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First Day at Raffles Hotel

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Actually my first day was at Ritz Carlton. But the experience was not that fantastic, so I thought I would blog about that later on, and write about my better experience first!

So this morning I went to Raffles Hotel at Cityhall to work as a part-time waitress at their Bar and Billiard Room (BBR) which serves buffet breakfast and lunch. I woke up at five am, I took the first available bus to the MRT station and still ended up being later than my charge because well, work started too early at 7am.

When my charge, Ting Neng (who is actually a guy, but I kept just assuming him to be a girl) called me I was still at Tanjong Pagar. So poor Ting Neng was snoozing on the stairs by the time I reached, and I think I was about 7 min late in meeting him.

There was a bit of complications in getting our passes settled because we were called down on an ad hoc basis and they didn't print our tables in time, but thank god it all turned out fine, so hee, I am not gonna elaborate much.

Instead, I can't help but keep comparing Ritz Carlton to Raffles Hotel.

I know many of you would disapprove of it, because you know, after all, each hotel is really different and they always have their pros and cons, so we really shouldn't be so judgey. That's what I tried telling myself, but I had this tiny commentator in my head that kept up a running commentary on everything I was experiencing, like those narrators in a documentary.

I felt like I was doing a documentary on "Waitress Experience in Singapore Hotels".

Anyhoos, foremost I was impressed by Raffles Hotel when we were actually given our own lockers to put our belongings and lock it. We were also promptly reminded by the security guard that loss of keys would cost us 15 bucks.

Yeah, it was a mercenary world.

The reason why I was so impressed with the locker is because at Ritz, we kind of just dump all our bags in this shelf in this office where we sign in and sign out. Whilst there is this office lady there to kind of "protect" our belongings, it is still risky because I went into that room THRICE to retrieve various items from my bag and she never even turned her head to see who.

I mean, I could have been a snoopy snoop. Right?

My locker!
I was so damned impressed to have MY OWN LOCKER (bolded and underlined to expressed my uncontrollable joy) that I had to take a picture of it.

Yeah, so that means I can safely dump all my stuff inside whilst I work.

Secondly, I like Raffles Hotel's BBR uniform much more than Ritz's banquet uniform.

I know that is not suppose to be a main point, since you know, we are really just clearing dishes and not doing anything else, but I really like the color of BBR uniform. It looks like a simpler type of air-stewardess uniform, those brownish gold in color.

Since I am not sure whether I can post a picture of the uniform without being sued, I sketched out how it looks!

Raffles Hotel BBR uniform
I sketched and colored it on my iPad, so naturally it looks badly done, since I have a free-and-therefore-lousy stylus. Bahahaha.

Okay, maybe it looks kind of crappy here, but it really looked quite nice (on me). Hee hee, thick-skinned much.

Working at BBR was extremely exhausting, even more so than doing banquet at Ritz because I feel like Ritz was over-staffed on that particular day so there weren't too much to do. At Raffles' BBR, I was walking around clearing dishes almost every minute when the breakfast crowd came in, and my feet hurt as much as it did after 10 hours at Ritz.

The manager at Raffles BBR was just as strict and scary as the one at Ritz, but I kind of like her.

The reason is that, when she told me off, it was in a professional manner. She kind of instructed me to do dishes clearing, but then the other regular staff told me to do the table set up as well, and the customers really don't know or care what your job scope is, so they would tell you to get them juice.

So when I complied and went to get the customer her juice (or was it English Breakfast tea?), my manager happened to pass by and went like, "What are you doing here?"

I was pretty frightened at the moment because she has a very strict face. The fact that her eyebrows were drawn in this fierce arc didn't help to make her look any friendlier.

So I told her that I was asked by the guest to get them drink. She told me to stick to my job scope of clearing dishes and make someone else to get the drink, which is like, okay, fair enough.

(You can read about my experience with the slightly less professional "telling off" I got from my Ritz manager in a separate post.)

But since I carried on doing everything she told me to do, she didn't keep on looking displeased with me (cough, unlike some). In fact, she became quite friendly after a while, and was actually quite nice. I suppose being stern is necessary in her jobscope since she is in authority after all~

I also liked another senior staff, who is a non-Chinese (sorry I am not very good at telling apart ethnicity) who was really really nice and encouraging, albeit in a way I found awkward. Because I did what she told me to do without her having to keep repeating her instructions, she was happy and said "Very good girl" which made me quite happy. Hee.

I am so easy to please.

I actually also overheard her telling another staff that she found me very good (but I might have hallucinated it), and that "the other boy arh...haiyo".

Speaking of the other boy, let's call him uhhh Shawn? I have no idea what his real name is.

Shawn wasn't a very good dish-clearing partner to be working with. Especially not when you are in court shoes that are a size too small for your feet.

Silent Shawn looked blur half the time and stood immobile by the bar table for majority of the first half of the breakfast rush. It is like, I would be tottering past him three times to clear two tables at a go and he would still be standing there, like an awkward statue.

