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Maybelline BB Mousse Review

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Maybelline Pure BB. 8-in-1 Mousse
Unlike other BB creams which are usually in a very thick cream form, the Maybelline BB Mousse is a very light foam with a airy and frothy texture. Be careful when squeezing the nozzle as I squeezed too hard on many occasions and too much of the foam came out.

Mousse texture
I especially like the fact that the BB cream is very light and fluffy when it is applied on the face, it does not clog one's pores and makes one's face feel very suffocated in using the cream. Usually I will just put some on the forehead, the cheeks, the nose and the chin and then blend away.

While the texture of the BB cream is really light, I personally think that it gives a fantastic coverage that is not only natural-looking but also radiant and fresh. Each time after putting on the BB cream, I feel my skin become so much brighter and healthier. It is almost like I have your typical Korean Ulzzang skin! :)

While I have seen a few youtube videos stating that the BB cream is too light, or that it doesn't cover up flaws well, I don't agree with them however. I think for light blemishes and small spots or even lighter cases of acne, the BB cream does a fantastic job in concealing them and the best part is this-- it does not aggravate the situation of your pimples/acne. I have tried on several occasions to use it while having mild outbreaks and I don't see my spots getting worse (or better, duh).

To demonstrate how well it covers up your blemishes, I have a little experiment here:

Before & After applying the BB mousse.
As you can see from the picture, the "blemishes" were barely visible after using the BB cream to cover, (though it is possible that the ink could have dissolved O_o) and the skin definitely appeared brighter! By the way the hand in the "After" picture appears cakey because I squeezed out too much for just one hand and I couldn't blend it all in.

One drawback of using this is that the BB cream dries rather quickly and becomes hard to smooth and blend on the cheek if you don't do it fast enough. Also, it is a little harder to blend than the others I tried because I think it is slightly stickier. So there is this possibly that you have streaky/cakey foundation if you are not careful!

Another drawback would be that this foundation is wiped off very easily, like when you sweat and stuff, and you use a tissue to mop your forehead and the tissue comes out looking like your skin color had just come off.  But this is a problem that I had faced with other BB creams so I don't think that it is such a bad problem and not really worth criticizing.

Other concerns regarding this is always the one and same: does it provide good coverage/does it conceal well? If you want your make up to look natural and light instead of going for the wayang style, this is definitely enough and will provide you with a very fresh and radiant look! However if you expect that this product should cover extensively like I don't know, um say all your acne or something, I doubt it will do that great a job. This is after all foundation, not concealer!

Overall, I think this BB cream is my favourite one so far and I would give it a 4/5, where 1 mark is taken away for it is hard to blend.

If you are looking for this to try, you can find it at Watsons and Guardian for $23.90. Have fun and feel great! ;)


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