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Get rid of Black & White Heads: Biore Pore Pack Black + T-Zone Scrub

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I am sure that I am not the only one that is looking for solutions to get rid of stubborn back head which comes bounding back each time I get rid of them. There are many short-termed solutions to get rid of black-heads, such as using a scrub or those gel that claims to get rid of black heads, but sometimes they show up after a period of time despite having made their disappearances straight after the scrub.

Thus, today, I am going to share with you guys a really good method of getting rid of those black and white heads for good!

Biore Pore Pack Black
To get rid of those fiesty back and white heads, you guys will need 2 items:
  • Biore Pore Pack (I suggest using Black, you can see the gross stuff more clearly)
  • T-Zone Exfoliating Daily Wash

Biore Pore Pack Black
For this, each pack cost around $5.20 or something and you can get them at Guardian or Watsons, but I got mine cheap, at only $4.00 from a small shop at Chinatown. Note that I didn't go all the way there to get this, I just saw it while I was there with mom and bought it on a whim.

Each pack contains 10 pore strips that are packaged neatly in separate plastic wrappers, which is very good and very hygienic, I like!

Each package also comes with an instruction booklet or information booklet to tell you how exactly these pore strips will help to rid you of those woeful black/white heads, but the downside is it is all in Japanese and I don't take any third language, so too bad. Still, the drawings are clear, and you can kind of figure out what they are talking about.

I have tried on these pore strips 2 times in a period of 6 days or thereof, and I would say that to be honest, I actually don't need to use it so often. Which is why I would suggest you guys to use T-Zone in between the pore-stripping.

Instructions for usage
The product, note that the pointy side is to fit the area between your 2 nostrils.

I was actually very impressed with the product because after trying to get rid of black heads for so long, I have come to be skeptical whenever products claim to clear blackhead, because usually the blackheads will stay away for about 1-2 days before making a reappearance.

As for this nose strips, they are really good in the way that they remove most (about 90%) of your black/white heads by the root, and by doing so, they are removing the things that clog up and therefore enlarge your pores.

After using one of these on last Friday, majority of my blackheads and whiteheads disappeared and such clear pores maintained till yesterday, when I just spotted perhaps 1 or 2 blackheads starting to form, but it is also possible that they weren't rooted out in the first place.

Not only so, the pores which were cleared did seem smaller after some time and you have no idea how glad I was to clear those black heads at last!

However, there is one downside to this pore strip is that the peeling off process is relatively painful, and I can assure you that I peel off the pore strip well before the allocated time limit. It felt a bit like peeling off my entire nose skin and one delicate part, near the side of the nose stung for a while after using it because the peeling off part is quite painful, but tolerable. No pain, no gain eh? I will say the pain is a 2.5/10 because there are way more painful things than these that are even more long lasting.

How to be blackhead free daily?
I won't suggest you to use the pore-strip on a weekly basis, much less a daily basis, because I find it a little harsh for the skin so in between the days which you eradicate all our black heads thoroughly, I would suggest you all to try T-Zone's Exfoliating Daily Wash to keep your black and white heads under control.

In the morning or night, squeeze some T-Zone wash, the size of 20 cent coin onto your palm, add water and rub till there is some foam. Then apply it to your nose area (if you don't want to exfoliate the rest) and rub well. You should be able to feel tiny little bead like substance rolling around on your skin: that's what keeps your black heads away!

Do note that you shouldn't use exfoliators or face wash of any type near your eye area as the skin there is way thinner than the rest of your face and using these washes may damage the skin and such. giving you wrinkles. (so said my friend)

If you feel that there's no need to exfoliate day and night, which most of you will think that way, then you can choose to exfoliate once a day and then use a normal face wash on the other occasion. In this way, you won't be rubbing off too much skin. :)


That's all for today, hope you enjoyed this little review-&-tip to keep your skin clear! Is this useful for you all? Did you try it? If you do, then do drop me a comment on my Facebook Page or in the comments below to let me know how it went for you!

You can also like Live & Dictate Facebook Page to be updated of more coming tips to keep your skin fresh, clean and radiant!

Bio-essence Bio Spring Water Review

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I am sure you guys have tried facial mists before, which aims to moisturize and restore your skin's moisture balance among all others. The Bio Spring Water by Bio-essence takes this onto another level.