Maybe that's why the senior staff was always telling him what to do.

He isn't annoying in the sense that he deliberately slacks off. It was annoying in the sense that when I was so busy clearing things, he just stood there looking dazed and calm even when I passed by him thrice.

It is like, even when he is clearing the table, he does it slowly.

Which clashes so badly with the speedy-speed of the restaurant that sometimes I feel like shaking him hard to make him do things faster.

After a while (like a really long while, perhaps 3 hours later), he finally got less confused and less dazed and started doing things with more haste. But then there was another problem.

He doesn't talk. To me.

See, it is not that I desperately wanted to talk to him. He is not that attractive, It is that when you are clearing tables together, sometimes you will ask something related to that matter, and he doesn't reply, so I found it kind of irritating (like very act like that).

Me: "Where are the smaller forks?"
Shawn: *shakes both hands in the air to signal don't have*

I mean, you could have just said "don't have" loudly and clearly, I mean, I was focusing on clearing the dishes, who would have the time to look up and figure out, oh look, he is waggling his hands, he says there are no more small forks.

So we just worked in this sullen silence with me asking questions in a somewhat impatient tone at times, and him doing his pantomime. Then I realized another thing that niggled at me again.

He put very few items onto his tray.

Granted, the silver tray (I actually believe that it is real silver) is extremely heavy even when there is nothing on it. It is like those kind of things where you get arm-sore from supporting just from raising it in the air for a minute without even moving around.

But there was so much to clear, and he put so little on his tray when he walks back to the bar (to deposit the dirty plates etc), when he walked back I would have cleared the rest. A much heavier load.

Okay, maybe I am exaggerating a little. See, I am rather disgruntled with him over all (not because he is a Sullen & Silent Shawn) but because everything he did kind of annoyed me. Like how in my busiest moments I caught him sneaking behind the bar to chat with his friend. Like what-the-hey man!

Okay, Sullen Shawn aside.

It was weird because none of my co-workers would speak to me.

I dunno why, did I look like an alien with grey contact lenses today?

Like the 4 of them were definitely a group, because I saw them coming in together in the morning when I was settling the pass-issue, and they were pretty happy around each other. And they were my age ( I think), so I was mildly happy that I would have some friends to talk to.

But, nope.

None of them spoke to me, not even in work related stuff. The only girl I spoke to and spoke to me was the one who was managing the coffee/tea/juice side of the bar.

It would go like that:

Me: One coffee, one English breakfast and one orange juice.
Her: *repeats my order* Okay.

And that was about it. The one who was clearing out the dishes from the bar counter didn't say anything to me at all. Even though at the start I thanked her each time she took the dirty plates from me. Then I grew tired of being too friendly and just worked silently. Fine, I was grumbling to myself.

I was really glad when it was time for break because damn, my feet were again swollen and painful by that time. I was shown to the cafeteria by this other co-worker who was friendlier, but not friendly enough to eat with me.

Sighs. It was a lonely meal.

I loved the cafeteria though! Too bad I didn't take any photos to show you all.

The cafeteria wasn't air-conditioned, but it was really posh. Like the arrangement, the furnishing, the tables and chairs resembled that of a restaurant-cafe, and the food was actually quite nice. I had fried wanton, Tofu and some green veggies. The wanton was too hard and too much (each one was given 2), and I ate less than one of them. The tofu was nice. There was a salad bar with fresh clean and juicy looking vegetable mixture, as well as ham, raisins, tuna or chicken I couldn't tell and strwaberry jam. There was also fresh fruits along with a chopping board and fruit knife for one to cut up the fruits. The drinks counter had as many drinks as Ritz did, one machine serving 5 types of soft-drinks and the other hot drinks like coffee, latte, mocha and Milo.

We all know what I chose.


I love Milo. It is so yummy, sweet and the aroma is irresistible.

I was absolutely delighted to find the Milo of a good concentration and taste, wayyyyy better than Ritz's Milo that didn't even smelled like Milo. Ritz's Milo tasted like milo-flavoured water, till the last mouthful that tasted a bit better.

And the soup of the day was pretty awesome too. It was lotus and peanut soup that was really well cooked and delicious, and there was an alternative choice that I couldn't remember. I drank all the yummy soup with my yummy food. o\^.^/o ( <-- happy face, haha)

Ritz's Sze Chuan spicy soup tasted like someone added half a gallon of hot water to one packet of vegetable pickles. It wasn't spicy. It wasn't salty. It wasn't anything. There wasn't much taste. It was healthy.

And since I loved raisins, I took some vegetable salad to eat with my raisins and stawberry jam. It was also very delicious. I shall not again complain about Ritz's salad.

Anyway, I just love the Raffles' cafeteria. Muhahaha.

After lunch I was posted to work at Tiffin room, which was another atas looking restaurant that had quite few people eating in it. I had to change from that goldish-brown outfit to another...

Tiffin Room uniform 

Yeah I drew it on my iPad again! I thought it looked good when I didn't colour, the colour made it look amateurish hehe.

