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Get rid of Black & White Heads: Biore Pore Pack Black + T-Zone Scrub

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I am sure that I am not the only one that is looking for solutions to get rid of stubborn back head which comes bounding back each time I get rid of them. There are many short-termed solutions to get rid of black-heads, such as using a scrub or those gel that claims to get rid of black heads, but sometimes they show up after a period of time despite having made their disappearances straight after the scrub.

Thus, today, I am going to share with you guys a really good method of getting rid of those black and white heads for good!

Biore Pore Pack Black
To get rid of those fiesty back and white heads, you guys will need 2 items:
  • Biore Pore Pack (I suggest using Black, you can see the gross stuff more clearly)
  • T-Zone Exfoliating Daily Wash

Biore Pore Pack Black
For this, each pack cost around $5.20 or something and you can get them at Guardian or Watsons, but I got mine cheap, at only $4.00 from a small shop at Chinatown. Note that I didn't go all the way there to get this, I just saw it while I was there with mom and bought it on a whim.

Each pack contains 10 pore strips that are packaged neatly in separate plastic wrappers, which is very good and very hygienic, I like!

Each package also comes with an instruction booklet or information booklet to tell you how exactly these pore strips will help to rid you of those woeful black/white heads, but the downside is it is all in Japanese and I don't take any third language, so too bad. Still, the drawings are clear, and you can kind of figure out what they are talking about.

I have tried on these pore strips 2 times in a period of 6 days or thereof, and I would say that to be honest, I actually don't need to use it so often. Which is why I would suggest you guys to use T-Zone in between the pore-stripping.

Instructions for usage
The product, note that the pointy side is to fit the area between your 2 nostrils.

I was actually very impressed with the product because after trying to get rid of black heads for so long, I have come to be skeptical whenever products claim to clear blackhead, because usually the blackheads will stay away for about 1-2 days before making a reappearance.

As for this nose strips, they are really good in the way that they remove most (about 90%) of your black/white heads by the root, and by doing so, they are removing the things that clog up and therefore enlarge your pores.

After using one of these on last Friday, majority of my blackheads and whiteheads disappeared and such clear pores maintained till yesterday, when I just spotted perhaps 1 or 2 blackheads starting to form, but it is also possible that they weren't rooted out in the first place.

Not only so, the pores which were cleared did seem smaller after some time and you have no idea how glad I was to clear those black heads at last!

However, there is one downside to this pore strip is that the peeling off process is relatively painful, and I can assure you that I peel off the pore strip well before the allocated time limit. It felt a bit like peeling off my entire nose skin and one delicate part, near the side of the nose stung for a while after using it because the peeling off part is quite painful, but tolerable. No pain, no gain eh? I will say the pain is a 2.5/10 because there are way more painful things than these that are even more long lasting.

How to be blackhead free daily?
I won't suggest you to use the pore-strip on a weekly basis, much less a daily basis, because I find it a little harsh for the skin so in between the days which you eradicate all our black heads thoroughly, I would suggest you all to try T-Zone's Exfoliating Daily Wash to keep your black and white heads under control.

In the morning or night, squeeze some T-Zone wash, the size of 20 cent coin onto your palm, add water and rub till there is some foam. Then apply it to your nose area (if you don't want to exfoliate the rest) and rub well. You should be able to feel tiny little bead like substance rolling around on your skin: that's what keeps your black heads away!

Do note that you shouldn't use exfoliators or face wash of any type near your eye area as the skin there is way thinner than the rest of your face and using these washes may damage the skin and such. giving you wrinkles. (so said my friend)

If you feel that there's no need to exfoliate day and night, which most of you will think that way, then you can choose to exfoliate once a day and then use a normal face wash on the other occasion. In this way, you won't be rubbing off too much skin. :)


That's all for today, hope you enjoyed this little review-&-tip to keep your skin clear! Is this useful for you all? Did you try it? If you do, then do drop me a comment on my Facebook Page or in the comments below to let me know how it went for you!

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