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Kinopi Sleeves

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Today I am going to introduce to you guys the COOLEST Jackets on earth.
Kinopi Sleeves Home Page.
Nowadays, I am really tired of online blog shops because almost everything they sell are the same. The same dresses, the same designs while other sells ugly self-designed clothes.

Kinopi Sleeves is different.

Kinopi Sleeves is a REVOLUTIONARY, CREATIVE and STUNNING online store that sells simply lovely hoodies ( I LOVE HOODIES!!) that one can personalize at his or her whim and fancy.

Look at the last picture. I mean, can you imagine going to school everyday wearing a seemingly different jacket but in truth all you changes was really the sleeves and hoodlets? And you could be your school's very own fashionista to turn up in hoodies where the sleeve and hoodie colours are different!

You can purchase a single (white/black) combo jacket set for a mere $134 dollars. Think that it is expensive? Think again. Instead of buying tons of different jackets separately, you are having the convenience of buying only ONE jacket but with millions of different combinations!

The Kinopi Combos!

The lovely Vibrant hoodies! :)
In the Christmas season that just passed, Kinopi had a giveaway on Facebook where 5 of their lucky fans stood a chance to win a lovely Christmas themed Kinopi jacket!

I was really over the moon when they picked me as one of the winners of the winners for the giveaway! :)

Not only did they gave me a choice of which Christmas themed Jacket I wanted, they allowed me to choose the size and also gave me a free Kinopi Jem!

I picked design 2 because I love the candy stripped design and I felt that it could be worn outside of Christmas if I want to. I love the adorable design of the jacket and the fact that I could remove the hoodie or the sleevelets if I feel too hot and just store them away.

Here are some pictures of my Kinopi Jacket :D
It is all very nice isn't it? :) I am really starting to love my Kinopi Jacket and I would definitely take good care of it. Oh yes, according to Kinopi sleeves, you are NOT to yank out the sleevelets or hoodie by force because it will cause collateral and irreversible damage to their hoodies. Which is very very bad (duh). You have to unclip (unbutton) each and everyone of the eyelets carefully.

Are you interested in grabbing a cool and one-of-a-kind jacket from Kinopi Sleeves? Check out their website and follow them on Facebook Page here!!


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