The Tiffin room uniform is really nice! It was really troublesome to wear though.

See, there is first a shirt. But I was lazy to take out my singlet, so I wore that underneath.

After the shirt there is a vest.

You have to button all the way to the neck and tie a tie (real tie, not the put-head-thru-tie tie) which I got an auntie to help me with. Then the tiny green triangle near the chest area is a fake hanky thing to put in the chest or breast (?) pocket. With grey fitting pants.

I was sweating bullets by the time I reached the Tiffin room, which thank god had really strong air-con.

I didn't do so much in the Tiffin room, I mainly sorted out the cutlery and carried the dirty dishes to the kitchen for washing. Then I spent half an hour polishing about 80 or more teapots of various sizes. All made in silver, I think, since they were really really heavy.

What made me like Raffles so much is that the senior staff and the people who were managing me were really nice. Like the lady who called me "good girl", she was one of the nicest there. She kept reminding me to sign out when I leave because otherwise I won't get paid. The aunties there were really nice, like the ones who were washing the dishes in the kitchen behind Tiffin room. Okay actually all the regular staff were really nice and friendly.

There was this Indian guy I ran into when I was looking for the cafeteria. I was actually outside the cafeteria but I kept thinking it was a restaurant (it looked that posh) and he was like, "yes this is the cafeteria". He even gave me the directions to the lift so that I won't get lost after lunch. So nice. ^^

The auntie at the uniform room was really nice too, she helped me change my uniform when it couldn't fit properly, and was really patient in finding the right size. Basically, every staff inside the hotel made my part-time job there a rather fabulous experience.

When I was leaving, I ran into this super hot girl in the locker room.

Like, extremely boyish-hot kind of girl.

She had her hair cut short like the popular men cut now, with the sides short and the top longer.

When I was changing my courtshoes to sneakers, she plopped herself down in this chair a few down from mine and spoke to me,

"You work in the Tiffin room?"

"Yeah! How did you know?"

She smiled mysteriously.

"Are you based on agency too?" I asked.

"Nope, I work here full-time." she said with that really cool, nonchalant wave of her hands.

"Is it very tiring?" I asked.

"Of course!" she said with a roll of her eyes, but it wasn't your usual annoying roll. It's that kind of really cool and blase way that made me like her even more.

"Yeah I once worked 12 hours in a go and nearly died." I recounted.

"12 hours? I do that too, not so bad what."

In all, I like her. She is friendly, DAMN cool and really nice. Like if there is a cool meter and all the people who wear crop-tops with words like "GEEK" and "NERD" on them think they are 10/10 cool, this girl can probably be 100/10 by just sitting down in her boyish manner and rolling her eyes. At the "GEEK"s and "NERD"s.

Bahahaha, I sound like a crazy fan girl.

I am not.

I just like friendly people, and those effortlessly cool people.


Will be blogging about Ritz Carlton next (it will be much longer), when my left arm doesn't hurt as much. I feel like waitressing has changed the wellness of my left arm for good. :<

Korean Ulzzang (Natural Look) Make-up Tutorial

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Hey there pretties, today I am going to share with you guys a tutorial on the EASIEST way to achieve the Korean Ulzzang look!

In case you have no idea, "ulzzang" basically means to look naturally beautiful without make-up, which logically, is mostly a bit of bullshit since the trending look involves a lot of of different make-up.

I did a quick search and I think we are more or less aiming to look like that:

Korean Ulzzang Make-Up
Which actually is kind of dramatic. I mean, look at the contact lens, the shimmery tear tanks/ ducts (the aegyo sal, which means "cute eye bags") and the smokey winged liner. It would look great for prom, but not so much for your daily work.

So today, I am going to share with you all a more toned down version of the look above, so that you can wear it out when going out with your friends (especially those who don't wear make-up, you know, so you don't feel so awkward wearing that much). And, it is also good for work!

The finished look will look something like that, which IMO is much less dramatic than the one above. And yes, I also look a lot uglier than the person above (duh),  since I think that person is a Kpop star, though I am not sure whom.

Toned down look
I know, I was having a frizzy hair day. It sucks, because I just washed and straightened my hair and somehow it still look so fluffy and crappy. Arghs. Okay, enough of my digressions, let's begin.

*Remember, instructions are in Purple, the rest are just my rambling haha.

1. Big Eye Contact Lens

Big eye contacts are actually the most crucial step in achieving the look because we are kind of aiming for the "big, dolly-eyed and innocent" look. which is a teensy difficult for most of us with our natural irises since our irises tend to be so small. So far, the prettiest pair of eyes I have seen are actually on Dash (Xiaxue's baby), which are absolutely dolly and gorgeous!
Simple black
For contact lens, I am using Luxury Babe brand which is much cheaper than other brands but also able to deliver the same big eye effect. I bought mine at 6 dollars per pair, but I won't recommend you the dealer because I don't find them very reliable, since I almost didn't receive my products after I paid due to some checkpoint issues. But thank god it all turned out well.

