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Best of Trolls

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Weather: Blistering Hot Weather that melts me
Mood: At first ^__^ but now a bit o_o

I know I am actually supposed to blog about a lot of things such as my winning from Summer Serendipity and also my indignance at Sunsilk not giving me my winnings (a pair of Golden Disc VIP Tickets) but today, I am too distracted to blog about all these so I am gonna tell you guys something cool that happened in school today.

Okay, just in case you have noticed or not noticed, but I have added in the weather of the day (based on how I feel it is) and my own mood because I am pretty sure everyone is always interested in how I am feeling aye? But then the mood thing is also inspired by the deputy principal's talk today about psychology and thinking and other thingums that really just glanced off my head.

The main point here was that the talk was (I'm sorry, please don't feel hurt) really quite boring to the point of me and Phie yawning alternatively during the talk. The best part of course the Trollogy displayed by the wise guys of our JC.

There was this point whereby the DP was talking about feelings of joy and happiness and big saintly stuff like gratitude for breakfast made for you and pretty unachievable things like inspiration and hope, and I was in my seat with my face set in this constant look of bewilderment because the only emotion that frequented me was really just a sense of hopeless despair because of exams and stress. This point was agreed by Phie and we were having quite a fun time saying amusing comments.

Then the DP suddenly decided that merely narrating such ideas was not enough so she requested for a volunteer to share his feeling of happiness and the cause of such jubilation. Of course, the request was met by no one ever and she resorted to calling out a guy at random.

"Please share one happy event that happened in 2012?" smiled the DP.

The guy said that most amazing trollish statement ever.

"I woke up one fine morning and realized it was Saturday."

Roars of laughter and an explosion of applause met his statement; me and Phie was laughing so hard at this subtle troll-ality that we were clutching each other as we gasped for air.

I was pretty sure that if I could see the DP's face at the moment, it would have been a look of displeasure or subtle confusion (should she be slow) at the screams of approval and laughter that met the simple confession of adoration for weekends. When she spoke, it was rather calm, unlike what I have imagined.

"Mmm, so kind of emotion were you feeling at that time?"

"Gratitude......I was grateful because it was Saturday," said awesome troll guy.

More gurgles of laughter at the further trolling. I half suspected that if the DP had foreseen the guy to be a Master of Trollogy, she wouldn't have asked the second question.

After that, everything lapsed back into its normal stupor and within moments, all was bored silly again by the talks of something like emotional traps and whatnots. I gaped at the terms like:
  • Character assassination trap
  • Me me me trap
  • Them them them trap
  • Jumping to conclusion trap
  • Always trap
  • Mind reading trap
Not very sure if she went through them all, because like I said, half of the things had barely entered my ears before they were already filtered out by my abysmal brain and attention span. But I mean, look at these, don't they look more like things you see coming out of a Saw movie than a psychology book? I mean compare that to this:
  • Reverse Bear Trap 
  • Angel's Trap
  • Needle Trap
  • Mausoleum Trap
  • Razor Table Trap
  • Pig Vat Trap
And please be proud of me because I remembered all these Saw traps from the back of my mind without even googling for them.  Anyways, I won't suggest for you all to google this traps because they are all very bloody and scary and it won't do you good to know them in details haha.

I saw the "Always Trap" and Professor Snape sprang to mind. He was famous for his:

"After all this time?"

And of course, I could bend that to my advantage?

"You have screwed IH after all this time?"


But luckily, I wasn't called and the DP called out for a Bryan to answer the question and I am like, "Good! I love you DP! I dislike all the Bryans in the world because my primary school had a bully called Bryan. One day I shall annihilate all the Bryans in the world." (kidding, really)

So one Bryan went up and began the second troll of the day.

*paragraph deleted for individual's privacy*

I was right.

I mean, I am usually right about stuff like that, but watching the DP request for the guy to see him afterwards for a bit of talk seemed to play in slow motion, while my brain projected another image of a similar incident happening in secondary school. History repeats itself, doesn't it?

As much as I felt sympathy for the DP for getting these witty yet trollish comments, I also felt bad for the person who had to see her afterwards for his words. Phie told me that such reckless bravery will make the students like them but at the same time irking the authority, which wasn't very wise. I though that was quite right because we had seen it happening so often in secondary school that we knew where the line was drawn.

"Brave people are the ones who die first," Phie said smartly.

So true. Rather honeyed-words of deceit than stinging words of truth.

By the way, if you guys are curious how the first trolling guy got out of it safe while the second one was in a warmer soup, me and Phie came up with the perfect explanation. You see, the first person's troll was a mere statement of his joy of having a weekend, which could be a variety of reasons like maybe his favourite TV show was showing, but of course we all know that it is because there was no school. However, the subtle trolling and simple declaration of his fondness for Saturday made it hard to pin him down for what he said, for there is a very large and wide loophole for him to argue his way through it. Like, he could say that he was tired after a week of hard work and was grateful for the chance for a rest, or that he simply just likes weekends for no reasons. Hard to criticize him or jump to conclusion without being refuted and then looking over-sensitive.

*deleted paragraph to for the individual's sake*

God, my arms are going to fall out from typing so much.

To end the day, Phie went home with me such that I could lend her my senior's bio notes for her to decide between bio and geog, and it was really fun to have her to talk to on my way back. :3 So awesome, ha! Ate Mac afterwards and now I am feeling a bit queasy from eating so much oily and unhealthy food. Shall abstain from such foods from now on.

Not planning to post much from now on, probably only 2-3 posts per week, because I am lazy and stuff and yeah my right arm and shoulder have been hurting for quite a while whenever I type. Sighs.

Till next time, keep calm and be PR.
See ya~!


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