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I used to think that promises and declarations of love are supposed to last forever.

Experience has allowed me to figure out that such things have an expiry date.

Perhaps one of the most ridiculous promises would be something along the lines of "I promise I will never leave you through thick and thin". Well the thick and thin comes and the promise vanishes like last summer's memories.

Maybe love isn't in the solemnity of promises, nor the grandeur of words or "to-the-moon-and-back"s.

Maybe love is not in the things that we do for each other.

Maybe, it is about the things that I don't do knowing it would upset my loved one, and in the words that I don't say in moments of anger, because even in my most upset moments, hurting them hurts me. Too.

Maybe, just maybe, love is not about waiting for you to realize my needs but about open and sincere communications telling each other what we need. Open communications open hearts.

When I love you I try to understand your point of view and I try to share mine, however afraid. We wouldn't want a miscommunication to stand in the way.

I would have my insecurities, I would have my doubts, but I will live better knowing that you are there to share my doubts and fears and you would in your own way assuage my uncertainties like how I would calm yours. I would trust you wisely and love you with an open heart and open mind.

There may be a day where apocalypse comes, there may also be a day where the sun implodes, but there will not be a day where I stop loving you. 
Therein lies the beauty of the unknown, the excitement of the wait and the exhilaration of reunion.