The lens above is simpler (can't recall the number), with flower pattern.

The ones below are slightly more dramatic, since they have this crystal pattern, which usually do not show due to my dark irises (they are black, yikes), but when you look around and your eyeballs move, you can see the pattern at the edge.

Luxury babe 40, Black

2. Foundation

For foundation my favourite choice would be the Lasertox CC cream by Klarity, because it does a wonderful job in five areas:
  • providing coverage
  • brightening up the skin tone
  • keeping the skin moisturized, hydrated and soft without making your face oily.
  • smells wonderful, like moisturizer instead of make-up
  • the colour is white, and it changes to match the skin tone
In simple terms, it is able to give you the natural dewy "perfect skin" look without looking pasty.

Note that my tube of Lasertox here is sponsored, but I have used it for a year now, so I am not raving about this just for the sake of raving: it is really that good. I would in fact buy several more bottles if not for their exorbitant prices.

About a pea-sized amount on the forehead, each cheek and the chin would suffice! Blend the cream out so that there are no splotches of white anywhere, then squeeze out a suitable amount to cover your dark eye bags!
Klarity Lasertox CC cream
However, because I am running out of Lasertox and they are so expensive to buy, I am making do with my second favorite BB cream: IOPE Air cushion.

This was given to me in 2013 so that I can try it out and then submit a feedback form based on it, and yes, I was totally bought over by the ease of application. Not only so, the coverage is pretty fantastic and it similarly gives the skin a very natural glow. As compared to Klarity's Lasertox, I would say this one does a better job in concealing spots because of its color and density, thus with IOPE, the skin may feels a little less breathable.

IOPE air cushion

My really old and tattered IOPE cushion
4. Powder

Personally, I don't really like to use powder much, because it makes the face look heavier on make-up than necessary, which is not what we are aiming for.

However, I realized that my T-zone, especially my nose area gets oily and thus shiny really quick, which means that using powder may "mattify" the T-zone and make your face look less oily.

For powder, I am using Maybelline Clear Smooth Shine Free Powder (really long name).

Maybelline Clear Smooth Shine Free Powder
Apply it to the forehead, nose bridge (and sides of the nose), on the cheekbones, above the lips and on the chin. Remember not to leave a huge clot of powder anywhere!

Yes, I cracked the powder when I dropped it. Boo. :(
5. Eye Make Up

Instead of eye-liner, we will use black eye shadow to line our eyes because black shadow looks less harsh and thus less dramatic than eye-liner. Not the mention the fact that they are also a lot easier to apply haha.
Maybelline Hyper Diamond Eyeshadow
I am using Maybelline Hyper Diamond Eyeshadow, but you can use any brand that you prefer! ^^

Picking up a small amount of black eye shadow from your palette, tight line the top of your eyes, meaning try to draw the black line as close to your lash line as possible. In fact, if possible, try to fill in between your lashes (the gaps), so as to create the illusion of fuller lashes. 

Then extend the black line slightly by dragging it out to reach the corner of your eyes. Try not to flick upwards, because remember, we are going for the natural look! 

You can create more dimension to your eyes by shading in the V-shape at the corner of your eyes (where the eye liner extends to) so that you get the smokey eye liner look at the edge.

Then using the shimmery white colour, apply to under eye area, keeping it as close to water-line as possible! That creates a toned-down aegyo sal!

6. Optional: Mascara, Lipgloss and Nose shadow

You can choose to create an illusion of higher nose bridge using Daiso's nose shadow! But it is fully optional and it won't make that much of a difference to your look!
Daiso Nose Shadow
Usually, I am also too lazy to apply lip gloss, but you can do so if you want to have fuller and shiny looking lips.

Silky Girl Cola Flavored Lip Gloss
If you are short of time, you can probably choose to skip the mascara too! But if you do, then it will make your eyes look even better!

For this tutorial, I am using Maybelline Falsies mascara.

Tip to using mascara:
You can just apply the mascara to the tip of your lashes rather than the whole length! It not only lengthens the lashes suitably, it also prevents clumping of lashes! Also, try to apply it in a zig-zag motion to prevent clumping.
Maybelline Falsies


On the left: with foundation, powder and black eye shadow to line eyes

On the right: everything on left + nose powder, white shimmer and lip gloss ^^

I know that the tutorial may be a little hard to follow because after all, it is not a video and you may not understand what I am talking about. For those who have any queries, feel free to email me at thekiraknight@gmail.com to ask me about anything!

Hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and toodles!

Product Placement: IOPE air cushion, Klarity Lasertox CC Cream, Silky Girl Cola lip gloss

Daiso Nose Powder

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I dropped by Daiso in IMM today to do my usual curiosity shopping and this time I decided to buy their Nose Shadow powder even though I know that Daiso makeup is kinda blearrgh.

By blearrgh I mean kind of lousy. 

