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My Scheming Deep Cleansing Pore Minimizing Masks

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Sponsored Review
Disclaimer: The products are sponsored but the views are my own, and I promise to be as honest and fair as possible, kay? Also, the products have been tried for at least 5 days prior to the review.
Today I am going to introduce to you people the absolutely best facial masks in the world, no lying, no kidding, no pulling your leg.

Have you ever tried on a face mask and experienced the following?

"Omg, this facial mask stinks..."
"Why is this so rough? I feel like I am wearing a canvas sheet round my face...urgh!"
"Why is it so itchy and scratchy? Gah, and my skin feels tingly and funny."
"What happened to my face? I have morphed into a PEANUT!"

Worry not girls, I have the same problem with you all! And that is until I have tried My Scheming Deep Cleansing Pore Minimizing Masks!

My Scheming Deep Cleansing Pore Minimizing Mask
It is the one facial mask that you can use and will not FACE (pun intended) any of those fretful, uncomfortable problems!
I remembered mentioning to My Scheming's Facebook Page that whenever I fall asleep with my facial mask on, I will wake up with my skin feeling disgustingly sticky, oily and suffocated. My Scheming's Facebook page told me to go ahead and try their facial masks because such conditions less likely to happen with their facial masks (but it also depends partly on your skin type and compatibility). And trust me, I had the same response as you do, rolling my eyes and going, "Yeah....right. I will eat my hat if your masks are that awesome."

And it turns out that I do have to eat my hat.

I am not flattering these facial masks for the sake of publicity, but these amazing masks REVOLUTIONIZE the whole facial masks industry. And why is that? You will find out soon enough.

I know many people always roll their eyes at me whenever I tell them that I hate using cosmetics or skincare items that smell terrible (like chemical smell or offending herbal smell), but trust me, if I were to make my decision on whether or not I should use a product, the smell is going to be the deciding point. I wouldn't want to go around smelling like chemical spill, and I'm sure you guys too!

When I tore open the mask from My Scheming, I was pleasantly surprised and delighted to smell a very pleasing and faintly sweet scent that is both wonderful and soothing. I can't tell you how happy I was to find the smell so pleasing after a bad experience with some nasty smelling masks. I mean, who wants to finish using a facial mask and have a funny smell lingering on your skin all day?

20-30 minutes of Pure Enjoyment:

While we pamper our skin with all the extra nutrients and minerals, we have to make sure that we enjoy the process of using the mask right? Like I mentioned earlier, there are some masks that are so uncomfortable that we are just praying for the 15-20 minutes to end such that we can strip off the masks with a sigh of relief.

So if you are experiencing this, why not go ahead and give My Scheming Deep Cleansing pore Minimizing Masks a try? It is 20-30 minutes of Pure Enjoyment.

The mask fits snugly on one's skin, and the amount of moisture on the mask is more than just right: there are so much excess dripping that you can simply squeeze out a bit of the excess back into the packaging and there will still be more than enough for your skin to drink it all in.

The leftover serum
The mask is made of the finest imported virgin wood pulp imported from Japan, and you can imagine how soft it is and how comfortable for the mask to stay on the skin without it suffocating your face.

When the mask has just been applied onto the skin, there will be this cooling and refreshing sensation on the face that is so comfortable and relaxing that I wanted to go to sleep straight away. This is rare for me as usually, I will stay awake and irritated, scratching and poking my face here and there trying to combat and ignore the itchy sensations. But with My Scheming Deep Cleansing Pore Minimizing mask, nope, no such things at all!

Clear Radiant Skin after Use
After using the mask for a mere 20 minutes, I peel it off and feel my skin become more "breathable" and less oily. Not only so, there was also some improvement in my pores: while I don't believe that just one use of the mask can minimize my pores so much that I have to try hunt for them with a magnifying glass, I still think that the mask did a good job of keeping my pores fresh. Like clear unclogged pores that can breath easily. 

Skin was definitely softer, clearer and brighter as the mask promised to do besides cleasnsing and pore minimizing, and there is no trace of oil leaks anywhere on my face. Such clear and soft skin continued for rest of the day till my over-active oil glands took over. Gahh...but the mask? Simply amazing.
Still not impressed?

Wait, there's more!

As the time when I applied this facial mask was around noon when I just reached home from school, I put on the facial mask and lazed on my couch, having my fan blow at the highest power at me.

Did you hear me right? Blowing a fan at an applied facial mask?

Yes!!! After 20 minutes of facial mask and enjoyment under the fan, I was surprised and impressed to find the facial mask on my skin still wet and showed no sign of drying out, not even at the ends!

How impressive is that?

I am now thoroughly impressed with My Scheming Deep Cleansing, Pore Minimizing Facial Masks and I am actually quite guilty for doubting the true words of My Scheming Facebook Page when they first told me the plus points of their facial masks!

Now that I have tried it, I would definitely be running back to Watsons and Sasa outlets each time I run out of facial masks to grab more!

You guys can try out these amazing facial masks at all major Watsons and Sasa outlets at $14.50 for 10 masks! I would say that it is really affordable and a reasonable price for such an enjoyment that is at the same time beneficial for the skin!

"Wait, where can I try it before deciding whether to buy it?"

Yes, yes you can! If you are still worried despite me rating the mask a 5/5, then you can head over to My Scheming's Facebook Page here to like them and then list them in your favorites to be updated on their FREQUENT GIVEAWAYS!!!!

How do you do that? Here is a screenshot:
All you people have to do it is too click on the drop-down button next to the "Message" button, click on "Add to Interest Lists..." and then you are good to go! You could be the next lucky person to win some lovely facial masks to pamper your skin with!

What are you waiting for? Go go now!


You are still here? How about win 1 piece of My Scheming Facial Mask from me along with other goodies? Sounds great eh?

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Till next time, see ya folks!

**Please bear in mind that while these masks worked wonders for me, different skin types/different likings will also vary the effect of the masks on the skin an dhow comfortable you find it! I can't guarantee that you will like it as much as me, but I am really just sharing my own experience on how these masks made my skin better! :D


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