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Self Control

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I know I said that I won't blog today, but since I finished my LA presentation, I decided to write something after all.

I shall now steer you to the topic of self-control.
I don't think I have much of a self-control, which is in essence, very very very bad.

I went down to jog for a bit and exercised just now, because I am becoming increasingly and morbidly obese, and I have so much fats that it will put even Moses Lim to shame.

Who is Moses Lim??  you ask.
Here you go, Mr Lim for ya!
Now, whether Mr Lim is fat or not is another issue all together, and one that is not within my concerns, so let us talk about MY fats instead.
Haish, how disturbing can flabby fats get? VERY DISTURBING.
Each time I run or something, all the fats in my body would jump and flap around cheerfully, making a puuissh puuissh sound against each other. Yes, that is how fat I am.

How does that link to self-control?

Now, if I had just that one ounce of self-control, I would not have as much droopy fats as I have today.It is sad and bad and and....I have no other words for it.

So instead of wallowing in self-pity and harping on and on about my own lack of self-control, I shall instead, wisely exercise everyday for at least 30minutes. Jogging, brisk walking, lalalalala~~ the usual. And no more oily food means no more prata chicken, no more banana fritters.

What has the world come to?
kira's fats.
Why, thank you very much indeed.

Now, today is first of August, and I shall write down a...a...new MONTH resolution. No, in fact I will write down many many resolutions which I intend to stick to.
  1. I shall lose 3kg in this month.
  2. I must focus in class and fall asleep less.
  3. I must must do my Physics homework despite me finding it non-enriching.
  4. I must complete Chem worksheets on time and not face Mr Chem Tan with a guilty conscience.
  5. I shall put in effort into all quizzes and assignments that are graded because I am just that pragmatic.
  6. I shall attempt to give half a hoot to CLEP even though it bores me to tears.
Okay, that should be it. And of course, I must have lots and lots of self-control.
Remember that I aspire to do well and get into a decent JC class next year.
I don't plan to take Economics. I don't really see why there is such a big hype about it. In fact, I was thinking I should take triple science and Lit? But then again why torture myself with the extra science? :(:(

Haiya.....this silly Haiyaaa thing is stuck on me because Jumpy says "HAIYAAA! TSSSKKKK!" about half a million times a day and now I am going haiyaaaa at everything.

A karate teacher would be proud. I am sure.

This post sounds so energy-less that even I feel sleepy typing it. Haiyaaaa.
Shall go play Tetris battle.
After that shall um study chem.
Then maths and math worksheet.
Then Chinese.


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  1. Ok niao me say you fat okay okay YOU SO DAMN SLIM STILL SAY YOU FAT?!


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