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Everything Changes

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Time changes. People change. Things change. Some slowly, some quickly.

Feelings change.

Nothing ever stays the same.

Is the impermanence of our time and life a blessing?

I think I need to let go more and hold on to less. Accept more of the changes that I have no control over.

If our life is a bus ride and all the people you came to know are only passing commuters, then we know that perhaps farewells must be made in advance.

People tell me that there is something beautiful about melancholy, but I think it is merely wistful. It vacillates between shadows of grief and vague notions of acceptance, an eulogy of a period passed where all that was once in present continuous tense became past perfect tense.

I think there will always be regret. In everything and every case. Some bigger and some smaller; some realized and some overlooked; some accepted and some denied.

I wonder for the umpteenth time what went wrong. Nothing. It is precisely because nothing went wrong that nothing could ever be set right, maybe all the little friction had eventually worn out the last iota of patience for each other.

It doesn't matter. After all, life is made up of so many partings wielded together.

Om Nom #4

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Om Nom #4 is all about chocolates! Yum!
In case you are confused about the labelling, yesterday's #4 was changed to #3 after I realised that I made a mistake with the numbering, hence this is the official #4 post! Sorry for any confusion!

These Belgian chocolates were bought and given away last year, I got them at Watson during Christmas Season for just S$2:)
Watsons Belgian Chocolates Hearts
 What I liked more than the Belgium chocolates were these adorable chocolate spoons, also S$@ each! And you have a mix of both dark chocolate and milk chocolate spoons (3 each) in a pack selling only TWO DOLLARS. How awesome is that.

Watsons Chocolate spoons
 The spoons were actually quite large - sorry about the blurred photo, they were taken with iPhone 3 before my current better phone xD

 I am completely in love with these.

Truffles from either Paris or London, given by a friend.
Triple yum: cocoa powder, rich creamy chocolate, slight bitterness, all check!
The Back
The side

The front
 I was kinda too lazy to flip this one: Lindt milk chocolate with hazelnuts! <3
Short and brief post today, hope you liked it xD

Om Nom #3

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(Note: Sorry I had to change to Om Nom #3 instead of #4 because I realized that 3 was missing xD)

Food time!!! I can't believe how much good food I have eaten this week, but then, being the glutton that I am, I usually inhale my food before I have a chance to take any photos!

Here are two of the foods that I thought I would share this week!

Laksa from Eat @ Clementi, S$4.30

 The laksa soup tastes good, like with the right level of creaminess and spiciness as I like it, BUT I have one huge issue with it....

Can you tell from the photo how UTTERLY grainy the soup is?

Like instead of the smooth, silky soup you expect to taste and gulp in relish, you have to sip the soup through your teeth in an attempt to filter out all the dregs in the soup. And it is not a or two little bits of dregs.

They exist in clumps. Like huge clumpy clumps that get stuck in your teeth and refuse to get down your throat properly when you accidentally swallow it.

So instead of enjoying the laksa, you are just like trying to avoid all the dregs in the soup (hey look it is even evident on the fish cake! See the brownish mess?)

Dreg-filled soup aside, the laksa was vaguely disappointing. The tau-pok is way too hard and thus unfresh (or over-fried), the fish cake was okay, and the HALF A fried wanton they put in the soup along with Wu Xiang turned soggy (though still not too bad) and felt kinda of extra, really.

Overall rating? 2 out of 10. Severely displeased with the laksa. If you want to eat good laksa, go to West Mall food court, their soup has no dregs till you reach the bottom and everything goes well together.

Toast and Scramble/ Toastx2 Set (HCJC Canteen), each is S$2.00

 I swear our school sells fantastic, mouth watering toast and scrambled eggs.
2 pieces of toast

Like the bread has the right level of chewiness and "cookedness", and you can taste the fragrance of the egg without it tasting like underdone in your toast. And the auntie is always generous with the maple syrup, a must for all toast!