So naturally I bought it more for the sake of my curiosity (and yours, what's more you can just read this and not buy it if I say it sucks) and to review it on this blog.

Daiso's Nose Shadow powder comes in a circular disk with 2 shades. One white (slightly shimmery, or is it the light?) and one matt brown.

Daiso Brand Nose Powder
 Good points about the product:

  • To my surprise, the powder came off rather easily. I was kind of expecting those cheapo kiddie makeup quality where you know, the powder just doesn't seem to come off no matter how hard you brush your brush against it.
  • The white is actually a pretty good color. Like it is not those flour white color that makes you look pasty, but a more subtle shimmer.
  • The brown isn't too bad either. It is not that dark, so you won't actually look like a Wayang show.

My Reservations:

Now, despite the better-than-expected performance of the nose shadow, I still have my doubts and reservations about it. Foremost, it is of course the price problem. What kind of scary chemicals costs only $2 including packaging? It is deeply ingrained in me the notion of "nothing that is cheap can be too good", literally translated from the Chinese saying of "便宜没好货".

Also, because I actually bothered reading the ingredients list:

  • Talc
  • Mica
  • Mineral Oil
  • Lanolin Oil
  • Lanolin alcohol
  • Methylparaben
  • Propylparaben
  • Titanium Dioxide
  • Iron Oxides

So when you read all the ingredients you are like "what is this, I don't know, I don't care" right?

It's okay! You have me to tell you what is more important for you to know.

Basically, methylparaben and propylparaben are derivatives of paraben (duh) which is a controversial substance due to its suspected hand in increasing the rate of puberty in girls as well as triggering breast cancer. Although methyl/propylparabens are seen as safer alternatives to be used as preservatives, they could increase the rate of skin aging when applied on the skin.

So whilst Daiso makeup can be cheap and even good to use, always remember to check the compounds used and do a quick research on them! Though, if you are too lazy to, it will be wise to remember just not to use it too often!

Dual tone nose powder
Stay tuned for my next post on how to look like an Ulzzang (Korean natural Beauty)!

You are celebrating birthdays wrong.

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Oh yes, here is another post.

I simply have to share my deep and insightful thoughts about everything. It is okay if you don't want to read it. I am also seldom interested in what other people have to say. Unless those "other people" are my mom, dad, Demure Denyse, Sluggy Sophia or someone I like (no one yet, really).

Anyway, before A-levels I had this sudden epiphany about birthdays, which I of course eagerly shared with my tuition class. No one but Mr Jaryl, my teacher, seemed particularly interested. Which is okay, since I said, it is hard to be interested in other people's theories when we have so many wonderful theories ourselves. I think even Mr Jaryl might be patronizing me because there were a lot of "hahas" and other patronizing yet encouraging statements in his reply. But damn, Mr Jaryl is one of the nicest persons I have ever come across in my life. If you get to know him, you probably must have been a philanthropist in your previous life. Like me.

I could have saved a country. Like Russia maybe?

Okie, no more digressing.

My point is we are celebrating birthdays all wrong.

It is like, you get the idea of birthday right?

Each year when you are celebrating your birthday, you are getting a year older. Which, in more pessimistic and fatalistic terms, you are a year closer to dying from old age or organ deterioration. Which, logically, is nothing much to celebrate about.

See, which is why is makes no sense at all to be celebrating the day when you are officially a year older. Or being so happy. Giving gifts is even weirder. It is like,

"Here is a gift to you. Congratulations on becoming older and being one step closer to dying."

That morbid. I blame it on pre-A-level hormonal changes.

What I found was weirder is the fact that we almost always put candles onto our birthday cakes. Right? Like when you are 6 years old, we have 6 candles. Then when we are 10 years old, we have 10 candles.

What is on a candle?

A flame.

What is a flame? It is light.

What does light symbolize? Illumination of future paths. Hope and goodness.

See what I mean now?

If you have lived for seven years, it means that 7 years of your whole life are gone now. Why then are you illuminating the 7 stupid candles? Shouldn't you be say, be doing this instead?


  1. Using details from your family tree and stuff, calculate the average life span of your family members. Minus 10 years* from it. That is probably your life span.
  2. For example if your life span is 80 years (which is really long considering the amount of toxic we are exposed to today), then on your first birthday, you put 80 candles on your cake. That must be a huge ass cake. Or you can say, be lazy and use those number candles that are less fun.
  3. Then on your 2nd birthday, put 79 candles. 
  4. So on and so forth.
  5. The number of candles on your cake = the number of years you roughly have left.
(* minus ten years because of lousy air, water and food we have nowadays. If you smoke and eat junk food everyday, minus 15 for you man)

But that would be so morbid. Ain't it? Each birthday party is like a reminder of how soon you are going to die.

So our celebration today is actually a simplified version of the really complicated version I have just described. 

Your "birth"day party ritual is always completed with ONE IMPORTANT THING

The blowing out of candles.

Now it all fits!

If flames symbolize light and hope, then the extinguishing of flames is a figurative "killing" of the light and hope. Or rather, the "extinguishing" of the light.