Bio-essence Bio Spring Water is said to have TWENTY benefits for the skin, the hair and the body:
Benefits of Bio Spring water
By the way, I painstakingly used Microsoft paint to make that picture, so if you are going to use it for your own blog post, please credit me eh?

Using Experience
I received this sample of Bio Mineral Spray from a giveaway held by Bio-essence Facebook page, whereby 200 lucky participants will get to try out this spray by telling them why you wish to try it.

I have been using this 25ml spray for the past 3 weeks, and I try to be as frugal as possible when spraying to allow the bottle to last, and here is what I think of the spray:

I think the spray does an extremely good job at hydrating the skin, and the spring water gets absorbed into the skin very easily as well. It is almost like have a take-and-go version of a facial mask with you, only more convenient and that you can use it whenever you like without looking funny.

Soothing & Refreshing the Skin
I also do think that the spring water has done a great job in soothing my irritated skin, especially when your skin becomes red from being too dry, or sudden changes in the weather just irritates your skin. I think it does a great job in soothing and refreshing the skin.

Refining Pores
One of the benefits of the spring water is to refine your pores, and if you are stuck with unfortunately humongous pores like I am, this is definitely the spray for you! While I cannot guarantee that your pores will become smaller instantly or disappear completely after use, it certainly refreshes the pores, makes them feel less congested and in my case, I did feel that my pore were minimized after several days of use.

Taming Hair
Have you ever experience having unbearably frizzy hair or simply rebellious hair that refuses to lie down slick and straight? This always happens to me after washing my hair, and it can take me up to one day for my hair to regain its natural sleekness. If you spray your dry and frizzy hair before you go to sleep, I think there is a higher chance of you waking up with smoother, silkier hair that is easier to manage.

As for the other mentioned benefits, I am not exactly sure myself because I didn't pay much attention to the state of my pimples after using the spray(pimples are rare nowadays) and nor did I try on the spray after putting on makeup. I keep believing that spraying anything close to make up will cause the makeup to run and give me mascara tears which is a big no-no. 

How to try a sample?
I am so sorry people, you guys know that I would always give our samples if I have them but this one is not sponsored but won, so I only have a small 25ml spray for myself, heehee. However, I do suggest that you google for "Bio-essence Bio Spring Water Review" online and then go to blogs which says "Sponsored Review" to try and win one, because I saw many bloggers giving out all these for their readers to try.

Also, I would suggest for you all to head over to Bio-essence's Facebook Page to be updated on their regular giveaways and sampling sessions such that you won't miss out any goodies that comes!

You can also consider adding them to your "Favourites List" so as not to miss out on any sampling and giveaway sessions, along with promotions and discounts!

So long then, everyone, have fun spraying! :D

My Scheming Deep Cleansing Pore Minimizing Masks

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Sponsored Review
Disclaimer: The products are sponsored but the views are my own, and I promise to be as honest and fair as possible, kay? Also, the products have been tried for at least 5 days prior to the review.
Today I am going to introduce to you people the absolutely best facial masks in the world, no lying, no kidding, no pulling your leg.

Have you ever tried on a face mask and experienced the following?

"Omg, this facial mask stinks..."
"Why is this so rough? I feel like I am wearing a canvas sheet round my face...urgh!"
"Why is it so itchy and scratchy? Gah, and my skin feels tingly and funny."
"What happened to my face? I have morphed into a PEANUT!"

Worry not girls, I have the same problem with you all! And that is until I have tried My Scheming Deep Cleansing Pore Minimizing Masks!

My Scheming Deep Cleansing Pore Minimizing Mask
It is the one facial mask that you can use and will not FACE (pun intended) any of those fretful, uncomfortable problems!
I remembered mentioning to My Scheming's Facebook Page that whenever I fall asleep with my facial mask on, I will wake up with my skin feeling disgustingly sticky, oily and suffocated. My Scheming's Facebook page told me to go ahead and try their facial masks because such conditions less likely to happen with their facial masks (but it also depends partly on your skin type and compatibility). And trust me, I had the same response as you do, rolling my eyes and going, "Yeah....right. I will eat my hat if your masks are that awesome."

And it turns out that I do have to eat my hat.

I am not flattering these facial masks for the sake of publicity, but these amazing masks REVOLUTIONIZE the whole facial masks industry. And why is that? You will find out soon enough.