Granted, the large amount of oil and butter they use to cook the toast make it less than ideal for your health, but hey, moderation right? Eat it every now and then to remind yourself of the good, sweet things in a bitter bitter world, hehe xD

The scrambled eggs are just as fabulous.

I have tried over a year, but I can never reach the kind of buttery, creamy and almost silk like consistency of the scrambled eggs (a hot favourite of students), and the coarse black pepper really brings out the taste! :D

My teacher has spoken of how unhygienic this stall (Western food, actually the school canteen vendors in general) is, and how there are dead cockroaches in the sauce they drizzle on your chicken. But my point is, if you want to eat it, then close one eye and pretend you don't know and save the worry for later...when you fall sick xD

scrambled eggs and toast

That's all for today~~ Eat well and stay healthy!

Wisdom Teeth Removal

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I removed two wisdom teeth yesterday, when actually I was supposed to remove four.

It was both a sobering, painful and somewhat traumatic post experience considering that I not only bled non stop for the day (it is still bleeding now), but that I also developed a fever closer to evening, which made me wondered if I was suffering from secondary infection. 

Basically I slept for close to 16 hours yesterday from the myriad of pain that I had, and is much better as of now - even though the pain and fever is still there, at least they are more tolerable. 

Will post more when I am healthier, adieu :)

Rubber Band Looming

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There seems to be a new trend, and that is rubber band looming~~

I mean, all around the internet (and in shops) I keep seeing this pretty rainbow coloured kits being sold for really affordable prices: the ones I saw at Min Wan Heng Minimart costs around S$1.50 for a small pack, $4 plus for a medium pack and $6.50 for the largest pack. 

Even the Capsule Machines are selling all this stuff.

Rubber Band Looming Fishtail Design
Curiosity finally got better of my instinctive dislike for any new fads and trends, so I thought I would just waste S$1.50 on the smallest kit to try it out for myself!

And then I thought I would make my own Looming tutorial ahahah!

 Sorry I kind of like missed out Step 1, which is basically nothing haha, so just follow 2 onwards?

Basically you just move both end of the purple band to the middle such that it forms this double loop around the pink and yellow band.

Like that:

Add another band:

 Repeat the action of moving the bottom most band to the centre, and keep adding bands.

Half way, you will get this!

Half done rubber band bracelet

Depending on your own preferences, you can choose to make a dual toned or tri-toned bracelet. I am more partial to the tri-toned bracelet because I like the gradient and the complexity it seems to have. Clarissa prefers the one on the right: I let her pick since I making one for both her and Denyse hehe xD

Denyse got hers already btw. So now the tri-toned one belongs to me! Yay me!

And of course I can't give up a chance to model my own bracelets can I? :3 So here is a picture of my wrinkly hand with the bands!

The flipside~~

Hope you all have enjoyed my post! Do tell me, which one you like more: the tri-toned one or the dual toned one? Comment in the comments box below, and if we hit 10 comments, then I will carry out a give away where you can win the small looming kits to try for yourself! <3

Adieu loveliessss!

Om Nom #2

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Hey lovelies! It has been a while since I updated, and today I finally managed to be efficient WHILE being able to relax and get creative making desert!

Today's Om Nom is super simple! You can make it at home with just two simple ingredients which are chocolate wafer icecream (I got mine at just S$0.90) and a packet of Twiggies at S$1.20!

Now I have to boast a little: normally you have to get those classy looking ice cream desserts at high class restaurants for more than 5 dollars, but here, if you do a little DIY, you can get it at just S$2.10! Some more this can serve two people! (Given that you both eat moderately!)

I skipped all the steps in the middle because my hands were full of chocolate and ice cream bwhahaha.

Basically, just slice the twiggie cake the way you want it, and add the ice cream! It makes such a fabulous and cheap dessert! AND you can keep the other twiggie and the other half of the ice cream to eat another time!

Top View:

I added a few hazelnuts for cool effect:

That simple!

The next time, I am going to try with Napoleon ice cream and a mix of vanilla and chocolate twiggie! Stay happy and eat on!