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Of Pretty Pictures and "Be Yourself Day" horror 2

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 To begin with, I downloaded some picture editing softwares and decided to snap a picture of my deskie Jocelyn and edit it. I made her super pretty lor! She should thank me to no end muhahahah!

Jocelyn the Chio! :D  A bit act cute arh...

Super pretty wrist bands! Bought for $2.50 at Chameleon in Jurong Point!

Everything looks pretty when soft and dreamy!

The one extreme of dressing up.
 Huiting (left) was dressed up as some Deathnote character, you guys should know, I don't because I am never interested in Deathnote unless people really die when you write their names down. You guys better pray that I don't land my hands on the notebook, or human population might become extinct. -winks- Nah, kidding. I will probably murder terrible people first, like rapists and murderers. OKAY, MAYBE I DON'T WANT THE NOTEBOOK. Too much of responsibility.

 Anlin (right) was supposed to keep to the theme of hollywood or some red carpet diva I can't remember. I just remember myself going blank when I saw her. Teehee.

To the people in the photo, sorry I took this picture from your facebook, and I will credit you kay? Picture is from Huiting's facebook I think. And if you don't like your face shown, please let me know and I will mosaic the face/ remove the photo. But please let me put lar, or BYD very boring. :D

No comments. Wyin is pretty, Anlin looks scary and Huiting's expression looks like >o< literally.
Chio Ting ting left, Wyin right.
Photo credits: facebook of Huiting and Wyin.
Please let me know if you want your face mosaic-ed or pictures removed. :'( -sniffles-

So why I no put my own picture?

The only picture I took was with Awesome Sophia...and after tonnes of photo effect, we looked brilliant...okay Sophia kept her brilliance through while me looks a teeny wee better, Sophia said that if I wanted to use it on meh blog, I must mohhhhhhshack her faceee. I was too lazy to do so, so no pics of myself. Too bad. I mean there are enough chio people around, and I will just cause the chio meter to explode if I add my own. No. Kidding. YOU KNOW I AM FREAKING NOT PHOTOGENIC!!!

The other extreme of BYD was just wearing school uniform.

Did I tell you that I really dislike one of my primary school classmate? That morning of BYD, I passed by her class while going to my own, and she was sitting on the table, and ACTING chio. Like act sexy and act pretty totally lar. Maybe I sour grape, but walao eh, the way she look at me made me want to run into her class, grab her by her stub of a hair and fling her out of the window onto a spear. :D So I was looking around for a banana to attack her with.

And guess what?

Suddenly, a hedgehog appeared with a banana on its back and I took it! The banana was squishy and ugly and full of holes from the spikes on the hedgehog's prickly back, but ugly bananas for ugly girls mah. I flung the banana at the act chio person and the banana hit her with a resounding SMACK.

It burst open.



Nah, it was just my imagination. Booohoo. No ugly banana, no hedgehog, and definitely no maggots. :'(

Kay lar. A bit sian to blog so much. So byebye and just drool yourself to death over pretty [] girls. HAHA!

The truth behind the terrible "Be Yourself Day" (part i)

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Yes yes, I am going to talk about the Be Yourself Day soon, and no it is not terrible. I just wrote that so that you will read this. Teehee. :D

Today was a sincerely horrible day.

No, seriously.

To begin with, I had this really really extremely -inserts vulgarity- painful stomach ache after I came home from school, which I suspect is because of the food from school. Why? I ate the lunch my mum bought me and right after, I had stomach ache, and I thought that the lunch cannot be digested so fast anyway. So to whoever that is so unhygenic that actually gave me this really horrible stomach ache that required my to sit in the stifling embrace of my toilet for half an hour, I hate you and hope that you get reborned in your next life as an ugly prickly cactus in the Gobi desert with no one but smelly camels for company. Ugh.

