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Ritz Carlton: Banquet Waitress

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Yes!!! I finally have lots of inspiration to write this blog after almost 2 years worth of brain damage caused by too much studying that killed all the funny cells in me.

Anyhoo, I realized something damn sad, which is that according to some website that helps weigh the value of your blog, the value of my blog (aka this blog) has dropped by 64 FREAKING PERCENT.

I am not even exaggerating.

But, since I can't help the fact that people don't find sponsored posts interesting and thus gave up reading this blog that sometimes have a surplus of sponsored posts (com'on, I find sponsored posts an annoyance to read too!), I can only write more interesting posts to tell you about my very interesting life.

For instance, I am going to be working at Ritz Carlton soon as a banquet waitress.

Yes, seriously. And I can't wait for my job to start post training because I have been wanting to work in a hotel almost all my life. I like the ambiance in hotels, and I especially like Ritz Carlton since I read about it in Xiaxue's blog and it sounds like such a wonderful place.

Charmy told me that being a banquet waitress is going to be horrifyingly tiring, a news that took the edge off my high and sobered me up a little bit. But hey, working in a hotel is still going to be much more fun than working in Mac, where you earn a minimum wage of about 5 bucks per hour.

Not to mention that hotels are so much classier.

Anyway, I went down for my job interview yesterday, which was less of an interview and more of an information session to let me know more about the job requirements etc. It was simply awesome.

Basically, I could choose between three locations, which are mainly: Cityhall, Orchard Road and Sentosa. I was originally assigned to work at Four Seasons hotel with this other girl that came at the same time, but the problem was that Four Seasons is at Orchard, which is even further from my house than Cityhall. Imagine the amount of busfare that I have to pay each day. *shudders in horror*

Anyway, I told my person in charge that I would prefer Cityhall since it is nearer, and she swapped me into Ritz Carlton, which had me dancing with joy since hey! It is a hotel I have heard of!!!

I kinda wish that the other girl would be swapped into Ritz too, since she is rather nice, friendly and full of smiles. I wouldn't mind having her as a friend hehe. I mean, Cityhall is probably nearer for her too, since I caught her saying that she lived at Woodlands.

Anyhoos, we were given this paper with the requirements for working as a banquet waitress, which roughly includes:

  • No fringe around the face
  • Use hair gel to secure fly-aways
  • Use hair net to secure hair bun (only if your bun is messy)
  • Wear formal leather shoes (actually they say fabric flats is also fine)
  • Formal black pants
  • No outrageously dyed hair colours (Thank god I never had the money)
  • Black socks above ankles
All of them sounded pretty reasonable to me. My only worry is the hair bun, since I have LOTS of hair and tying it into a bun has almost always given me a headache. :(

Andddd, I get to work the late night shift at Mice Sentosa for three days during New Year, which I thought was rather awesome.

The girl with me got assigned to work at the CASINO at Sentosa since she is older than 21, and damn! I want to work in a casino! It pays really well, like 12 per hour and all she has to do is to push a food trolley around! 

I managed to get my formal black pants from Clementi's BHG at $29.90 and court shoes at $19 from Chinatown muahahah. I thought I got a good bargain since I checked the prices of similar looking shoes from everywhere and they cost at least $50. Hee~

You realized this thing about getting a job: you have to spend a lot of money before you even earn any, which is kinda sad for me, since all I left now is about $20.

Now that we are all paying adult transport fares (which sucks big time, since I don't even earn that much yet), Sluggy has to pay almost $100 per month on transport. I bet myself as well, since travelling from Bukit Batok to Cityhall is no joke.

Which means I have to strategize: I should try to travel less and work longer hours at each go, rather than going down more often. 

Anyways, Bryan just annoyed me on whatsapp with his comments on my new job. I mean, haven't we all learnt: don't give comments unless they are nice comments? Sometimes I feel like Bryan is the antithesis of such. Anyway, our texts went like that:

Me: I got another job today and I am planning to rest well before I start slogging :D
Bryan: What job sia?
Me: Banquet waitress
Bryan: Whut
Me: It's nice what
*no replies to today evening*
Bryan: Sounds erm...wrong
Me: Why would it sound wrong lol. It is a very normal job.

