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How I faced off with a spider

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You know, in life, there are always a few things that you would dislike. It just so happens that in my life, there are a lot of such things.

One of the very worst things are spiders.


Yes, spiders.

FYI, spiders are NOT cute.

Yeah I circled it in red.

Puppies are cute. Kittens are cute. Hamsters are cute. Hell, even a silkworm is cute.


Cute spiders is an oxymoron for morons!

Whoever who thinks spiders are adorable and guchi-guchi (a cute sound you make to cute animals), I am judging you.

Yes, so why am I blogging my hatred against spiders who cannot even blog a retaliation post to defend their adorableness? It is because I am being harassed by them. 

A couple of days back I was sitting peacefully at my table, feeling at ease with the world, when behold, a tiny black speck on the white-washed walls just beyond my window startle me out of my calm stupor.

It was a spider.

A teeny weeny itsy bitsy spider that has somehow ninja-ed its way so close to my open window without me noticing it till then.

I am betting the spider must have been feeling very proud of itself then.

I feel my heart rate accelerate. My breathing quickened. My eyes seemed to momentarily loose focus as my flight-or-fight nature started to emerge. I could feel my eyeballs digitally zooming in onto the tiny little target, as alarm bells went off in my head.

I stood up, very very slowly, and very very cautiously.

I think I must have been moving like an inch per hour.

My right hand slowly approached the tiny fleck of horror that sat so calmly, yet so threateningly in an uncomfortably near distance.

It twitched its feelers.

A challenge huh! I thought to myself, my palms sweating and my breathing heavy.

I brought my hand closer. 

There could have been a mild earthquake that fine day because my hand was shaking uncontrollably. And no, I am not scared. Not at all.

The spider waved its pale feeler at me and I almost jumped back in disgust and rolled myself into my blanket like a tortilla wrap.

That sly cunning spider. I was going to deal with it for once and for all.

With a move that was as swift as lightning, I grabbed the plastic corner of my window pane and slammed it all the way to the end hard. In fact, I banged it so hard that the pane rebounded a little, much to my horror, as we all know the skills that spiders have in squeezing through teensy weensy cracks.

Anyways, since I was that agile and that fast, I managed to secure the window pane tightly before securing the other pane as well. Yunno, just in case.

The spider sat in a huffy silence on the other side of the glass.

I felt wonderful.
I felt brave.
I felt like I had just completed a lone expedition up Himalayas.

Till that night, my mom opened the window for some air, and the spider took it as a sign of invitation.

It sat waiting for me on MY TABLE the next morning.

-To be continued...


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