I know many people always roll their eyes at me whenever I tell them that I hate using cosmetics or skincare items that smell terrible (like chemical smell or offending herbal smell), but trust me, if I were to make my decision on whether or not I should use a product, the smell is going to be the deciding point. I wouldn't want to go around smelling like chemical spill, and I'm sure you guys too!

When I tore open the mask from My Scheming, I was pleasantly surprised and delighted to smell a very pleasing and faintly sweet scent that is both wonderful and soothing. I can't tell you how happy I was to find the smell so pleasing after a bad experience with some nasty smelling masks. I mean, who wants to finish using a facial mask and have a funny smell lingering on your skin all day?

20-30 minutes of Pure Enjoyment:

While we pamper our skin with all the extra nutrients and minerals, we have to make sure that we enjoy the process of using the mask right? Like I mentioned earlier, there are some masks that are so uncomfortable that we are just praying for the 15-20 minutes to end such that we can strip off the masks with a sigh of relief.

So if you are experiencing this, why not go ahead and give My Scheming Deep Cleansing pore Minimizing Masks a try? It is 20-30 minutes of Pure Enjoyment.

The mask fits snugly on one's skin, and the amount of moisture on the mask is more than just right: there are so much excess dripping that you can simply squeeze out a bit of the excess back into the packaging and there will still be more than enough for your skin to drink it all in.

The leftover serum
The mask is made of the finest imported virgin wood pulp imported from Japan, and you can imagine how soft it is and how comfortable for the mask to stay on the skin without it suffocating your face.

When the mask has just been applied onto the skin, there will be this cooling and refreshing sensation on the face that is so comfortable and relaxing that I wanted to go to sleep straight away. This is rare for me as usually, I will stay awake and irritated, scratching and poking my face here and there trying to combat and ignore the itchy sensations. But with My Scheming Deep Cleansing Pore Minimizing mask, nope, no such things at all!

Clear Radiant Skin after Use
After using the mask for a mere 20 minutes, I peel it off and feel my skin become more "breathable" and less oily. Not only so, there was also some improvement in my pores: while I don't believe that just one use of the mask can minimize my pores so much that I have to try hunt for them with a magnifying glass, I still think that the mask did a good job of keeping my pores fresh. Like clear unclogged pores that can breath easily. 

Skin was definitely softer, clearer and brighter as the mask promised to do besides cleasnsing and pore minimizing, and there is no trace of oil leaks anywhere on my face. Such clear and soft skin continued for rest of the day till my over-active oil glands took over. Gahh...but the mask? Simply amazing.
Still not impressed?

Wait, there's more!

As the time when I applied this facial mask was around noon when I just reached home from school, I put on the facial mask and lazed on my couch, having my fan blow at the highest power at me.

Did you hear me right? Blowing a fan at an applied facial mask?

Yes!!! After 20 minutes of facial mask and enjoyment under the fan, I was surprised and impressed to find the facial mask on my skin still wet and showed no sign of drying out, not even at the ends!

How impressive is that?

I am now thoroughly impressed with My Scheming Deep Cleansing, Pore Minimizing Facial Masks and I am actually quite guilty for doubting the true words of My Scheming Facebook Page when they first told me the plus points of their facial masks!

Now that I have tried it, I would definitely be running back to Watsons and Sasa outlets each time I run out of facial masks to grab more!

You guys can try out these amazing facial masks at all major Watsons and Sasa outlets at $14.50 for 10 masks! I would say that it is really affordable and a reasonable price for such an enjoyment that is at the same time beneficial for the skin!

"Wait, where can I try it before deciding whether to buy it?"

Yes, yes you can! If you are still worried despite me rating the mask a 5/5, then you can head over to My Scheming's Facebook Page here to like them and then list them in your favorites to be updated on their FREQUENT GIVEAWAYS!!!!

How do you do that? Here is a screenshot:
All you people have to do it is too click on the drop-down button next to the "Message" button, click on "Add to Interest Lists..." and then you are good to go! You could be the next lucky person to win some lovely facial masks to pamper your skin with!

What are you waiting for? Go go now!


You are still here? How about win 1 piece of My Scheming Facial Mask from me along with other goodies? Sounds great eh?

