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Happy ❣ ❤

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Today is a happy happy day.

Before I actually really write about my cute fluffy little hamsters, I am going to tell you why I am so happy.

As you all know...

Wait, maybe you don't know. So let's start again.

I have been using Maybelline's gel eyeliner for a while, because it seems to me that gel liner is the easiest to draw, as compared to the sharp tip of a liquid liner, which is so fine that I sometimes cannot see what I am doing.

Hold on a moment, I am momentarily distracted. I need to tell you not to get the Silky Girl liquid eyeliner.
Silky Girl Liquid Liner
 And nope, I am not going to praise it because so far (meaning that to an inexperienced liquid liner user like me), I find the liner both hard to use and damn laupok (aka, lousy)

The shiny black surface
Sharp tip
Yes, the question is, if it is so lau pok, why did I buy it?

Well common sense tells us all that it was on sale when I decided to give up on my dried and crusty Maybelline gel liner and get a new liner. Which was kind of a dumb thing to do because when you are buying something out of a rather urgent need (actually desire), you usually get laoya stuff since you are just gonna buy. That liner with the "free" makeup remover costs around $8.90? I think.

I did tried it at the store. Trust me I did.

But the way we try stuff at stores is almost always on our hands. Like who the heck is going to try and line your eyes with a sample eyeliner which has run on all kinds of surfaces? God knows, little kids might have tried to use it to color the wall.

So I tried it, but it was on my hand. On my hand it felt pretty good: the tip felt soft and the pigment came out looking good, and even control was easy.

So I bought it.

Well, it kinda sucked.

For one thing, drawing on your hand and drawing a milimeter away from your eyeball is two completely different experience. Whatever control you may have drawing on your palm may be gone when you lift the pen to the eye, scaring your eye into thinking that you are actually going to be mutilating your eyeball with the sharp tip. So your eyelid will automatically close. Which again sucks since it means that I won't be able to see where the tip of the pen is going.

By right, you are suppose to open your eye half way while drawing the liner. I did, and jabbed myself in the eyeball a few times. Yeowch.

Another reason why it was rather crappy was because although the tip felt soft on my hand, it felt like saw paper on my eyes. I did research and found out it is because your eyelids are made up of much thinner membrane than the one on other parts of your body, so really, they are sensitive little things not to be poked around with.

So using that eyeliner was painful, drying and in all a rather traumatizing experience. The only good thing that came out of it was that I got a makeup remover .__.

I am jumping for joy
So why is today such a fabulous day? Keep your hair on, I am getting there.

It is because I managed to revive my dried, crusty lump of Maybelline gel liner.

The Internet is a wonderful wonderful thing. I googled how to revive the gel liner, and I came up to Bun Bun Makeup Tips that said I had to use a sanitary form of oil or solvent to basically de-clot (is there such a word) the gel.

I tried it.

It worked like a miracle.

I am a happy happy person today.

I am going to write another post to show you guys how to do it, and what type of oil I use, but now I have to get ready to go for my training session lol xD

Catch you all vain beauties later! :D


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