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of Food and Skies

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Okay, today's post is going to be about a mish-mosh of things because I really want to delete a lot of old pictures off my hard-drive and so it is going onto this blog, and perhaps someday when I am 80, old and toothless I can come back here and laugh myself silly.

Starting off with some picture of food:

Swensen's Icecream
I went out a lot with Denyse this year to eat all kind of stuff, and I must say that the nicest stuff ever is when we spent 20 dollars or so in Swensens, on this icecream and ...

Mozzarella Cheesesticks 
It is supposed to be 4 sticks, but then we were so greedy that we wolf down two before we were like, uh maybe we should take a photo or something (because ain't food-whoring the trend eh?).

So yup, great experience at Swensens.

Oh god yes I remember how I was so worried that the voucher won't work, and how we would embarrass ourselves by being unable to pay up after eating all those food that we might have to end up washing dishes to pay them back. Then we imagine Swensens calling down our principal and the media and everything gets so blown out of proportion that somehow people in Guatemala and Saudi Arabia ends up knowing about our shameless deeds. Not.

Thank god no such things happened.\

Burger Shack Cheese Fries
We had burger shack fries ones with all three of us, Clarissa, Denyse and me, then I suspected that those two got addicted to the cheese and kept wanting to go back. I went back with Denyse for the fries 2 times more after that (Clarissa was doing something else), and Denyse went with Clarissa once. 

Conclusion? Denyse never misses any chance of having cheese fries. ^_^

Here comes the bad memory...
D'good Cafe Cappuccino Macchiato
Currently I sort of associate D'good Cafe with bad experiences NOT BECAUSE OF THE CAFE but because of what happened there. 


You heard it. If I ever rambled to you about the horrors of PW, you will know why anything that has even a fragment associated with PW will be automatically labelled in my head as terrifying memories that I struggle to keep locked in my subconsciousness. 

The coffee I ordered was too bitter and not what I expected, because while caramel macchiato is awesome, cappucino macchiato is just like grossly bitter. Bleargh.

But nothing ever beats the bitterness of PW. Bahahahahaha.

Here comes the home-made food next:

It looks rather delicious right? It was!

Basically it is just bread with egg on one side, filled with bits of melted mozzarella cheese and toasted on the other side, finally drizzled with honey.

Oh yum!

In case you want to know how to cook it, here is how:
1. Make your egg batter
2. Grate mozzarella cheese; if it is grated, then yay you.
3. Heat the pan (with oil) and put about 1/3 the egg batter (any more and it won't stick onto the bread!)
4. Drizzle mozzarella cheese over the egg mixture in the pan before it has been fully cooked.
5. Put the bread (any bread!) onto the "wetter" side of the egg (aka the one facing the top with the cheese, aye?) and pat the bread down, make sure that the egg sticks!

That marks the end of the food photos in my phone heh xD

Nanyang's (rather awkward) Cafe

According to Jiaqi who actually bought the coffee and drank it, said it was dubious and not good and she regretted buying things for the sake of supporting people (exactly why I never do that, not worth the bad taste in my mouth). 

I sort of like the porch idea (and dear lord I keep spelling porch as Porche) but on rainy days it is too wet to even sit. 

So blearrrgh, allow the cynic in me to be unleashed.

Of course we have to leave our names there, tralala, our whole clique that went back. I am curious because I am distracted, did the word cliche evolved from the word clique? Hmmm... I feel like I am high on eggs.

The Amazing Sky one morning....

Sky at Dawn

Sky before nightfall, that really bright spot is the moon, and I swear this photo does not do the sky justice because it was the most beautiful colour I have ever seen. Like this soft turquoise that fades into darker blue than black. The moon was just dangling in it like a single piece of gleaming jewel.

The sight made one euphoric. 

Thunderstorm sky...

I loved how bleak and grey the first one is, and I was totally amazed that such a good photo can be taken with just an Iphone, third generation somemore. The only thing that spoils the beauty of the bleakness is the reflection of the light in the window, but if I didn't turn on the lights, the photo would be very pixellated. 

I love the wet look of the wall on the left in the first photo, don't you?

I think that's about all for now, I will write more later on because I think anything else will just spoil the effect created by that thunderstorm we have here. :3

See y'all!

Hair Trimmed

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I got my hair trimmed this morning because my mom sort of like forced me to. I was in a dilemma partly because my hair did get rather heavy, but I sort of also liked the way it was.

Besides, trimmed hair has never felt the same as the original.

Oh, I got my side-bangs trimmed too. Was considering fringes, but decided against it for fringes are view-blockingly evil. Furthermore, my forehead is full of sweat glands that are not to be provoked.

Weather is deliciously wet, cool, and moist with lovely swishing sound of gentle rain on the asphalt pavement.

Life is good and...

MAN I LOVE HOLIDAYS muahahahahaha!


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Have been feeling under-appreciated lately.

Not even sure of why.

Okay okay maybe I know, just that I don't want to share it, sorry heh xD.

Basically, I am going to keep quiet from now on during ALL lessons and not let my opinions be heard. I am curious to see if there would be any difference if I suddenly stop being so noisy, and I wonder if anyone would even notice if I am quiet/ non-present.

Okay, I am in my grumpy and self-deprecating mood.

It will pass, la~la~la.