Being the whiner I am, I contemplated lodging a complaint to the health board for the unclean food I consume, but I suppose they might take the school side and the conversation between us may turn out like this:

HB: hmmm, so Kira, what happened?
Me: I ate the unhygenic food at school and got a freaking stomach ache that was so bloody painful that I thought my womb detached itself.
HB: Hmm I see (no obviously they don't, what are they seeing anyway? my fallen womb?), how can you be sure that is is not you who is unhygenic?
Me: Are you trying to imply that I eat with my toes? Or that I lick my fingers like an ice-cream? Or that I eat my food from the floor?
HB: =amused= no no, I am saying if you washed you hands the right way...
Me: I don't eat with my fingers.
HB: Yes, =in a patient, "you-are-so-dumb-but-I-am-kind" tone= but germs can travel?
Me: From my toes to the food?
HB: No no, unless you eat with your toes.
Me: Precisely what I am trying to say. I don't eat with my toes, therefore it is not my problem.
HB: =suddenly confused by my warped argument= you seem to be right! I shall call the vendors to make them close down
Me: And I demand a conpensation for my fallen womb.
HB: Your womb detached?
Me: Yes! And my placenta too.
HB: How could that be?
Me: You were the one who said germs travel. They probably pulled both my womb and placenta down.
HB: Oh dear, my poor child! You shall get a compensation of one zillion dollars for your expensive womb.

MUHAHHAHAHHA and that is when  I freaking strike it rich. I will probably buy myself a humongous bunglow and a large piece of land so that my mum can plant all the turnips that she wants. No, kidding. I hate turnips so I will order for them to be all kicked to Korea for the Korean kimchi, and nothing else. Then I will buy Sophia a Ferrari and a bunglow next to mine, and we will get a chauffeur to drive us to school. :D And we can hire awesome tuition teachers to help us with work. And the bunglow will be near Nanyang so Sophia doesn't have to travel so far. And I shall buy He Chen and Huiqi, Luowen and Chin Shian a Omega watch each because they are such awesome pistachios. :D Yes yes that is how life should be. By the way, everyone hates turnips and will thank me when they are gone from our country. Who likes stinky turnips anyway! Apart from the fragrant Koreans. And the nice kimchi. Sighs. Koreans will love me because they will have this endless supply of smelly turnips to make nice kimchi, and I will be touted as the turnip killer, and every Singaporean will love me yay.

But carrots will hate me and call me a racist against the white turnips. Oh dear. Maybe I will keep one turnip to make all the carrots happy.

Okay enough of the dim-witted carrots and smelly turnips. More about today.

Anyway, I lost a lot of energy throughout the holidays, meaning my stamina is no longer so good and I got really tired by Physics the second last lesson. I really paid attention today and Hoila, I understood one question in Physics which made me wonder if I might really be Einstein's long lost descendent after all. Or maybe Newton's grandgrandgrandxinfinite child who got lost somewhere and bleached Asian. Quite fun to muse like this to myself teee. Keeps me amused. :D

Okay, about the horrid BYD.

It should be renamed as Be Your Class day. Or Be Whatever-rubbish-you-are-assigned Day. Be yourself? Nah, we are just kidding.

It is supposed to be quite fun actually, but I have come to realize that I have, and neither had anyone else really been their self on BYD. Serious. Being yourself is about being different, being you and uniquely you. Instead our school wants us all to find a theme and no less, and all fit around that theme. How is it yourself when you are never something but tries to be that thing just to be that thing? You get what I mean? It is definitely not be yourself day. If we try so hard to be the same within one class, then it is no longer ourselves, you get it? It is just, just ironical.


BYD is usually the day I feel least like myself.

Since this year our class got grunge as the theme, and sadly, whatever clothes Ziqi and Vivian listed out, I don't have them.

Checkered red shirt? Nope.
Chains? Nope.
Black baggy shirt? Nope.
Leather jackets (O_O)? Nope.
Long boots? Nope!