Can you spot My Scheming's Deep Cleansing Pore Minimizing Facial Mask at the top left hand corner? Be excited for it! Join my giveaway today at Giveaway and also keep yourself updated at Live & Dictate's Facebook Page!

Till next time, see ya folks!

**Please bear in mind that while these masks worked wonders for me, different skin types/different likings will also vary the effect of the masks on the skin an dhow comfortable you find it! I can't guarantee that you will like it as much as me, but I am really just sharing my own experience on how these masks made my skin better! :D

Chinese New Year Giveaway!

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Hello guys!

As I am currently a bit too busy to blog lately, I will be carrying out a giveaway on my blog instead! This giveaway will consist of 1 box of skincare goodies and 1 surprise gift for one lucky reader/fan!

The giveaway items!
The items consists of:
  • 1 My Scheming Deep Cleansing Pore Minimizing Facial Mask
  • 1 But, Becky Hyaluronic Acid Facial Mask
  • 1 travel size Body Shop French Lavender and Camomile Body Cream
  • 1 iPod 3/4 diamond-cut cover
  • 3 small sachets of Heroine Make BB cream samples
  • 1 Ecobeau sample
  • 1 pair of rose pins from Lady Jayne
  • 1 set of Lab Series for Men Samples (2 facial wash samples, 2 toner samples, 2 moisturizer samples)
  • 1 Beauty by Nature 2013 Calendar
  • 3 surprise items (to be revealed later)
Instructions to Win:
  • Subscribe to Live & Dictate (yourfashionsense.blogspot.sg) via Google Friends Connect (right column of the blog)
  • Like Live & Dictate's Facebook Page.
  • Like and share related post, and tag 3 friends in the comments.
  • Winner will be announced when Live & Dictate has hit 100 fans!
  •  The more the number of times you share, the higher your chance of winning! :3

Terms & Conditions:
  • This giveaway is only open to people living in Singapore with a valid Singapore address.
  • If the participant fails to complete all the mentioned steps in the instructions, then the entry would be void.
  • The participant have to come down to an appointed venue to collect the prizes, no delivery of prizes in this Giveaway. If the winner is unable to/refuses to collect the prize himself/herself, then a second winner will be chosen.
  • Live & Dictate reserves the right to replace the items in the giveaway should unforseen circumstances arises.
  • Live & Dictate reserves the right to extend the deadline of the contest or to end the contest early based on fan response.
  • If the winner fail to contact Live & Dictate within 3 days, a second winner will be chosen.
  • While sharing more times will be one more chances of winning, the final winner is still chosen by name picker machine. 

What are you waiting for? Let's start! :)

Summer De Serendipity Blogshop: Twilight Pencil Case

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A few weeks back, I received a neatly wrapped package with a thin brown item in bubble wrap!

Twilight Pencil Case
 It is the Twilight pencil case I won from Summur De Serendipity's Giveaway! Isn't it so elegant and pretty? The pencil case is in a lovely warm chocolaty brown with a crest and the word "twilight" written across its top! There is also a thin strap for one to wrap around the pencil case to secure it, and a bronze embossed tag.

Check out my stationery inside the pencil case!

Isn't the design of the pencil case so lovely?

Apart from the lovely pencil case that Summur De Serendipity has given me, I thought I would introduce you guys to Summer Serendipity blog shop! This is because unlike other blog shops that sells clothes and all k-pop items, this blog shop sells more different items such the pencil case seen above and other lovely items! 

Summur De Serendipity blog shop sells  mainly necessities and stationery, and they have some of the cutest phone covers I have ever seen! 

Here are some of my favourite items from Summur De Serendipity Blog Shop! Aren't these items simply charming and gorgeous?

Is there a need for me to say more? I do think that Summur De Serendipity is going to be the next hottest sensation in Singapore with their vintage and mellow items! I simply love everything in their blogs shop!

What are you waiting for? Do head over to their website and facebook page now to like them and stay updated with their latest and frequent giveaways! Who knows, you might be the next winner! :3

Have fun everyone! :) Ending off with the crest! :)

Dr. Jart Silver Label BB Cream

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Dr. Jart Silver Label BB Cream

Recently Confirm Trading held a giveaway on their Facebook Page and I was one of the three people who won something for themselves! :3 The item I won is the Dr. Jart Silver Label BB cream which smells so sweet and fruity when I open the parcel. I had actually expected the item to be so much smaller but hey, this is actually the retail size item and I am so in awe with it.

