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O.S.T Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum Review

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Sponsored Review
Note: The item has been tried for a period of one week prior to the review and the review is honest (but not blunt) and please do bear in mind that each of our skin conditions are different and what is good for me may not be the best for you, and vice versa! (: A big "thank you!" to Wishtrend for sponsoring this lovely item!

I have been a huge fan of Wishtrend ever since I first saw some of the products on the website and you can't imagine how much I wanted to be a reviewer for them! And at long last, the chance came for me and how I rejoiced!

Wishtrend is the hub of Korean Beauty Secret (literally!) because they contain all the top selling skincare and make up products used by people worldwide! The products sold range from Skinlab, Elishacoy to O.S.T as well as Skin79, all hot favorites of today's girls! Have you ever wished to get Park Bom's flawless skin or have radiant look like Yoona? Look no further, Wishtrend is the answer for all your skin-related concerns!

Wishtrend's homepage: can you spot our friend, the Vitamin Serum?

Sometime ago Wishtrend sent me the O.S.T Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum for review and I must say it is the coolest product I have ever seen! I mean, just look at the packaging...

O.S.T Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum
Look at the orange metallic glow of the packaging that the serum bottle is encased in, doesn't the box itself just exude class and taste? And unlike other items that always get damaged by the handling during posting, this product arrived at my doorstep completely undented and flawless, and boy am I  amazed at the brilliant service provided by Wishtrend! The care they placed into wrapping the product just goes to show how much they value their customers like you and I, and that they put us customers on their list of priorities!

The serum and the dropper.
Moving onto the product, it is also perfectly sealed with a plastic wrap around the opening to ensure freshness of the serum which is even more important in this case since Vitamin C is easily oxidized under room temperature and pressure. This is why the instruction on the box requires one to place the serum into the fridge after use to ensure the efficacy of the vitamin effect. I didn't know what the Korean words on the box meant until I happen to show the product to my friend who learns Korean and I was really shocked and panicked when I found out that I actually had to refrigerate the product!

The Serum Bottle
The dropper provided
The serum is contained in a tinted glass bottle which reminds me of some medication that has to be kept inside dark bottles for them to retain their uses, hence I researched on Google, and according to Sparkleapple, the amber bottle prevents UV rays from entering and damaging the Vitamin C contents, but personally I am not very certain (and I don't think it is important for me to understand hehe).

The serum inside the bottle
O.S.T Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum
As you can see, the serum inside the bottle is a pale orange-yellow in color and smells mildly like citrus, and in a tempting and refreshing manner that is not too strong. The serum is slightly sticky, but it is absorbed into the skin quickly after application and leaves a smooth velvety finish which amazed me. If your skin feels sticky application, worry not and leave it for a while and it should be absorbed soon enough to make your skin feel smooth and almost powdery!

Another plus point of the serum is that instead of making one's face oily after use like some products do, it keeps one's face matte, smooth and velvety for a very long period of time after application. I suspect that the effects can last even longer if not for my habit of spraying myself with facial mist or washing my face in the washroom whenever I am lethargic to freshen myself. Regardless, I do see the potential of the product, and many has claimed that they have seen very good results after 3 weeks of use.

So far I have used the product sparingly for one week, because there were a few days I was suffering from some mild breakouts which always happen whenever I sleep late consecutively, so I was rather hesitant to irritate my skin further because I read on other reviews that for some individuals, the Vitamin C content (also known as ascorbic acid) might be rather strong and worsen their breakouts. However, in my days of use, I don't see any worsening of any spots that I have and I can safely conclude that this amazing serum does not irritate my skin, at least.

The pale yellow/orange serum.
Why use this product?
So you have been reading about how amazing this product is so far, and probably know by now that Vitamin C is really good for the skin, but I guess you will probably be wondering.

1. What are the benefits of  Vitamin C?
2. How do I know if I need this product?
3. Why should I choose O.S.T Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum over the other twenty or so products out there in the market?

Benefits of Vitamin C
I am sure a lot of us would have heard how Vitamin C helps us brighten our complexion and also prevents aging of the skin, but how exactly does it do that? Or is it just some myth or propaganda used by cosmetic companies to market their products?