Why would anyone in the right state of mind buy something like LONG BOOTS in a sweltering hot country Singapore? As though our feet don't sweat enough or smell bad enough. So we need long boots to ferment our feet longer to make feet juice. Yuck.

Leather jacket? Nah. I mean denim jackets are hot enough, and leather is just another whole level. And maybe those out there who actually have leather jackets find me dumb because leather might not be as hot as I think. But whatever. Why are you wearing leather anyway? Trying to mimic an alligator? >:D

And NO I DON'T POSSESS A BLOODY CHECKER SHIRT. I don't really wear red. And I don't like checkered stuff. Anyone who knows my style of dressing knows that I like stripes. Like black and white strips. No checkeredness unless you are playing checkers. Sorry. Bad jokes with the Knight.

Yes. Back to my point about being totally, not myself, you get it. Myself would be something like digging out anything that I feel like wearing/ suitable for that day's weather and wearing it. Then wearing comfortable sneakers or slippers. NO HEELS. NO FLATS. FLATS ARE SO !#$%^&*(&^& UGLY. AND NO BOOTS, boots give you ring worms. Nah, just kidding.

What is PDA?

Yes yes, I know, for those who just came out from your mother's womb yesterday, PDA is Public Display of Affections. And no, it has nothing to do with PDF.

There was this couple who were sitting in front of the considerably annoyed me, and putting their heads together like a pair of love birds. I KNOW I KNOW there is nothing wrong. But I am in a bad mood, and I don't like seeing people all smoochy and stuff. I would be wishing that the guy or the girl suddenly turn into a durian or something. And I will have a good laugh out of it. :D Okay. But the good thing is, they got off later on and me and Sophia got to sit together. Yays. So to the guy with the white cap, thank you and I hope you go long long with your girlfriend even though I think she looks like a papaya. Nahh kidding. She is pretty, as far as I can tell from my view, where all I see is her hair.'

Yeah. And then when I was walking back, there was this girl from Saint Margaret who was singing to herself. Her hair was in this really very very messy bun and she was like singing super happily. And that reminded me how I sing too, sometimes when going back home, and way louder. Now I know how weird it is to others, so I am not going to sing anymore. =nods head vigorously=

And why are buns called buns? Why can't we call hair buns blobs? blobs are cuter right!

Okay okay, that's all.

Blog post finished in 45minutes.
One tiny section of Kira's amazing life registered.
And unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, shared with the world.
Someday a scientist from 2000000000000  years later will thank me for this. :D

How did memes come about?

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1. Quote of the Day

"Some things in life are easier said than done, but some things in life are easier done than said."--Toni Rae
 That is pretty true. And that was a pretty cool quote. 
I think we all have different understanding on that one, but to me, it is about how somethings can be easily spoken about but hard to be done, others easy to be done but hard to speak of. I am still mulling over it, so maybe I will talk about it even more later on? 

2. How memes came about 

 I am sure all of you by now would know what is a meme, but have you ever thought about how memes come about? I don't know the real history, but this idea of how memes came about suddenly popped into my head.

So one day, this guy was sitting at home, feeling super sian and useless since he was just fired from his job as a gigolo since the boss was very very angry that he refused to service the ladies with his eyes open. Yup. So he went about servicing everyone with his eyes closed which caused many many disasters. The guy, let's call him Bang, was very angry since he couldn't see (haha see the pun!) what is wrong with servicing with his eyes closed. He decided to make mean comics of his boss and put them online. 

As we know, Bang enjoyed doing things with his eyes closed, which is terrible, and he made some terrible drawings that were even worse than primary school standards. He was so angry that he doodled a horrifying face on a paper. 

Rage face!
  "Hey, what are you doing?" asked Bang's younger brother, Boom.

Boom was an aspiring artist and learnt all sorts of art. Bang tried to hide the picture, but Boom snatched it out of his hand before Bang could. Boom burst out laughing at the ugly drawing. Bang got defensive immediately.

