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Summer De Serendipity Blogshop: Twilight Pencil Case

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A few weeks back, I received a neatly wrapped package with a thin brown item in bubble wrap!

Twilight Pencil Case
 It is the Twilight pencil case I won from Summur De Serendipity's Giveaway! Isn't it so elegant and pretty? The pencil case is in a lovely warm chocolaty brown with a crest and the word "twilight" written across its top! There is also a thin strap for one to wrap around the pencil case to secure it, and a bronze embossed tag.

Check out my stationery inside the pencil case!

Isn't the design of the pencil case so lovely?

Apart from the lovely pencil case that Summur De Serendipity has given me, I thought I would introduce you guys to Summer Serendipity blog shop! This is because unlike other blog shops that sells clothes and all k-pop items, this blog shop sells more different items such the pencil case seen above and other lovely items! 

Summur De Serendipity blog shop sells  mainly necessities and stationery, and they have some of the cutest phone covers I have ever seen! 

Here are some of my favourite items from Summur De Serendipity Blog Shop! Aren't these items simply charming and gorgeous?

Is there a need for me to say more? I do think that Summur De Serendipity is going to be the next hottest sensation in Singapore with their vintage and mellow items! I simply love everything in their blogs shop!

What are you waiting for? Do head over to their website and facebook page now to like them and stay updated with their latest and frequent giveaways! Who knows, you might be the next winner! :3

Have fun everyone! :) Ending off with the crest! :)


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