If you are thinking alone that line, you are not alone! I used to be rather skeptical whenever I am told that "this-and-this" will make your skin better and healthier, and I would secretly think to myself, "Oh really?" while dismissing the words of the marketer. But hey, for this review, I went to the extent of doing some research on the benefits of Vitamin C for the skin and I am sure that you all will be glad to know that no, it is not just a myth that Vitamin C is good for your skin - it is actually scientifically-based!

Vitamin C is an effective anti-oxidant, which in the layman's term, means that it will prevents the aging of our skin via oxidation. It is indeed rather ironic that oxygen sustains us, but it oxidizes our cells and ultimately "kills" us in the long run. Hence to counter such, there is a need for anti-oxidants such as Vitamin C. Not only so, Vitamin C helps to stimulate the production of collagen in your skin, and collagen is vital in keeping your skin smooth, young and supple and prevent them from sagging. (Source of information: www.fitday.com)

Vitamin C also helps to slow the rate of free-radical damage -- free radicals damage collagen and cause skin dryness, fine lines and wrinkles. New research shows that a derivative of vitamin C, not only neutralizes free radicals, but also reverses DNA damage. (source of information: health.howstuffworks.com)
Source: Wishtrend.com

Who is this product for?
Needless to say, I am sure you girls out there, regardless of age, will want to have smooth and supple skin that is like baby's! If you are one of the younger readers, then why not give this product a try? It will help you retain your youthful and radiant skin by battling oxidants and allow your skin to stand out amongst your peers! Not only so, I share the woes of many teenagers that suffer from breakouts, blackheads, whiteheads etc...the list goes on. As mentioned earlier, Vitamin C reverses DNA damage and stimulate the production of collagen, which means that it aids in the healing of acne scars which are not only unsightly but also confidence-diminishing!

As for my more mature readers who are starting to find signs of aging skin, here is my recommended solution to your skin problems! Given the aforementioned benefits of Vitamin C, I personally will hold this Pure Vitamin Serum at high regards given the multiple skin benefits it can bring me. Not only does it make our skin younger, it also brightens dull skin, giving one and all the much sought after "Korean Ulzzang" look!

Why should I choose this product over others?
If you have any of the aforementioned skin problem and feel really clueless on how to improve your skin condition, why not give this a chance? Not only have many bloggers tried out this product and recorded the improvement of their skin conditions via photos taken before and after its trial, you should also see the ranking of this product on online stores...

O.S.T Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum is one of the weekly best amongst competitors on Wishtrend.
Top 2 HOT ITEM on qoo10.sg, the Singapore online shopping web!
If there are that many people raving about this product, there must be something good about it right? Not to mention that there has been so much evidences of proven results. You can simply Google "O.S.T Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum" and find many rave reviews of this product. Take some time to read them and then decide for yourself!

Wait, did I just hear discount? You got it! After reading about this, you are definitely dying to buy one for yourself, so as my loyal reader, you will get some bonus and benefits! Wishtrend has kindly sent up a voucher for you guys such that you all can enjoy their products at lower rates! How cool is that?

-Voucher Code: RFXLSCOZ (3 USD voucher / Able to combine with other voucher)
-Expiry date: the end of 2013
-Minimum Amount to Use: over 20 USD order

So what are you waiting for? Check out Wishtrend.com today and get a gift to pamper yourself!

Wait wait, are you a Singaporean like me? If you are, then you must be hoping that things can be made easier for you to indulge yourself in the Wishtrend wonders on no other than...

Our very own Qoo10!

Not only so, do remember to check out Wishtrend Singapore's Facebook Page and "like" them for more updates on latest and hottest products, skincare tips and more!

Also, I have added Wishtrend's banner on the side of my blog as an official sponsor and I am really really still high and crazy about Wishtrend and the amazing Vitamin C serum they sent me, and I hope that I will have more chances to work with Wishtrend in the future to bring you guys even more amazing products from Wishtrend!

Till next time, bye!

The Right to Complain

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[Post is meant to be humorous, please do not take it overly-seriously.]

