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Samples Redeemed 7-11 Jan

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Yesterday me and my om went to a lot of places to shop and to have food. We went to Beauty World Plaza which is that very old and dilapidated shopping mall at Bukit Timah to eat xiaolongbao and guotie that were yummy max. We got my JC uniforms and I was horrified by how ugly they were.

I remember that the day before getting the uniform, my friend was telling me that our JC uniforms were really ugly and I was like sagely defending it like, "Not lar, it should be quite okay."

And then I got mine.

And I shrieked at the crumpliness of it.

There were like thread sticking out everywhere like no proper effort was put into making it, and then funny lines here and there where it was folded. I brought mine home and dumpy them into the washing machine to wash, because the uncle told me that that would remove the creases.

Spinning it in the washing machine made the crumpliness, if possible, worse.

When I opened the washing machine, I was aghast by what seemed like a bundle of salted veggies or yellowed canvas in it. I shook out each piece with great effort, alas, there was no difference. So today, I spent my whole morning steaming my uniforms to get rid of the smaller and lighter creases.

I probably would be ironing them tonight if I still feel like it, I guess.

Ooh okay that's enough digression, cut the long story short, I went Ion Orchard and Tangs Orchard to get some of the samples that I wanted to try (because I like free stuff ha!).

From Ion Orchard, I went to Beauty by Nature and the salesperson was really really nice!

She gave me a nice paper carrier for all the samples that I requested for without buying anything, and she even gave me a new calendar for the new year and also angpao packets! So sweet right. :3

Beauty by Nature Gifts
(Picture below) These are the Phyto hair care samples that are supposed $40, but I really doubt it, how can 3 hair samples be $40? But heck, I got them for free and that's what matters, eh?

I havent' got time to try them yet because I just got the news on Thursday from Phiephie that we have this essay test on the FIRST day of JC school day for us to be streamed into GP classes. Good Lord, when I thought we were all going about "results are not everything". It seems like results are everything when it comes to streaming eh? How stressful is that.

Cute blue wrapping paper!
Phyto Hair Care samples
The bottom one in blue here is also from Beauty by Nature, and they are some skin care samples stored in a very cute and small make up pouch.

NUXE skincare samples
This small tube below contains something like pore minimiser, and similarly I haven't tried it because I am using Bioessence's Spring Water spray sample that I won from them. :3 Didn't want any chemical reactions going on on my skin heh.

NUXE pore minimizer

You know what, I think I can make do with some brightening lotion and stuff because my skin if getting dull from too much exposure to the computer thanks to blogging. This is bad, I must blog less. >:(

NUXE brightening program
Okay I don't really know what this thingy below is, but it says that it will make your skin smooth and supple (every skin care product says so) and called itself Fluide Merveillance.

*pauses and scratched head*

What is that supposed to mean?
NUXE Fluide Merveillance
Sulwhasso Deluxe Sampling Kit from Tangs Orchard

Sulwhasoo Deluxe Sampling Kit
The deluxe sampling kit consists of:
  1. 1 makeup remover
  2. 1 cleanser
  3. 1 activating serum
  4. 2 tiny bottles of I-forgot-whats
Pardon me, but I am a little to lazy to dig them out and check.

Okay and lastly, I received some Palmer Samples!

Out of these four samples, I have actually tried the Oliver Butter Formula (green sachet) before and it was like FANTASTIC to the max but I was too cheap to buy it so I went to ask for samples again. It smells delicious and it makes your skin feel so good and hydrated that you will never have dry skin problems again (for me at least). Besides, it smells way better than most perfumes, like more creamy and buttery.

These ones are the daily calming facial lotion (left) and the daily cleansing gel (right), and I haven't remembered to try them yet. Pretty sure they will be awesome like the Olive butter and looking forward to trying them.

This one is the Cocoa Butter Formula which I wanted to buy last time but my mom rightly pointed out that I don't use moisturizers or lotions, so what's the point? Should be pretty awesome if I want to buy it right? Haha~~

Pe Pa Kao sample! You can just email info@wenken.com to request for one! Taste awesome and makes my throat feels much less sore (got it from mom).

Bio-essence Bio Spring water. Will review it in a separate post.

Too hungry now, shall go get food, bye!


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