and also sometimes make my lip "peel" (as in the lip skin lar!). Also, the lipstick I use makes my lips VERY dry and unattractive despite its lovely shimmery pink-ness/ So yeah, it would be wise to protect your lips with this colorless and fragrance-free lip balm! I will suggest you apply it a few minutes before your lipstick to allow the balm to settle and protect your lips, yeah? :)

Lip Gel

Honey Lemon Lip Gel

Ingredients and should-knows. :)


Like from the soft shimmer and very very subtle sparkle which makes one's lips look so much healthier and prettier to the delicious and sweet smell! It is all perfect, for me!

The plus point of this is that it is not that oily, and IF you do happen to lick it like I did, worry not! It is preservative free! So yeah, you are not eating anything weird yeah! Also, after I happened to lick quite a lot of it from my lips, the good thing is that it does not leave this weird soap-like taste in your mouth that makes you stick out your tongue and go blearggghhh, what the heck was that? In fact, you can feel the fragrance in your mouth even and it is not too weird.

Even after licking it off (hard this time), I was surprised to find that a very slight layer still remained on my lips and kept my lips soft and moist for the rest of the time (until I washed my face later).

Similarly, I have a tip on how to wear this!

Tip on using:
You know, after you have used the Lip Balm and your choice of lipstick (as mentioned earlier), you can now apply this gel over your lipstick! It adds a very healthy, shimmery shine to your lips and also makes your lipstick last longer! To avoid leaving your lipstick color on the lip gel tip, use a Q-tip to dab some onto your lips and then press your lips together to smooth out the gel!

Overall, I think both products are really brilliant and I will definitely buy them again for future use! I will rate each of them....

Lip Balm: 4/5 
(Because I prefer scented ones and also prefer those with taste HEHEHE I like to lick!)
Lip Gel: 4.5/5
(Very good! Can be even more shimmery though!)

Author's Note: Opinion and results may vary from person to person and you may not like them as much as I did, or may like them even more than I do. So yeah, you can always go and try for yourself!


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