I have came to realize that The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is lacking a fundamental and important article, and I shall add it in on behalf of the whining masses that have been long deprived of their rights, the

Right to complain

The Right to Complain is often glanced over and given very little importance. We have to understand that every being should be entitled a right to complain, even though the being is suggested to be sensitive when carrying out his or her complaints.

Just in case you are wondering what provoked me to write such a long blog post fighting for the right to complain, I will now recount to you my painful story in detail. Ask and thou shalt be answered.

Anyway, I realized that each time I complain to people how screwed my results are, or how badly I did for an exam, or simply just how I am not doing well enough, the other party will be like,

"Aiyah, you don't complain. I am doing way worse than you, so don't complain."

First and foremost, I am entitled a right to complain as and when I like to. I can complain to the walls at home, I can do it to the microbes in the air, and I can do it to the mirror, and yes, I can do it to you. Of course, if I am entitled the right to complain, then the other person is entitled to the right to not listen and to tell me to shut up, which then goes to the fact that I am entitled to my right of choice of not obeying, and this round-about thing would go on forever.

No, I won't structure my argument as such.

Instead, let us just get one thing clear, just because you are in a worse situation than I am in does not make my situation any better

I mean, hello? Since when is this argument even valid? There is no same basis of comparison (i.e. not even happening to the same person), so how can the supposed fact that you are in a worse situation than me make my situation seem better in contrast? I mean, unless of course, I have either been through your situation and can therefore empathize with how bad your situation really is, maybe then I could feel that in comparison, my bad situation could seem marginally better than yours.

For instance, there is a really really poor man that can afford only one meal a day, and there is another really really really poor man that can afford perhaps just half a meal a day. Does that mean that make the first man richer in comparison? No! They are just in varying degrees of poverty.

Not only so, even if you are in a worse of situation than I am in, it does not mean that I would have to give up my right to complain just because I am that bit better. There is no such thing that only the person in the worst situation is allowed to complain, while anyone who is slightly better in comparison should all keep quiet. That's not the way things work. Everyone complains, from people who get A in their exams complaining that they didn't get their full marks, to people who fail their exams complaining their failure to get a pass. Everyone can complain.

That given, it does not mean that we should not be sensitive while complaining. You have to look at the target audience before you start complaining. If you are someone getting a lot of A and you expect someone who are getting a lot of S/U to sympathize with you, you probably have to wait till the person manage to get all her As first. Not only so, it would be extremely insensitive to complain about not getting full marks (for an A-grader) before someone who is failing their exams, you will probably just demoralize the person further. That is however, not to say that you cannot or must not complain before the person, because as established earlier on, everyone has the rights to complain and the rights does not end before someone who is in a worse of situation. You can try to do that, it will really just make you an unpopular fellow among your classmates/friends. This brings us to my original point of exercising some sensitivity while complaining.

I recall the other day whereby we got back our chemistry test and I screwed up mine really badly (yes it is really bad) and my classmates were trying to complain to me about their supposedly bad scores. With my aforementioned article in my head, I acknowledged their right to complain, but I also pointed out to them that I was really depressed myself at the moment and therefore had no spare energy to comfort them since I was in a worse off situation than them, perhaps then they should be more sensitive and change their target audience of their complaint. It surprised me that they offered no words of comfort as I would have if I would to be in their positions, but it bothered me little since I have already mentioned that myself being in a worse situation has not really much impact on them unless they have been in the same situation before. Hence they turned themselves to each other, both faring a step better than I did, and started a tirade on the stress and burden and how a small but powerful test had already demoralized them thoroughly. 

Anyways, I am too lazy to type further because my brain feel like jelly now and I am too tired, so I shall just summarize my points for you all:
  1. We are all entitled the right to complain
  2. The right does not end where the other person has done worse than you; but
  3. One should always be sensitive and thoughtful when complaining
  4. The listener has the right to not listen, but the complainer has the right to continue BUT
  5. the continuation would make both parties fall out
See! It is not that hard! It is really just three simple statements and it would make our world a much better place to live and complain in! :D

Sukispa Skincare Set Review

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Sponsored Review

Hey lovelies, I am back with another review!
This time I am introducing you girls and guys to the Sukispa Skincare series!

