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2015 January Fashion Picks

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Yay! So so recently Denyse and I went to Vivo City to shop around and be shameless in trying clothes and everything just for the sheer fun of it. 

And let me tell you, being shameless is a whole lot of fun.

Denyse (right) can be effortlessly pretty

 Look at our delighted faces on our way back home.

Okay, since we tried out so many outfits and took so many pictures, I thought I might as well not waste my own photos that I took by blogging about the outfits.

Which means, warning: there are a lot of shameless selfies below which involve the usual irritating act-chio-not-chio faces. Along with tons of photo editing using my favorite picture editors hehe.

So if you think you cannot stand the idea of looking at someone trying to be all vain and dainty, please scroll no further, and click this instead.

Here goes!

Forever 21

Dress One

Ah I like this one! I thought it looked rather nice, you know with the somewhat Bohemian design and the material as well. Even the length is decent, since it is just above my knees. 

Btw, in any case you are wondering, I AM NOT THAT SHORT. Nor are my legs that short. I have an awful feeling that it has something to do with:

1. My lousy camera skills. I heard you have to take it from below so that you look like you.
2. I was feeling so awkward taking a photo in that changing room that I really just snapped a fast photo. 

 Actually there is a Dress 2, which is deep blue and uh, something like a tube dress. It looked terrible, because it was TWO SIZE larger than what I can wear, and obviously I am too dumb to check the size of the dress, Then again, it wouldn't have mattered since I think it was like the only dress left.

So onto dress 3.

Dress Three

It was gorgeous. Look at the whole bundle of dress by the side, ha.
Denyse and I both tried it! In fact, she was the one who managed to pick it out, and I thought it was the prettiest thing I had ever seen. She tried a champagne coloured one (which I thought was nicer), but then I didn't want to annoy her by trying an exact same one (even though I don't think she would have been annoyed, since she is like that nice). 

It turns out that the grey maxi dress was absolutely gorgeous. It is tight around the waist area and then loosens up from there to this swishy chiffon folds that covers my feet.

Yes, I am putting up two more shots just to show you how absolutely gorgeous I the dress is.

The photo on the left is filtered with "sweet" whilst that on the right is unfiltered and unedited but overexposed because I tapped the focus on my hair I think (which is dark). So my phone brightened up everything just to compensate for my dark Asian hair. iPhone cam rocks like that <3

On a totally irrelevant note, my hair looks awesome. It was a fabulous hair day that occurs once in a while where the balance of oil and shine on my hair is perfect.

Wish there were more of such days!

Maybe I am a little short after all. Yikes.

If I am not wrong, the dress costs about $45 dollars. I think it is the perfect prom dress. So I didn't buy it. 

I am too cool for proms. xD

Fourth Dress

The the photo is heavily edited. Anyone who knows me in person knows that I don't have such perfect skin, not even with CC cream, heehee. But let's just say that technology is such a wonderful thing: I can just blot out all the horrible dots and live in  my fantasy world where I have smooth and unblemished baby skin.

I couldn't add another photo that was showing a more full body shot because it was obscenely taken, because of the semi-transparent netting that can't be properly adjusted to cover everything I wanted to cover lol.

This dress should be around $20-25, bodycon and with net at the top (duh, you can tell). But then either my chest is too small or something that the opaque part can't fully cover everything like I said.

Fifth Dress

I actually bought this dress, even though you can't see it clearly here because of the lighting and all. But it was really really pretty in pale pink and it made me look like a "shu nu" aka "demure", heh. 

Yeah, my eyes look unbalanced because I woke up with my left eyelid caught in a temporary higher double eyelid (higher than my right). In case you are thinking its a good thing, no it is not. My eye felt weird and uncomfortable for the whole day and my photos all made me look like I had a botched plastic surgery.


I tried only 2 outfits, and this one was the one I liked better. The other dress looked terrible, like something that makes one look way older than their own age.

This one is completely unedited too, which is why my face is slightly rounder and there is this pinkish dot near my temple (I was having a pimple there, woe betide me).

The skirt costs around $45 to $49 I think (can't really remember). It was absolutely chic and fabulous for both casual and formal wear. Depending on what you pair it with.

The black crop top is actually woolen or something, because it was wayy too hot even with air con. I was sweating when I took it off.

And no, the black spot near my stomach is not a skewed belly button. It is my hair. xD

I think I am going to end this post here, because I don't think I can look at any more of my photos without feeling paiseh. And I am not going to share this on my personal Facebook, but only on my Blog Page. 

I am that considerate, see. ^^


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