Which means that you are literally snuffing out the 7 or 8 years that you have already lived along with those candle flames you blow out. Hence, by doing so, you are recognizing that those years that you "blew out" are now gone like the last trail of smoke from your once flickering flame.

So morbid. So cool.

So, next time, if you want to celebrate your birthday, my suggestion is, don't get a cake and don't use candles. Candles are a fire hazard and the cake, well it not only makes you fat, it also contains loads of food additives. Eat a couple of apples, drink some tea, and try to think about 8 years or 10 years well spent, not just "blown out" like that.


Update to my Bad Mood

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Whee here is an update!

I feel so much better now I dunno why. I think it might be the fact that I just ranted to my mom, wahahaha. And the fact that I remember that there are actually worse people out there than ANNOYING people.

Like back-stabbers and hypocrites for example.

Two of the very worst worst.

I was just telling my mom about this two-faced person in my primary school class, who always act all pure (pure as in, guileless) and helpless in front of the teachers then plot behind people's back. I will tell you all more in detail next time, when I am feeling particularly angry.

But since I am not so angry now, I am not gonna bother recounting her laupok story. Because thinking about it makes me mad.

Yeah, I realized. I get angry quite easily, hehe.

I was watching Pokemon X and Y and there was this spiny green pokemon called what? Chipostle? Chipet? Chipster?


Wah, the name is so hard to remember. I always liked Froakie more. It is like, a frog that croak so you just add a cute "ie" at the back. Like Beanie. Or Winnie. Heh!

Wow my English is terrible here, but it's okay. Sometimes writing in broken English makes me feel good.

Shiok shiok sataaaaay! :D

Ill Use

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The unpleasant feeling of ill-use washed through my body like toxic in my veins. Poisoning my thoughts, darkening my sight.


And under-appreciated.

It had been a particularly trying day today. In fact, it had been one of the worst days in my holiday so far, and trust me, there has been almost NO horrible days so far.

Some people just have to spoil it.

Like that rude kid who didn't have the basic manners. He ran around my whole house like it belonged to him, jumping on my sofa and screaming like a deranged baboon. I summoned all of my self control to not just grab him and then shake him hard.

He even shrieked at my hamsters. My poor fluffy hamsters who are afraid of loud noises. My poor fluffy hamsters who doesn't dare to bite anyone but me. You know, always bite the hand that feeds you.

He then ran into the washroom. Knocked a plastic container (actually it was acrylic) to the ground with a resounding smash. Thank god for old acrylics. They don't really break. Yet.

I know something else that's breaking.


My sanity.

My patience.

Read these sentences. Realize how short each sentence is. Hear the staccato beat that resemble the almost uneven thud of my heart. And realize that beneath these grumbles, someone really really had a bad day and wished that it all would be a dream.

Then I had to put up with people are that insanely obtuse.

Either they are insanely obtuse or they are deliberately getting on my nerves. Initially I had staunchly believed in the formal. Now, I am getting inklings of the latter. It is pure evil hidden behind a mask of innocence and PURE RETARDEDNESS.

Yes, you.

You dimwit.

You insensitive nincompoop.

If you think it is you I am scolding, then it is.

You have just pushed my day beyond the limits of horrible.

And wow, my sentences are in increasing lengths, It's awesome.

Gah, today is such a muck of a day. Black icky yucky muck with diarrhea on top.

Screw it. Screw everything.

Worst part is that I don't even feel justified in complaining to anyone. Because the people who are sympathetic, I usually don't want to waste their time listening to my grouching. Then for the people who have the sensitivity of a blunt axe, there is really no point.

And besides, I also live by the motto of "suck it up".

Wish it was that easy.

Especially when my dad is not being helpful. He is a great deal of fun when we hang out and eat yummy food together, but god, that guy is an incorrigible procrastinator.

Everything is always, "Later."

"Later I will wash the plates."

"Later I will go buy food."

"Later I will watch the movie with you."

Later is never.


Suck it up YY, suck it up. Stop whining like a childish numb brain.

That's it. I decided I will do exactly that.


I am gonna suck up all my frustrations until I blow up. Like KABABOOM.

Which, with some people, my patience meter has long been blown up ages and ages ago. So I am planning to ignore these people. Till my annoyance boil over.


That was a frustrated, virtual yell.


Those are some virtual hairs that I had yanked out of my head.

What a horrid horrid day.

Watsons Collagen Lip Balm

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My aunt gave this to me this time when we were visiting in Shanghai! 

The pink is simply lovely and the worst thing is, I don't think this is available in Singapore...

Collagen, by Watsons
 I did a quick search on the internet and realised that there are actually THREE shades in total, which surprised me because I thought there was only one. Heh.

from left: orangey red, bright pink, and pale pink. (source)
This is how the packaging looks like

There are a lot of tiny little Chinese characters at the back that I could not be bothered to read because, com'on, they are too small.