Sukispa Skin Care series

From left to right:
  • Exfoliating Foaming Cleanser
  • Renewal Bio-resurfacing Facial Peel
  • Bio-active Purifying Face Serum
  • Balancing Day Lotion
  • Pure Facial Moisture-balancing

Exfoliating Foaming Cleanser
The exfoliating lemon grass sugar.
The exfoliating foaming cleanser has a sweet lovely smell of lemon grass and sugar, and it foams a little on contact with water. It exfoliates the skin well and leaves no sticky residue behind as one might expect it to due to the presence of natural sugar.

The foaming cleanser does not irritate the skin and the best part is that it is so natural! I love how the cleanser smells so great and natural, like an amazing fruity scent and how it leaves the skin feeling rejuvenated! I would definitely rate this a 4/5!

Renewal Bio-resurfacing Facial Peel
The facial peel works well; it is easy to use and not unpleasant to smell. Upon drying, it will tighten on the skin to form a skin-like texture which can be then washed off to reveal the younger fresher skin underneath!

While the instruction said that the peel may sting, it did not do so for me, which is fantastic as honestly who wants to have a face peels that smarts right? I think it does a great job in brightening up my complexion and making my skin look healthier and more radiant! I would rate this a 3.5/5 because of the less sweet smell!

Bio-active Purifying Face Serum

For the Purifying Face Serum, personally I felt less of an immediate effect, but I always believe that some products need to be used over a long term period for effects to be shown, and hence it would be unfair for me to judge the product based on just one or two tries. However, it is undeniable that upon applying the serum, my face did feel smoother and less oily as compared to without the serum, hence this serum may prove to be useful over a long period!

Balancing Day Lotion
Woah, that is many steps to follow through in a skincare procedure, but trust me, if you stick to the end, you will definitely see the results! The balancing day lotion like its name helps to balance your skin's moisture and other components such that your skin's natural conditions can be restored, allowing your skin to thrive!

I love how the Sukispa/face series places so much emphasis on using natural ingredients and they do try their best to be as organic as possible, which is excellent since we don't want that much chemicals on our face!

I like the feeling of the balancing day lotion on my skin because it makes my skin feels soft and hydrated. I would rate this a 3.5/5!

Similar to the Balancing Day Lotion is the Pure Facial Moisture-balancing lotion which is intended for night use. I think both of the essence did a great job in hydrating and keeping my skin soft while breathable, and the best part is that neither of them went to the extent of clogging my pores or making my skin too oily, and just that alone makes me rate Pure Facial Moisture-balancing lotion a 4/5!

Would you like to find out more? Head over to their facebook today to find out more about their wonderful products!

 Thank you for reading and see you all soon!

Last Verse of Grief

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Last Verse of Grief
[Original Poem on Live & Dictate]

For years now, I have walked
Aimlessly, in the dark, dingy abyss
that you and I called "home".
I stumbled, tripped and fell
There were no hands to hold me up.

I grieved, oh,  how I grieved.

Ever sat by the window and wondered
for hours at an end,
that if things would have been better
if I had not been me?
I had no answers for it. Just guesses.

I grieved, still, I grieved.

Every sunset I spent,
Watching silhouettes of the birds
against the dimming, fiery sky; returning home
As the last inch of sun fell with my heart
I turned and questioned, "Where is my home?"

The grief of mine, it knew no bounds.

The same creaking window, the same dimming sky,
The ever changing birds, the ever ticking time
washed away the last remnants of a childhood
that I rather not remember.
I looked back on me and think, "That's not me."

Oh, but the grief, it escalates as I seem to fall back in time.

But no. I am me no longer,
I have grown up, grown stronger.
No one can hurt me now.
The memories to me feel like I was watching
the painful, horror-filled life of someone else.

I have to reconcile with myself.

So this is the last verse,
The very last verse of grief,
of unspeakable, immense, unimaginable pain
that had almost driven me insane.
But my wounds close, as this last verse falls.

My last verse of grief, dedicated to a once-grieving me.