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Lie to me: Chocolate pudding

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Haha I totally love the irrelevance in Lie to Me (American, not Korean one). It went like that:

A: "What's that!"
B: "Chocolate pudding!"
A: "Who eats chocolate pudding at 10am in the morning?"
B: "People who like chocolate pudding."
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Haven't been able to blog for a while because of my exams~

Good thing that almost half of the subjects are done now and it is finally all going to end in two and a half weeks time!

For those who are also caught in this hard time, have faith and keep going!

Meanwhile, thank you for the constant support to this blog~! :)

How to lose faith

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Sunshine, bright sparks, dancing lights,
Down, down, down falling heights.

How do we lose faith? Sustained lies.
Disappointment, hurt: repeat a hundred times.

On your best days - Look! Parasites!
Downcast, ill: they take flight.

Smiles, maintained, a different kind.
Within, you have long been cast aside.