From what I glimpsed in my brief scanning of the ant-sized words, this is what it says:
  • Multi-purpose: Lipstick, lip stain and lip balm all in one, so if you just use this, it will be really convenient! 
  • It is supposed to keep your lips moist, so you can say goodbye to dry and cracked lips. (which I suppose is really important since Shanghai's air was that dry)
  • Does not contain chemical based aromas (argh, lousy translation, I know) so it claims to be safe for use. I mean, duh, right? 

Watsons Collagen Lipbalm, Pale Pink
I like how simple the lip balm is packaged. The black casing makes it look exceptionally sleek and cool in my opinion. 

Chic minimalist packaging.
See what I mean? It has this shine and sparkle to it that makes it look so damn cool. Like it is a really expensive product even though rightfully, it is considered a drugstore based make-up and hence less atas.

I absolutely love the color. In pale pink, it provides the right degree of coloration for your lips without looking too dramatic or flamboyant. In fact, all you get is a healthy glow on your lips. In pink!

Originally, I had not expect it to be so pigmented, meaning that I didn't expect the color to come out so clearly with just one swipe.

But it is.

With just ONE simple stroke, you can see a clear difference between the area where you applied and that which you haven't. It looks great because it is like having those luscious pink baby lips without having to use lip gloss.

The feeling of the balm on the lips is not too heavy, meaning you can't actually feel like you have weight on your lips, a sensation that most lip glosses tend to give. And I suppose you can also use this in very solemn places (like school, HA!) without seeming like you are overly vain, since hey, the packaging says "collagen" and not "LIPSTICK". Heeehee. ^^

I am probably going to keep using it for a while, to see how it will be like over a long period of time, and I might do an update (if I remember).

Meanwhile, stay tuned!

How I faced off with a spider

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You know, in life, there are always a few things that you would dislike. It just so happens that in my life, there are a lot of such things.

One of the very worst things are spiders.


Yes, spiders.

FYI, spiders are NOT cute.

Yeah I circled it in red.

Puppies are cute. Kittens are cute. Hamsters are cute. Hell, even a silkworm is cute.


Cute spiders is an oxymoron for morons!

Whoever who thinks spiders are adorable and guchi-guchi (a cute sound you make to cute animals), I am judging you.

Yes, so why am I blogging my hatred against spiders who cannot even blog a retaliation post to defend their adorableness? It is because I am being harassed by them. 

A couple of days back I was sitting peacefully at my table, feeling at ease with the world, when behold, a tiny black speck on the white-washed walls just beyond my window startle me out of my calm stupor.

It was a spider.

A teeny weeny itsy bitsy spider that has somehow ninja-ed its way so close to my open window without me noticing it till then.

I am betting the spider must have been feeling very proud of itself then.

I feel my heart rate accelerate. My breathing quickened. My eyes seemed to momentarily loose focus as my flight-or-fight nature started to emerge. I could feel my eyeballs digitally zooming in onto the tiny little target, as alarm bells went off in my head.

I stood up, very very slowly, and very very cautiously.

I think I must have been moving like an inch per hour.

My right hand slowly approached the tiny fleck of horror that sat so calmly, yet so threateningly in an uncomfortably near distance.

It twitched its feelers.

A challenge huh! I thought to myself, my palms sweating and my breathing heavy.

I brought my hand closer. 

There could have been a mild earthquake that fine day because my hand was shaking uncontrollably. And no, I am not scared. Not at all.

The spider waved its pale feeler at me and I almost jumped back in disgust and rolled myself into my blanket like a tortilla wrap.

That sly cunning spider. I was going to deal with it for once and for all.

With a move that was as swift as lightning, I grabbed the plastic corner of my window pane and slammed it all the way to the end hard. In fact, I banged it so hard that the pane rebounded a little, much to my horror, as we all know the skills that spiders have in squeezing through teensy weensy cracks.

Anyways, since I was that agile and that fast, I managed to secure the window pane tightly before securing the other pane as well. Yunno, just in case.

The spider sat in a huffy silence on the other side of the glass.

I felt wonderful.
I felt brave.
I felt like I had just completed a lone expedition up Himalayas.

Till that night, my mom opened the window for some air, and the spider took it as a sign of invitation.

It sat waiting for me on MY TABLE the next morning.

-To be continued...

2015 January Fashion Picks

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Yay! So so recently Denyse and I went to Vivo City to shop around and be shameless in trying clothes and everything just for the sheer fun of it. 

And let me tell you, being shameless is a whole lot of fun.

Denyse (right) can be effortlessly pretty

 Look at our delighted faces on our way back home.

Okay, since we tried out so many outfits and took so many pictures, I thought I might as well not waste my own photos that I took by blogging about the outfits.

Which means, warning: there are a lot of shameless selfies below which involve the usual irritating act-chio-not-chio faces. Along with tons of photo editing using my favorite picture editors hehe.

So if you think you cannot stand the idea of looking at someone trying to be all vain and dainty, please scroll no further, and click this instead.

