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Baby Hamsters~❤

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As some of you would know, some time ago, I was given two hamsters by my mom's student! They are really quite cute and fluffy!

male hamster 
female hamster 

So a while, my female hamster got pregnant and gave birth to around 5 pinkish, squeaking babies.

It was a beautiful (and somewhat scary) sight to behold.

Naked because they have absolutely no hair when they are born, and with eyes still glued together, the baby hamsters looked like tiny little aliens. Yikes!

Yup that's the mom with the little babies!

And now the babies are grown up after almost 2 months plus! I have 7 hamsters at home now and I am giving 2 away because they are making a mess. Like I have to separate them into 5 containers because some of them would fight with others.

Uh, I am kinda of too cheapskate to buy the real ceramic hamster house thing, and we had a surplus of these cups at home, so I am using them.

I usually place my hamster's food inside so that they can find it easily!

This pale beige colour one here is really fidgety and hyperactive! It loves running around the cage and simply just keeps itself moving. A lot.

These hamsters are generally quite friendly and they like to lick and nibble a lot. Even though sometimes they nip way too hard and it becomes too painful.

Then the hamster below is my favourite! It is the chubbiest and the ONLY MALE hamster out of the newborn litter, and it must be like, twice as large as the others. Don't ask me why man, it was born that way!

The other pale beige one that I separated from the other 3 hamsters you saw because it was getting bullied. A lot. And when I found it, its sides were scratched, its ear looks scarred and its one eye looked kinda puffy (to me).

This morning something terrible happened.

The fat hamster and the one who always gets bullied ran out from their homes and got stuck on my mom's sticky lizard trap. It was horrible. Especially for my poor beige hamster because she was stuck more (it was harder to get her out). I didn't know how they escaped from their own homes.

The fat hamster was easier to get out because only one of his foot was stuck (caught by glue) and most of his fur were untouched. It took me less than a minute to peel him off the glue trap.

Then the beige one. She was so much harder to remove because all four legs were caught, and in trying to free herself, she was twisted in this awkward position. Most of her fur were caught and I had to carefully snip away part of the fur because I couldn't detach her from the trap otherwise.

It was a painful, heartbreaking process because the beige hamster looked so scared, and she tried to nip me when I was helping her, which wasn't helping much since it was making me scared of her too. I managed to unstuck her eventually, and I washed her foot with water. I didn't dare to use soap since she was still licking at herself and I was afraid she would eat the soap.

Don't worry though, I think she will be okay, and I will be checking on her frequently to check how she's doing!

Till next post, ciao!


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