"What is this supposed to be!" guffawed Boom

"It...it..it is dadaism!" Bang thought of the word at the last second.

"Dadaism? Wait a second....that is sort of possible!" Boom decided and began to upload that ugly drawing on the net.

As we all know, not the net is all occupied by people without much of a art gene like myself and everyone felt that the ugly rage face was a piece of art. Bang drew more and more and uploaded all the terrible drawings and that began the era of the memes.

So why is there a Yao Ming "female dog please" meme?

Bang was a very very short man by nature, even shorter than you and I. But he loved basketball. He tried to applied for NBA but the coached kicked him in the ass so hard that he flew to mars and stay there for a week. Meanwhile, Yao Ming did well int he team since he was sooooo tall. 

Since then, Bang hated Yao Ming.

End of story.

#Disclaimer: All characters and stories are purely fictional apart from Yao Ming. No insults intended towards anyone with the name of Bang, Boom and Yao Ming. :D

Of animals and men

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I was standing before these numerous cages of animals, each looking so terrified that I wanted to go in and hug them. They were all different types of animals, ranging from monkey to rhinoceros to elephants to cats and pigs and every other type of animals imaginable. They all shared the same mask of horror. Some of the animals were literally trembling, trembling so bad that their furry outlines were blurring.

"Why are you so scared?" I forced my voice to say. it came out in a croak.

The animals turned and looked at someone/something behind me.

I turned around and saw what they were looking at. A veil of dread, or numbing, paralyzing terror overwhelmed me, my throat constricted and I fell to my knees, gasping for breath but unable to do it.

I am hyperventilating, I thought, I cannot, there is no time to hyperventilate.

I had never seen that man in black before, but our first meeting told me one thing which I was so so sure of.

He was a killer and he had the blood of countless animals on his hands.

He smirked at me through the thick bush of his beard and raised his sharp knife. I screamed, but no sound came out. My heart was racing so fast that it felt like it was going to jump out of my mouth with that scream, but I couldn't hear myself, at all.

He open a cage, and dragged out a pig.

He smiled at me again, evilly, creepily, as though enjoying each moment of my terror.

And in one blindingly fast move, he had sliced off the snout of the pig. Blood splattered out everywhere as the pig squealed from the shocking pain. It must hurt...so so terribly that I felt a blinding jab of pain straight through my heart. I felt my face and it was wet. I was crying because I was so helpless and crying, because I felt so angry that I could not save these animals which I loved so much.

Before I could react, the man dragged out a monkey. The monkey looked at me, numbed with horror, and a single tear fell on its furry face.

"Save it!" a voice cried out in my head, "Help it!!"

I raised myself onto my wobbling knees.

"SAVE IT NOWWW!!!!!" the voice screamed, with so much pain that I blindly rushed forward in an attempt to help the poor monkey.

But I was so weak. My legs wobbled, my arms didn't had strength. My thin frail arms could not protect these poor babies, poor animal children whom their parents loved dearly too. The man shoved me backwards and I was flung against this metal cage. Ouch. My head throbbed.

He lifted the frozen monkey, and sliced off the monkey's face.

"NO!!!!!!! NO! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!" I burst out into tears. I was so afraid, not for myself, but for the animals in the cages. They were so helpless, and I was so helpless.

I began to weep, weeping and wailing and hating myself so much for not being able to stop the stupid terrible man. How could he? How could he enjoyed killing animals so much?

Then I woke up. Even then I kept crying. I kept seeing scenes of the animals being tortured. In my nightmare there were more animals tortured, but when I woke up, I only remembered two, the pig and the monkey.

I didn't feel relieved that it was a dream. I knew that somewhere, at this point of time, animals are being killed, for their body parts, for their skin.

It was dead horrendous.

Let's just stop all this okay? Stop killing the rhinos for their horns and the elephants for the tusks. I curse all of you who are in charge of killing animals, that you will go to hell and Satan will boil you in his pot and eat you.