The back of the BB cream
The pretty silver box!
According to what was written on the back, Dr Jart's BB cream will give you flawless skin while concealing blemishes and activating skin rejuvenation, at the same time soothing red irritated skin while providing moisture and controlling excess sebum.

Doesn't that sound too good to be true? So many benefits all in one simple tube of BB cream! And you know what, guys? It sounds like the dream BB cream for me because I suffer all of the above conditions with red irritated skin and overflowing sebum and what nots.

Dr. Jart BB Cream Experience
So long story short, I tried it out immediately, and here is what I think. I think this BB cream gives superb coverage and conceals most minor and major flaws on the skin, and it is not too sticky or uncomfortable. The BB cream also gets smoothed out on the skin fairly easily, but like other BB cream, we have to be careful with the blending and stuff to avoid patchiness in the skin tone.

One more thing I think we have to take note of when using any BB cream is the hair line. Yes, the hairline. Can you imagine putting on this BB cream like what, a shade or two lighter than your skin tone and then having this ring of tanned skin around your forehead, which if your hairline area? For that I would suggest that your brush up the BB cream from your skin into the hairline while holding back your hair.

The BB cream smells nice, not very strong, and I do like how it covers so well. However, one of the cons is that I personally think that this BB cream might be a little too light for me and hence made me look a bit chalky after using it, which was a bit scary.

I think there is an obvious improvement in the skin tone and also the redness on my cheeks are like so much better, save the fact that I looked a little white-washed after use which is really O_o.

One of the upsides of this BB cream is that it does not feel sticky or heavy as time passes, like just a really light and airy formula sitting on a person's skin which is really quite cool.

Overall, I think this is a great product, but I have never seen it anywhere, so you guys might want to head over to Confirm Trading's Facebook Page here to like them and stay updated with their frequent giveaways and promotions! :)

Once again I would like to thank the lovely folks of Confirm Trading for the chance to try out this BB cream! Thanks guys!

Head over and like Confirm Trading now!!

But, Becky 3D Facial Masks Review

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Sponsored Review

Is your skin dry or problematic and hence in need of nutrient-filled spa?
Having flawless clear skin is every girl's wish!
Do you long to have good clear skin? Why not try out But, Becky's newly launched facial masks?

< But, Becky > Sweet Lace Design
Today I will be sharing with you guys my experience with two types of But, Becky masks, Wild Yam Mask and Hyaluronic Acid Mask. Aren't the little cartoon girls on the boxes simply adorable? :3

Wild Yam Mask
Hyaluronic Acid Mask
But, Becky Wild Yam Mask
Each box of But, Becky Masks contains 8 pieces of the same mask each filled with plenty of essence for effective absorption into the skin. There are 4 types of But Becky masks as shown in the picture below and they are namely:
  • Moist-lock firming  HA Mask
  • Age-Lock Moisturizing Wild Yam Mask
  • Radiance Luminous Pearl Mask
  • Pure Whitening Job's Tear Mask
The masks are oil-free, non-comedogenic (meaning that it does not block up your pores) as well as mild and gentle. All of the masks are suitable for all skin types and aims to make your skin more youthful radiant and less wrinkled.

One piece of each mask!

What is so special about But, Beck masks?
But, Becky masks are made of an elastic fabric such that the mask can stretch comfortably around one's skin with a suitable tightness, while at the same time, creating a reasonable amount of tautness that will aid in lifting the skin. This is because But, Becky masks also uses a diamond pattern which is one of the double woven techniques that makes the masks so stretchable, and at the same time giving a double lifting technique.

But, Becky masks aids in rapid absorption of the serum to help facilitate skin regeneration and repair to give all users a fresh, young and radiant look.

Sorry about this looking so blur, I am using my phone camera. :/

Wild Yam Mask Experience
I was sponsored the Wild Yam mask to try on and review and when I received it, I eagerly tore one out and slapped it on. One of the most striking features would be its ginseng-like smell, which I cannot say that I really like because honestly I found it a bit pungent and irritating to my nerves. My mom on the other hand, totally loved the ginseng smell because she just loves such herbal smells and happily accepted the rest of the masks for her own skin care routine.

