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Update to my Bad Mood

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Whee here is an update!

I feel so much better now I dunno why. I think it might be the fact that I just ranted to my mom, wahahaha. And the fact that I remember that there are actually worse people out there than ANNOYING people.

Like back-stabbers and hypocrites for example.

Two of the very worst worst.

I was just telling my mom about this two-faced person in my primary school class, who always act all pure (pure as in, guileless) and helpless in front of the teachers then plot behind people's back. I will tell you all more in detail next time, when I am feeling particularly angry.

But since I am not so angry now, I am not gonna bother recounting her laupok story. Because thinking about it makes me mad.

Yeah, I realized. I get angry quite easily, hehe.

I was watching Pokemon X and Y and there was this spiny green pokemon called what? Chipostle? Chipet? Chipster?


Wah, the name is so hard to remember. I always liked Froakie more. It is like, a frog that croak so you just add a cute "ie" at the back. Like Beanie. Or Winnie. Heh!

Wow my English is terrible here, but it's okay. Sometimes writing in broken English makes me feel good.

Shiok shiok sataaaaay! :D


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