Foremost, it is annoying because there is nothing remotely wrong with being a banquet waitress. It is a perfectly legitimate job. It is not like I am being a SPG, an escort or something of that kind. Besides, it is in a perfectly good environment, aka a FIVE STAR HOTEL. I am not even being a waitress in a pub, a night club or a bar, even though that one pays about $12 per hour? (not sure)

Thus, I feel like I am righteously pissed off, because for people who are born into this world with a silver spoon in their mouths, they can choose to slack away their holidays (prior to enlistment, which actually makes their slacking almost forgivable, too. Urgh) 

Nowadays, I feel like I have very little patience for those who like to comment without thinking it through. I know that there are those who appreciate their "frankness" and "honesty", but come on! There is this line between being frank and being an insensitive wart.

Poor Denyse is working at an Italian restaurant at Raffles Place, and she told me that it is really tiring. 

See, this is what I mean. It is so easy to comment on people's job, but it is actually very hard to persevere on in a job, especially those that are more tedious such as in the service and retail sectors. 

Oh yes, another part of the conversation with him also annoyed me mildly.

The way he spelled "what" as "whut".

It is like, for the life of me, I cannot understand why people would deliberately misspell what with a "u" instead of an "a". It changes the feeling of the world completely. I would demonstrate via two instances:

Scenario 1:
Person 1: I am three months pregnant!
Person 2: What?!

Scenario 2:
Person 1: I am three months pregnant!
Person 2: Whut?!

SEE WHAT I MEAN. "Whut" and "What" has two completely different tones and emotions. The latter (meaning the normal one) is an expression of surprise or shock without any literal implication of condescension. The former (meaning the misspelled one) has this tinge of impatience, derision and almost disgust. It is like, I am so stunned that I have to purposely misspell an extremely easy word just to express my inner most feeling of astonishment and horror. Rawr.

I myself use the annoying "Whut" deliberately to annoy people at times. Especially when they misspell it first. Ha. Imagine a conversation that goes:

Person 1: Whut's wong wif u
Person 2: Nuffink
Person 1: U sur
Person 2: Yea lol
Person 1: Oh ok...
Person 2: WHUT
Person 1: Whut whut?
Person 2: Whut whut whut?
Person 1: Whut whut whut whut?

My suggestion is that if someone likes to misspell everything when typing a whatsapp message to you (SMS is different, since it costs money for some) and they like to spell "you" as "u" and "with" as "wif", ignore the dude or dudette. Can you imagine a person being too lazy to move even an extra few centimeters to type in a properly spelled word??

OH YES I have another thing to complain about. Which is about those who are forever complaining or saying that they cannot find jobs and that they are so envious of those who have jobs. And then when you tell them that jobs aren't actually delivered to their houses by a postman knocking on their doors, they say this annoying line,

"I want to find a job that I can fully dedicate myself to. One that I am passionate in. I don't want to earn money for the sake of earning money. I want to do it for my own interest."

Which is like, okay, perfectly logical. But it is the way they say it: like they are above you since they are hinting that they are looking for a career or some crazy passion that they always have (and can potentially earn them billions, god knows) whilst you are working as a (not) miserable part-timer.

Earn money for the sake of earning money? I am betting that half the population are doing that. Not everyone gets the job of their dreams, which is why sometimes, what you study in University and what you do is ultimately different. Your parents are probably also doing that to bring you up.

Okay, enough of my annoyance-fueled rambling. My whole point is, just don't be a spoilsport when others get a new job. I mean, it is perfectly fine if you don't want to do whatever that your friend is going to be doing, just don't go and rain on other people's parade. Also, keep the deep philosophies you have to yourself, or your blog (like I do) since people have a choice of whether they want to read it or not.

I am pretty glad that Max was quite positive when I told him that I was part-timing as a banquet waitress even though he said he was feeling down at that moment. I was literally scream-typing into whatsapp, which admittedly, can be kinda freaky. Anyways, I was kind of glad that I have someone to share it with, heh.

Anyways, I am secretly wishing that Denyse would transfer from the restaurant sector to the hotel sector after her contract is up, so that I would have a friend to work together with haha. It would be more fun and less scary.

Oh right, I was supposed to have another interview today for a job in the marketing/sales and public relationships department of an electronics company, but I ended up cancelling because the person sounded kind of shady...like meeting in Chinatown? Weird.

Actually I have something else to write about, but I kind of lost my train of thoughts...never mind, till next post! Keep reading, kay?


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