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Bio-essence Bio Spring Water Review

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I am sure you guys have tried facial mists before, which aims to moisturize and restore your skin's moisture balance among all others. The Bio Spring Water by Bio-essence takes this onto another level.

Bio-essence Bio Spring Water is said to have TWENTY benefits for the skin, the hair and the body:
Benefits of Bio Spring water
By the way, I painstakingly used Microsoft paint to make that picture, so if you are going to use it for your own blog post, please credit me eh?

Using Experience
I received this sample of Bio Mineral Spray from a giveaway held by Bio-essence Facebook page, whereby 200 lucky participants will get to try out this spray by telling them why you wish to try it.

I have been using this 25ml spray for the past 3 weeks, and I try to be as frugal as possible when spraying to allow the bottle to last, and here is what I think of the spray:

I think the spray does an extremely good job at hydrating the skin, and the spring water gets absorbed into the skin very easily as well. It is almost like have a take-and-go version of a facial mask with you, only more convenient and that you can use it whenever you like without looking funny.

Soothing & Refreshing the Skin
I also do think that the spring water has done a great job in soothing my irritated skin, especially when your skin becomes red from being too dry, or sudden changes in the weather just irritates your skin. I think it does a great job in soothing and refreshing the skin.

Refining Pores
One of the benefits of the spring water is to refine your pores, and if you are stuck with unfortunately humongous pores like I am, this is definitely the spray for you! While I cannot guarantee that your pores will become smaller instantly or disappear completely after use, it certainly refreshes the pores, makes them feel less congested and in my case, I did feel that my pore were minimized after several days of use.

Taming Hair
Have you ever experience having unbearably frizzy hair or simply rebellious hair that refuses to lie down slick and straight? This always happens to me after washing my hair, and it can take me up to one day for my hair to regain its natural sleekness. If you spray your dry and frizzy hair before you go to sleep, I think there is a higher chance of you waking up with smoother, silkier hair that is easier to manage.

As for the other mentioned benefits, I am not exactly sure myself because I didn't pay much attention to the state of my pimples after using the spray(pimples are rare nowadays) and nor did I try on the spray after putting on makeup. I keep believing that spraying anything close to make up will cause the makeup to run and give me mascara tears which is a big no-no. 

How to try a sample?
I am so sorry people, you guys know that I would always give our samples if I have them but this one is not sponsored but won, so I only have a small 25ml spray for myself, heehee. However, I do suggest that you google for "Bio-essence Bio Spring Water Review" online and then go to blogs which says "Sponsored Review" to try and win one, because I saw many bloggers giving out all these for their readers to try.

Also, I would suggest for you all to head over to Bio-essence's Facebook Page to be updated on their regular giveaways and sampling sessions such that you won't miss out any goodies that comes!

You can also consider adding them to your "Favourites List" so as not to miss out on any sampling and giveaway sessions, along with promotions and discounts!

So long then, everyone, have fun spraying! :D


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