Here goes!

Forever 21

Dress One

Ah I like this one! I thought it looked rather nice, you know with the somewhat Bohemian design and the material as well. Even the length is decent, since it is just above my knees. 

Btw, in any case you are wondering, I AM NOT THAT SHORT. Nor are my legs that short. I have an awful feeling that it has something to do with:

1. My lousy camera skills. I heard you have to take it from below so that you look like you.
2. I was feeling so awkward taking a photo in that changing room that I really just snapped a fast photo. 

 Actually there is a Dress 2, which is deep blue and uh, something like a tube dress. It looked terrible, because it was TWO SIZE larger than what I can wear, and obviously I am too dumb to check the size of the dress, Then again, it wouldn't have mattered since I think it was like the only dress left.

So onto dress 3.

Dress Three

It was gorgeous. Look at the whole bundle of dress by the side, ha.
Denyse and I both tried it! In fact, she was the one who managed to pick it out, and I thought it was the prettiest thing I had ever seen. She tried a champagne coloured one (which I thought was nicer), but then I didn't want to annoy her by trying an exact same one (even though I don't think she would have been annoyed, since she is like that nice). 

It turns out that the grey maxi dress was absolutely gorgeous. It is tight around the waist area and then loosens up from there to this swishy chiffon folds that covers my feet.

Yes, I am putting up two more shots just to show you how absolutely gorgeous I the dress is.

The photo on the left is filtered with "sweet" whilst that on the right is unfiltered and unedited but overexposed because I tapped the focus on my hair I think (which is dark). So my phone brightened up everything just to compensate for my dark Asian hair. iPhone cam rocks like that <3

On a totally irrelevant note, my hair looks awesome. It was a fabulous hair day that occurs once in a while where the balance of oil and shine on my hair is perfect.

Wish there were more of such days!

Maybe I am a little short after all. Yikes.

If I am not wrong, the dress costs about $45 dollars. I think it is the perfect prom dress. So I didn't buy it. 

I am too cool for proms. xD

Fourth Dress

The the photo is heavily edited. Anyone who knows me in person knows that I don't have such perfect skin, not even with CC cream, heehee. But let's just say that technology is such a wonderful thing: I can just blot out all the horrible dots and live in  my fantasy world where I have smooth and unblemished baby skin.

I couldn't add another photo that was showing a more full body shot because it was obscenely taken, because of the semi-transparent netting that can't be properly adjusted to cover everything I wanted to cover lol.

This dress should be around $20-25, bodycon and with net at the top (duh, you can tell). But then either my chest is too small or something that the opaque part can't fully cover everything like I said.

Fifth Dress

I actually bought this dress, even though you can't see it clearly here because of the lighting and all. But it was really really pretty in pale pink and it made me look like a "shu nu" aka "demure", heh. 

Yeah, my eyes look unbalanced because I woke up with my left eyelid caught in a temporary higher double eyelid (higher than my right). In case you are thinking its a good thing, no it is not. My eye felt weird and uncomfortable for the whole day and my photos all made me look like I had a botched plastic surgery.


I tried only 2 outfits, and this one was the one I liked better. The other dress looked terrible, like something that makes one look way older than their own age.

This one is completely unedited too, which is why my face is slightly rounder and there is this pinkish dot near my temple (I was having a pimple there, woe betide me).

The skirt costs around $45 to $49 I think (can't really remember). It was absolutely chic and fabulous for both casual and formal wear. Depending on what you pair it with.

The black crop top is actually woolen or something, because it was wayy too hot even with air con. I was sweating when I took it off.

And no, the black spot near my stomach is not a skewed belly button. It is my hair. xD

I think I am going to end this post here, because I don't think I can look at any more of my photos without feeling paiseh. And I am not going to share this on my personal Facebook, but only on my Blog Page. 

I am that considerate, see. ^^

Shanghai 2015 (Part II)

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Hmmm, this is going to be more like a photo album rather than a real post, since I don't really have that much to say!

The picture below shows you Shanghai's Railway Station. :D

And we arrived at Suzhou station.
Yep, the tiny little men in the distance are my grandpa (left) and pa (right).

Suzhou's Garden of the Humble Administrator

Suzhou's Garden of the Humble Administrator

Garden of the Humble Administrator

It is beautiful.

Simply breathtaking.

The guy in blue below is our tour guide, and he is extremely talkative

I know tour guides are supposed to talk a lot, but this one talks non stop.

Wait, every tour guide does that.

Okay, it is just that nobody in my family listened to anything he said (he was mildly annoyed by our ignorance) and we still had to pay him 100 rmb. Grrr.

My dad was the most annoyed by him bwahahaa, because he likes to look at the scenery peacefully.

Yeah, the tour guidy dude kept saying, "I am your tour guide! Listen to me and follow me okay!"

He must have said that almost 5 times throughout the tour.

The lady in red below is my grandma. She is a grumpy little lady.

Ended this photolog with a picture of the sky~~