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I have finally decided to blog, after so many days of hiatus! I bet that you all are eager to hear about my new school and the terror that lies within it right? Since there is no school tomorrow and I am in a relatively cheerful mood, I have decided to waste some time updating this blog~~~!

Anyway, JC in new school started yesterday for IP and DSA students and like what I expected, it was not very fun or exciting, not that I am looking forward to things like Amazing Races and whatnots. I woke up at 5am yesterday because I feel like there is a need to make the first day of school good even if the rest of the days are going to be plain hell, so I took the time to shower and answer nature calls and everything before setting off for school. Then today, I am already back to normal so I woke up a bit late and had to rush everything so as not to be late for school, but I was hit by a wave of tummy ache on the way and I dropped off at NY instead because I couldn't bear it. Tuzki Bunny Emoticon Sad eh?

I remembered yesterday when Phiephie and I just saw the canteen with the smatterings of bird crap everywhere, we were like "Omg, what are all these gold mines..." and then sat down very gingerly on the bench after scrutinizing it carefully. Glad to say that most of the bird poops were gone by today and I am more than relieved to plonk down without having to stick my face in close to inspect for unidentifiables. 

Yesterday we had Maths lesson and today we still have Maths lesson and I couldn't, for the live of me, see what's the point of having so many Maths lessons since majority would end up taking maths anyway so it seemed very redundant. As for those who don't plan to take math won't take it even if you have TEN trial lessons. That, my friends, is actually a simple constructive dilemma. *beams* But we all know that efficiency is never any school's specialty so Wennie and I had to yawn our way through the two lessons, dying from boredom and willing ourselves to listen.

I recalled that my friend was telling me that some of the students who had DSA-ed their way into our school were behaving like arrogant prats during the lesson, they were saying things like, "Whut...we have learned all these already." and complaining of the instructor's slow teaching. Like hello, I am pretty sure we all have learned it before, so why state the known? Personally, I have not spoken to any of the DSA-ers yet (small wonder at that) and I know I should not jump to conclusions about them before even knowing them, but sometimes things that others tell you tend to create impressions and impressions don't just self-destruct that easily.

I remember that in our lecture theater the instructor asked a question and no one was really that eager to answer, then some unknown folk in the front row answered it and applauded herself for her own bravery or something, and me and Phie were like .___. Phie remarked calmly that an empty vessel makes the most noise, and I was like, words of wisdom man.

Today's math lesson was equally boring but the teacher was fiercer so I had to put up a better pretense of paying attention especially when I have promptly forgot to bring my lecture notes which would no doubt incur the wrath of His Greatness.  He is the disciplinarian of the school and spent quite some time going through the various mish-mash of school rules that we are very used to hearing......until he said things like:

"No colourful shoes."

I was like, "Whaaaaaattttt???" with the image of multi-coloured shoes in my mind.

"No neon coloured laces."

Tuzki Bunny Emoticon

I was wearing my Nike with the Neon coloured soles and neon coloured laces and I uttered a cry of outrage at his denying of my right to choose my shoe colours.

I could continue writing another paragraph arguing about the basic rights and freedom which I am entitled to but that would bore everyone silly, so let's just leave it at that I kept my feet hidden under my bag for the next 15 minutes till my feet were too sore.

Speaking of the freedom of rights, we have a TEST on the first day of school (some welcome gift) for Language Arts and the question I picked was something about "Are governments justified to tell their citizens how they should live their lives?"

When I saw the question, the first thing that came to mind was what a weird question and immediately ridiculous scenes started to play themselves in my head like that:

Government: You must eat kimchi.
Citizen: No no no, I do not like spicy food!!
Government: I insist that you eat kimchi because I am justified to tell you how to live your lives.
Citizen: Noo!!! I hate kimchi!!!
Government: Alright then,  you shall instead sing Duck Sauce by Barbra Streisand every morning!
Citizen: I refuse to!
Government: You are not in power to refuse the authority!
Citizen: I have my rights!
Government: And I my authority.
Which make me even more baffled by the question and that resulted in me spending close to 15 minutes racking my brain for a sensible argument to argue the essay round.

Of course, blogging has trained me well to argue with even nonsense, so I finally found a reasonable stand to take on. I wrote about how governments are justified largely to tell citizens how they should live, especially via laws, rules and regulations because should each individual demand for all of his or her rights, they would ultimately infringe on someone else's rights ---> conflict of interest and disharmony. Examples like how absolute freedom of speech is not very applicable to Singapore since it may cause potential racial and religious disharmony which means we all have to eat kangkong for the rest of our lives.

Just kidding. Eat radishes, more like.

Then my opposing point was that government may abuse their authority and oppress the citizens by telling them how to live their lives, like in past Japan and in North Korea where they can't even choose their own radio stations. So in such cases, tyranny of authority is never justified.

I remember wanting to sound cheem so I threw in the quote "Who will guard the guards?" into the essay conclusion and explaining something about the citizens and government guarding each other to strike a balance between citizen rights and government regulations. However, now that I think about it, it doesn't make sense (like a complete red herring to my point) and I shouldn't really have added it in because it makes me look like I was possessed when writing my conclusion.

Haiz, I hope this essay won't be too bad or I would be DSA-ing into GP Support straightaway.

Now that you mention it, don't you feel that it is a teeny-wee unfair to judge our language skills through one essay? I mean I may suck at essay but I may do well in other things like vocabulary and grammar, but well I suppose the point is moot since GP haz no vocab and grammar. .__. Sad life, aye.

At this moment, there is this kid sniffling very very LOUDLY in my living room (one of my mom's pampered and spoilted-rotten kids again) and he is trying to make my mom go out and show concern to him by disappearing from class altogether, because that was what he did last time and when my mom tried to ask him what was wrong, he threw a teary-snot-full tantrum about how his mother looked down on him and blah blah blah.

I quote Phineas Nigellus, "Young people are so infernally convinced that they are right about everything."

True words, those are.

Now another parent has stationed himself within the grand grounds of my headquarters and grunting for his son. Hello, lesson haven't even end yet, stop oinking so much. ._. Oh god, can't stand the eccentricities of these parents. I think my parents are the best, hrrmppph.

I think I will be blogging more in a week's time or so (or maybe this weekend) so in the mean time, stay tuned and reread my archives aye?


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