In terms of texture, the mask feels very soft and the double woven thing has given it a relatively different texture that is easy to detect. More than adequate amount of serum has been given. Strangely, the masks feels slightly more rough on the skin than on the hands (maybe because I have sensitive skin?)

As the mask is supposed to be 3D, the given mask had these holes at the sides for your ears, but mine can't reach my ears at all, and in truth I was also quite reluctant to hook my ears in because I didn't want the back of my ears to feel slippery from the serum. There was also a "neck flap" as I call it to wrap around the front of your neck such that while your face gets pampered, your neck will receive equal attention too such that you won't have a baby face with an old lady's neck! :D

Unfortunately, my neck flap was really stubborn (or the fabric was too heavy from the serum) and it won't stick to my neck and kept detaching itself to swing forward and wetting my book. >:( So I took a pair of scissors and promptly snipped them off.

The wild yam one sort of stung my face a teeny bit, and I got very agitated because I am that odd, and peel it off quickly after that. Because of the short period of time I put it on, I couldn't see a stark difference to my skin tone, but usually masks really do very minimal difference to my skin anyway.

However, the mask was definitely very moisturizing and I do think that it brightened my skin marginally (hey, it was like only 5 minutes of use!) and I do have confidence in the fact that if you guys are patient and use it for 15 min as suggested, you all will see a much more obvious improvement to your skin!

Rating: 3.5/5
1 mark taken off for the stinging factor and 0.5 taken off because of the flapping neck flap and the unfittable ear holes!

HA Mask Experience
I won this box of masks from a But Becky Giveaway on their Facebook page and I had to go down to their IMM warehouse to collect it. Trust me, it was a truly terrifying experience walking down long corridors after long corridors of warehouses in extraspace storage house trying to locate their warehouse. For those of you who have not collected it, it is actually on the other side of IMM, you have to exit IMM on the second floor when you see the large sign "WAREHOUSE>" where the ">" point you to the right direction. Good luck to you guys finding it! :D

Here I was using the HA masks from But, Becky as well, and I have also cut off the bottom neck part because I didn't like it. The HA mask is definitely better smelling than the Yam one (personal preference) and it also smart a little on my skin, I dunno why.

This one I wore it for about 15 minutes before stripping it off and I think it was still okay, considering that it is the first time I try it. Washing off the excess serum does make my skin feel much more refreshed as the remaining serum tends to dry up and makes my skin both sticky and weird.

In other aspects, it was quite similar to the wild yam one, but Hallelujah for the better smell!

Rating: 4/5, 0.5 increase for the lack of a mildly offending (to me) smell

Ending off with an informative poster for your references! :)

Do join Secretive's and But Becky's facebook pages for future promotions and giveaways! Fancy winning ONE BOX of facial masks! :3

Best of Trolls

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Weather: Blistering Hot Weather that melts me
Mood: At first ^__^ but now a bit o_o

I know I am actually supposed to blog about a lot of things such as my winning from Summer Serendipity and also my indignance at Sunsilk not giving me my winnings (a pair of Golden Disc VIP Tickets) but today, I am too distracted to blog about all these so I am gonna tell you guys something cool that happened in school today.

Okay, just in case you have noticed or not noticed, but I have added in the weather of the day (based on how I feel it is) and my own mood because I am pretty sure everyone is always interested in how I am feeling aye? But then the mood thing is also inspired by the deputy principal's talk today about psychology and thinking and other thingums that really just glanced off my head.

The main point here was that the talk was (I'm sorry, please don't feel hurt) really quite boring to the point of me and Phie yawning alternatively during the talk. The best part of course the Trollogy displayed by the wise guys of our JC.

There was this point whereby the DP was talking about feelings of joy and happiness and big saintly stuff like gratitude for breakfast made for you and pretty unachievable things like inspiration and hope, and I was in my seat with my face set in this constant look of bewilderment because the only emotion that frequented me was really just a sense of hopeless despair because of exams and stress. This point was agreed by Phie and we were having quite a fun time saying amusing comments.

Then the DP suddenly decided that merely narrating such ideas was not enough so she requested for a volunteer to share his feeling of happiness and the cause of such jubilation. Of course, the request was met by no one ever and she resorted to calling out a guy at random.

