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SAYS Chinese New Year Giveaway

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We have all heard of Giveaways and such on Facebook but...

SAYS is giving away S$5000 in ONE ang pao!
I can imagine you going...

Here's the thing: you don't have to pay to win money!

SAYS (http://says.com/sg) is now carrying out a CNY Giveaway to grow and expand their online community of Singapore social media users like you and I! 

SAYS is a country specific social news network where social media users from each countries explore and share interesting and trending local news, videos and social causes and then GET PAID when they spread around relevant advertiser sponsored content!

Tell me, how cool can this get? Imagine getting paid to share the interesting media contents that you like!

Now before I delve into the wonderful click-and-mortar world of SAYS, I shall share with you guys even more important news that is very beneficial for all of you and that brings us back to the Cai Shen Ye we saw at the start of the post:

SAYS will be giving away a total of $10,000 ang paos in cash every day for 30 days and their BIGGEST ang pao is S$5000 in cash! Can you imagine the amount of things you can buy with that?

Top 5 Things I would do with S$5000

1. Get myself a really awesome compact camera from Canon
Canon Ixus 500 HS
Tadaaa~~! There you go! My dream camera, the Canon Ixus 500 HS!! It has TWELVE times the optical zoom and it is 10.1 megapixels! Compare that to my Iphone camera of 4 megapixels! No more blurry, fuzzy pictures eh? This camera is only about $400! That is like what? Less than 1/10 of the ang pao money from SAYS!

2. Go to Seattle
Seattle sights
Armed with my new camera, I shall scoot off to Seattle to sightsee! This trip will knock off half of my $5000 but I have been wanting to go there ever since I saw some of the photographs taken in Seattle, bet it looks gorgeous! <3 <3

3. Buy some furry pets
Angora bunnies! How cute are these cuddly little bundles of fur? With $5000 from SAYS, I am going to get myself two of these cute little furballs! Kyaaaa~~~ I think Angora Bunnies cost around 500 to 1000 in Singapore, I am quite sure they are more valuable than dogs and stuff (because of their fur).

I shall consider getting a cat and a dog too, but then they may fight with these poor innocent bunnies so nah, no thanks!

4. Get my hair laminated
My hair has been a bit terrible lately and all fuzzy and refusing to lie down properly. So I can probably get it laminated for S500? I will have gorgeous shiny hair like that:

5. Save whatever that remains

Not sure how much will remain, but I am going to save it and use it for my university fees. Hmm....

All right guys! These are the five things I would do with $5000!! What do you guys plan to do if you win the money? But hey hey, before you get too excited...

You can win FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS in cash!! (www.bitly.com/CNYGiveawayLEY)

Shhh....Here is a secret! Did you know that early contestants will stand a higher chance of winning if they sign up on SAYS Singapore and join the CNY Giveaway as soon as possible? This is because  there will be more opportunities for tickets!

People are winning money everyday and I am sure that you guys are dying to be the next person!

Remember that winners to be announced at 3pm daily via Google Hangout. You guys can like the SAYS Singapore FB page (http://facebook.com/sayssingapore) to watch the SAYS team selecting the winners, LIVE!

So what are you waiting for? Time for us to roll in that cash with SAYS Singapore! Join the SAYS CNY Giveaway NOW!!: www.bitly.com/CNYGiveawayLEY

Huat ah~~!


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