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But, Becky 3D Facial Masks Review

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Is your skin dry or problematic and hence in need of nutrient-filled spa?
Having flawless clear skin is every girl's wish!
Do you long to have good clear skin? Why not try out But, Becky's newly launched facial masks?

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Today I will be sharing with you guys my experience with two types of But, Becky masks, Wild Yam Mask and Hyaluronic Acid Mask. Aren't the little cartoon girls on the boxes simply adorable? :3

Wild Yam Mask
Hyaluronic Acid Mask
But, Becky Wild Yam Mask
Each box of But, Becky Masks contains 8 pieces of the same mask each filled with plenty of essence for effective absorption into the skin. There are 4 types of But Becky masks as shown in the picture below and they are namely:
  • Moist-lock firming  HA Mask
  • Age-Lock Moisturizing Wild Yam Mask
  • Radiance Luminous Pearl Mask
  • Pure Whitening Job's Tear Mask
The masks are oil-free, non-comedogenic (meaning that it does not block up your pores) as well as mild and gentle. All of the masks are suitable for all skin types and aims to make your skin more youthful radiant and less wrinkled.

One piece of each mask!

What is so special about But, Beck masks?
But, Becky masks are made of an elastic fabric such that the mask can stretch comfortably around one's skin with a suitable tightness, while at the same time, creating a reasonable amount of tautness that will aid in lifting the skin. This is because But, Becky masks also uses a diamond pattern which is one of the double woven techniques that makes the masks so stretchable, and at the same time giving a double lifting technique.

But, Becky masks aids in rapid absorption of the serum to help facilitate skin regeneration and repair to give all users a fresh, young and radiant look.

Sorry about this looking so blur, I am using my phone camera. :/

Wild Yam Mask Experience
I was sponsored the Wild Yam mask to try on and review and when I received it, I eagerly tore one out and slapped it on. One of the most striking features would be its ginseng-like smell, which I cannot say that I really like because honestly I found it a bit pungent and irritating to my nerves. My mom on the other hand, totally loved the ginseng smell because she just loves such herbal smells and happily accepted the rest of the masks for her own skin care routine.

In terms of texture, the mask feels very soft and the double woven thing has given it a relatively different texture that is easy to detect. More than adequate amount of serum has been given. Strangely, the masks feels slightly more rough on the skin than on the hands (maybe because I have sensitive skin?)

As the mask is supposed to be 3D, the given mask had these holes at the sides for your ears, but mine can't reach my ears at all, and in truth I was also quite reluctant to hook my ears in because I didn't want the back of my ears to feel slippery from the serum. There was also a "neck flap" as I call it to wrap around the front of your neck such that while your face gets pampered, your neck will receive equal attention too such that you won't have a baby face with an old lady's neck! :D

Unfortunately, my neck flap was really stubborn (or the fabric was too heavy from the serum) and it won't stick to my neck and kept detaching itself to swing forward and wetting my book. >:( So I took a pair of scissors and promptly snipped them off.

The wild yam one sort of stung my face a teeny bit, and I got very agitated because I am that odd, and peel it off quickly after that. Because of the short period of time I put it on, I couldn't see a stark difference to my skin tone, but usually masks really do very minimal difference to my skin anyway.

However, the mask was definitely very moisturizing and I do think that it brightened my skin marginally (hey, it was like only 5 minutes of use!) and I do have confidence in the fact that if you guys are patient and use it for 15 min as suggested, you all will see a much more obvious improvement to your skin!

Rating: 3.5/5
1 mark taken off for the stinging factor and 0.5 taken off because of the flapping neck flap and the unfittable ear holes!

HA Mask Experience
I won this box of masks from a But Becky Giveaway on their Facebook page and I had to go down to their IMM warehouse to collect it. Trust me, it was a truly terrifying experience walking down long corridors after long corridors of warehouses in extraspace storage house trying to locate their warehouse. For those of you who have not collected it, it is actually on the other side of IMM, you have to exit IMM on the second floor when you see the large sign "WAREHOUSE>" where the ">" point you to the right direction. Good luck to you guys finding it! :D

Here I was using the HA masks from But, Becky as well, and I have also cut off the bottom neck part because I didn't like it. The HA mask is definitely better smelling than the Yam one (personal preference) and it also smart a little on my skin, I dunno why.

This one I wore it for about 15 minutes before stripping it off and I think it was still okay, considering that it is the first time I try it. Washing off the excess serum does make my skin feel much more refreshed as the remaining serum tends to dry up and makes my skin both sticky and weird.

In other aspects, it was quite similar to the wild yam one, but Hallelujah for the better smell!

Rating: 4/5, 0.5 increase for the lack of a mildly offending (to me) smell

Ending off with an informative poster for your references! :)

Do join Secretive's and But Becky's facebook pages for future promotions and giveaways! Fancy winning ONE BOX of facial masks! :3


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