"Please share one happy event that happened in 2012?" smiled the DP.

The guy said that most amazing trollish statement ever.

"I woke up one fine morning and realized it was Saturday."

Roars of laughter and an explosion of applause met his statement; me and Phie was laughing so hard at this subtle troll-ality that we were clutching each other as we gasped for air.

I was pretty sure that if I could see the DP's face at the moment, it would have been a look of displeasure or subtle confusion (should she be slow) at the screams of approval and laughter that met the simple confession of adoration for weekends. When she spoke, it was rather calm, unlike what I have imagined.

"Mmm, so kind of emotion were you feeling at that time?"

"Gratitude......I was grateful because it was Saturday," said awesome troll guy.

More gurgles of laughter at the further trolling. I half suspected that if the DP had foreseen the guy to be a Master of Trollogy, she wouldn't have asked the second question.

After that, everything lapsed back into its normal stupor and within moments, all was bored silly again by the talks of something like emotional traps and whatnots. I gaped at the terms like:
  • Character assassination trap
  • Me me me trap
  • Them them them trap
  • Jumping to conclusion trap
  • Always trap
  • Mind reading trap
Not very sure if she went through them all, because like I said, half of the things had barely entered my ears before they were already filtered out by my abysmal brain and attention span. But I mean, look at these, don't they look more like things you see coming out of a Saw movie than a psychology book? I mean compare that to this:
  • Reverse Bear Trap 
  • Angel's Trap
  • Needle Trap
  • Mausoleum Trap
  • Razor Table Trap
  • Pig Vat Trap
And please be proud of me because I remembered all these Saw traps from the back of my mind without even googling for them.  Anyways, I won't suggest for you all to google this traps because they are all very bloody and scary and it won't do you good to know them in details haha.

I saw the "Always Trap" and Professor Snape sprang to mind. He was famous for his:

"After all this time?"

And of course, I could bend that to my advantage?

"You have screwed IH after all this time?"


But luckily, I wasn't called and the DP called out for a Bryan to answer the question and I am like, "Good! I love you DP! I dislike all the Bryans in the world because my primary school had a bully called Bryan. One day I shall annihilate all the Bryans in the world." (kidding, really)

So one Bryan went up and began the second troll of the day.

*paragraph deleted for individual's privacy*

I was right.

I mean, I am usually right about stuff like that, but watching the DP request for the guy to see him afterwards for a bit of talk seemed to play in slow motion, while my brain projected another image of a similar incident happening in secondary school. History repeats itself, doesn't it?

As much as I felt sympathy for the DP for getting these witty yet trollish comments, I also felt bad for the person who had to see her afterwards for his words. Phie told me that such reckless bravery will make the students like them but at the same time irking the authority, which wasn't very wise. I though that was quite right because we had seen it happening so often in secondary school that we knew where the line was drawn.

"Brave people are the ones who die first," Phie said smartly.

So true. Rather honeyed-words of deceit than stinging words of truth.

By the way, if you guys are curious how the first trolling guy got out of it safe while the second one was in a warmer soup, me and Phie came up with the perfect explanation. You see, the first person's troll was a mere statement of his joy of having a weekend, which could be a variety of reasons like maybe his favourite TV show was showing, but of course we all know that it is because there was no school. However, the subtle trolling and simple declaration of his fondness for Saturday made it hard to pin him down for what he said, for there is a very large and wide loophole for him to argue his way through it. Like, he could say that he was tired after a week of hard work and was grateful for the chance for a rest, or that he simply just likes weekends for no reasons. Hard to criticize him or jump to conclusion without being refuted and then looking over-sensitive.

*deleted paragraph to for the individual's sake*

God, my arms are going to fall out from typing so much.

To end the day, Phie went home with me such that I could lend her my senior's bio notes for her to decide between bio and geog, and it was really fun to have her to talk to on my way back. :3 So awesome, ha! Ate Mac afterwards and now I am feeling a bit queasy from eating so much oily and unhealthy food. Shall abstain from such foods from now on.

Not planning to post much from now on, probably only 2-3 posts per week, because I am lazy and stuff and yeah my right arm and shoulder have been hurting for quite a while whenever I type. Sighs.

Till next time, keep calm and be PR.
See ya~!

SAYS Chinese New Year Giveaway

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