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Pu Niao's Christmas Giveaway Winner

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Hello guys!

Look at the lovely goodies!
Quite a few months go, Pu Niao had a Christmas Giveaway on her blog and I hastened to join it the moment I heard that it was held! I had been a fan of her blog for a long time because I especially loved her honest way of writing reviews and her dash of humor used to lighten her criticism on products that are not very useful.

And guess what peeps? I am one of the winners for her X'mas giveaway!

When the post-lady came up this morning with my goodies, I was so excited that I tore open the package instantly (thus successfully shredding the envelope into tiny pieces) and goggled at my goodies! After that I high-ed for a whole half an hour trying out each product. 

A little bit blur, Body Shop Indian Jasmine Perfume
The Indian Jasmine Perfume had quite a strong smell which took me a while to get used to because I accidentally sprayed too much on my wrist and I almost fainted when I took in a deep breath. I know a friend of mine who would love this smell and I plan to give it to her because currently I am still trying (and failing to) finish my Chanel No. 18. I don't have the habit of using perfumes and the poor Chanel has been sitting on the table for 2 years already.... .___.

Bodyshop Camomile Gentle Eye Make-up Remover
Haven't tried it yet! It looks so adorable in pure white and I simply love its smell!
Body Shop Lime & Coconut Shower Gel
 The Shower Gel smells tangy and refreshing and I love the smell of it so much! My mom is fighting with me over the rights to the shower gel and I think I will let her have it hehe....

Sally Hansen Nail Polish in Blizzard Blue!
I was surprised that Pu Niao chose such a striking color because normally I am those kind who chose boring colors like a light shimmery pink, light shimmery white and etc that make peoplego, "You really got put nail polish meh?" I was so excited to see this that I put it on immediately and then recoiled in horror because...school is starting one week later and I have no nail polish remover!
Body Shop Craneberry Lip Balm
This naughty little can! I was the most eager to try out this lip balm after I gave my Lip Pure lip balm to Grammy and it just won't open! The tin kept blissfully stuck no matter how hard I tried to pry it open and I even tried to use a lighter to heat the edges...till I remember that the lip balm may melt and ended up popping it into the fridge. =__=
Peppermint Body Lotion
My Favourite Item out of everything! It is so adorable! From the silvery packaging to the pink lotion inside to the delicious smell of my favourite peppermint, it is the best thing ever! Tried it immediately and accidentally squeezed out too much, haiz. This is awesome, this stuff is!

For those of who are not fans of Pu Niao's Facebook Page yet, do go to her Facebook Page to like her page! She keeps us all updated of the free samples and contests going around on Facebook so you definitely won't want to miss it out!

Man I wish me, Shu Hui (from ireviewuread.tumblr.com) and Pu Niao can become great blogger friends and then go attend a lot of blogger activities together because they two are like my favourite blogger friends so far! Um okay I am going off topic...

When you like Pu Niao's Facebook Page, don't forget to like mine too okie?

That's all for now, love you all!


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