What about eating the animals? I am going to sound like a hypocrite, but that cannot be helped. Whether we are vegetarians or not we are still hurting the animals directly and indirectly. I don't know. I don't know what to do. Someone tell me what to do.

Rant: How to deal with questions/ people you do not like + shocking things

Come to think of it, there are are really tons of annoying people out there. No seriously.

And no, I know what you are thinking, I am not one of them.

But then again who knows? Maybe someone out there is so kick ass jealous that I am having a blog and she does not? Nah kidding. Or maybe jealous that I have sparkly purple nail polish? That makes sense. Purple is pretty. Or simply just find me annoying because I am breathing.

So I was just lying there and sleeping when I suddenly thought of a perfectly brilliant way to deal with all the nonsense and nonsensical people who spouts all the nonsense in this world and try to drown us in them. And I must say it is a freaking brilliant way. =beams and glows=

Remember once before exam, I was asked by my friend if I had finished revising for my exams. I mean naturally, no! I have not. I am like at the rock bottom when it comes to  efficiency and stuff. So I told her no. Guess what that annoying digging person went?

Annoying digging person: No way what! You are like a mugger!
Me: No lar, I am mugger but too much things to do already, so have not finish.
Annoying digging person: Eh heh~~~ Cannot be lar, don't lie lar you.

WHAT WHAT WHAT??? Are you kidding me? I told you an honest reply and you are here testing my patience. gahhh.

So how should we deal with such?

Method 1:
Reply with "What do you think?"

And no, I did not copy it from the minister of education or whoever that minister is. A classmate of mine started using it long time ago, and I must say, it is a smart method!

"Have you finished revising?"

"What do you think?"

"I think you have finished"

"Think that way then."

AHA. Those annoying digging people will be totally pissed. I don't know why they go around asking that. I mean it is alright to ask if you want to see if you are lagging behind or something, but why are you arguing with me over whether ME, I have finished revising or not? Doesn't make sense right! Think they are just prying and gossipy. Like if you say you have finished revising, they will tell the world, "Pssst, Kira has finished her revision! So Kiasu right!"

Method 2:
Answer each question with a question of your own.

"Have you finished revising?"

"Why are you asking?"

"Just interested..hehe"

"Why are you interested?"

"Just asking, for fun."

"I don't find it fun, why ask?"

"Asking cannot meh?"

"Did I say cannot?"

"Why, you never reply and you act so angry!"

"Why must I reply to your question? And what makes you think that I am angry?"

Annoying digging person explodes from frustration and anger, raining little pieces of her cells all over the planet, which all form annoying digging people. Ugh. Maybe she will implode and diasappear?

Method 3:
Smile and say huh?


You won't offend anyone, and you won't be sued for murder by killing annoying  digging people because they implode or explode.

"Have you finished revising?"

"Huh?" =smiles=

"Have you finished revising?"

"Hmmm?" =smiles sweetly=

"Don't act dumb, I think you have finished."

"Huh....hmmm..." =smiles even more radiantly=

Maybe you will get punched in the face? You know what people say about people getting more agitated when you are calm?

Shocking Things

You know the girl with princess syndrome which I keep talking about? Two little boys younger than her, actually like her. You know in that lovey dovey way I think?

I know. I fainted too and got sent to the hospital.

And I woke up and saw red rain falling and saw pigs flying and waving at me while holding pink umbrellas. When I looked out of the hospital window, donkeys wore spectacles and were writing E= MC2 on the whiteboards floating in the air.

No kidding.

Why? Why? Why do people, or guys, even like people with princess syndrome? Like seriously? Are those boys mentally injured? Okay okay, maybe it is because they are despos who like all girls at the first glance. Why would I say that? Because they seem to falling head over heels over each girl that comes their way. And they are P6 mind you. Must be the PSLE that is messing with their poor teeny weeny brains. Praise the lord.

Now that I think about it, almost all the Korean drama or Taiwanese drama I watch have something wrong with the female lead. One or two have princess syndrome. Some are too whiny. Some are too quiet. Some are doormats. Some are evil. Some are freakingly dumbingly kind. Some are just spineless. Like Lee Gayoung in fashion king. No spine at all. Does whatever the two guys ask her to do. Redeeming quality? She is loyal. And pretty. And is a doormat. WHAT!

Why do people even like doormats!

Like whatever you say, they just act cute (pukes) and smile at you. Now I have to say Xiaxue is really very very correct. Precisely why I read her blog so much. I too start to think guys like shu nu, those have very little opinions of their own and just listen to whatever guys say. Like doormats. Shu nu are not doormats. Doormats are doormats. Doormats are pretty irritating. And it seems like rebonded hair is really one of those criteria. No kidding. I have natural wavy hair. Should I rebond it? I was already planning to rebond it, but now I don't feel like it, I sort of like my wavy hair. Hmmm.

Back to the topic, why do people even like princess syndromes! Sorry, why do people even like people with princess syndromes? It is like freaking annoying please. Can you imagine someone is all act dainty and selfish and behaves like she is the queen of unknown land all the time. Hais.

Am I jealous? HELL NO. I do not need little boys barely into puberty and is small enough to be my younger brother to like me. I should feel freaked if that happens. Okay maybe not freaked, but disturbed.

I do not like people with princess syndromes.

Roger that. And keep it in mind.


Moving on, my dad is such an evil ostrich egg.

The other day, he rushed into my room and passed me the phone like, "If someone calls, say I am not in!"

I took the phone and within the next half a second, a super scary ghost roared to life on the phone. The ghost is the one from the scary maze trick on youtube. Anyway I screamed and threw the phone back at him and yelled at him for the next few minutes.

How childish can my dad get!

He downloaded that dumb prank thing and tested it out on me, no less.


And I have only $16 dollars left after spending all my salary. -hukkk-

I am so broke.


Shopping with Mum! :D

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The first thing yesterday was that I got a TEN DOLLAR NTUC VOUCHER!!! I just spent 15 minutes doing this survey for this nice lady surveyor and I got my voucher! I was like damn please and happy? :D Like 10 dollar just fell from the sky ahahahaha. :D meheheheh. 

Cute stickies!

More Cute Stickies

Scotchy! :D

files. I am gonna get one of this in JC? :D

Drawers. I <3 drawers!

Love the Neon green one!

this freaking cup cost like 40 bucks?? -shocked-


AHA!! The eyeshadow palette that is really damn pretty! Want it. But I probably won't use such anyway. :(

Hada Labo free sample came! :D

The mini nail polish I got from Sasa, 2 for $3.50 :)

Free Sunplay sample!(:

Super pretty bands! Bought it at $2.50!

Yesterday I and my mom went out shopping and for dinner at Crystal Jade Restaurant. We bought tonnes of stuff. On the way back on the bus, I was sleeping on my mother’s shoulder and she went:
“Ooh, your head is so hot! I am going to cook ramen on your head and fry eggs on it too so as not to waste the heat energy.”
egg on head! :D

 Which was quite funny hehe.

Anyway love the stuff I bought! 

Pretty Sky(: (and me :D)

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Pretty Sky with fluffy clouds

Woah look at the lovely baby blue :D

Feel like a fairytale town with the little hut in the forest!

Streaky sky!

More Streaky Sky

I increased the exposure for this one I think?

Look at that =awe=

Love it!
Now I shall um add one or two picture of myself :D

To prevent goosebumps, I put medium versions. kay? 

I am featured in a Fashion Magazine! Kidding(:
My creative chicken sauce holder. :D Any multi-cut holder will do (:

G1 and refills for exams!

And my adorable pen, Jupiter. :D