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Of animals and men

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I was standing before these numerous cages of animals, each looking so terrified that I wanted to go in and hug them. They were all different types of animals, ranging from monkey to rhinoceros to elephants to cats and pigs and every other type of animals imaginable. They all shared the same mask of horror. Some of the animals were literally trembling, trembling so bad that their furry outlines were blurring.

"Why are you so scared?" I forced my voice to say. it came out in a croak.

The animals turned and looked at someone/something behind me.

I turned around and saw what they were looking at. A veil of dread, or numbing, paralyzing terror overwhelmed me, my throat constricted and I fell to my knees, gasping for breath but unable to do it.

I am hyperventilating, I thought, I cannot, there is no time to hyperventilate.

I had never seen that man in black before, but our first meeting told me one thing which I was so so sure of.

He was a killer and he had the blood of countless animals on his hands.

He smirked at me through the thick bush of his beard and raised his sharp knife. I screamed, but no sound came out. My heart was racing so fast that it felt like it was going to jump out of my mouth with that scream, but I couldn't hear myself, at all.

He open a cage, and dragged out a pig.

He smiled at me again, evilly, creepily, as though enjoying each moment of my terror.

And in one blindingly fast move, he had sliced off the snout of the pig. Blood splattered out everywhere as the pig squealed from the shocking pain. It must hurt...so so terribly that I felt a blinding jab of pain straight through my heart. I felt my face and it was wet. I was crying because I was so helpless and crying, because I felt so angry that I could not save these animals which I loved so much.

Before I could react, the man dragged out a monkey. The monkey looked at me, numbed with horror, and a single tear fell on its furry face.

"Save it!" a voice cried out in my head, "Help it!!"

I raised myself onto my wobbling knees.

"SAVE IT NOWWW!!!!!" the voice screamed, with so much pain that I blindly rushed forward in an attempt to help the poor monkey.

But I was so weak. My legs wobbled, my arms didn't had strength. My thin frail arms could not protect these poor babies, poor animal children whom their parents loved dearly too. The man shoved me backwards and I was flung against this metal cage. Ouch. My head throbbed.

He lifted the frozen monkey, and sliced off the monkey's face.

"NO!!!!!!! NO! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!" I burst out into tears. I was so afraid, not for myself, but for the animals in the cages. They were so helpless, and I was so helpless.

I began to weep, weeping and wailing and hating myself so much for not being able to stop the stupid terrible man. How could he? How could he enjoyed killing animals so much?

Then I woke up. Even then I kept crying. I kept seeing scenes of the animals being tortured. In my nightmare there were more animals tortured, but when I woke up, I only remembered two, the pig and the monkey.

I didn't feel relieved that it was a dream. I knew that somewhere, at this point of time, animals are being killed, for their body parts, for their skin.

It was dead horrendous.

Let's just stop all this okay? Stop killing the rhinos for their horns and the elephants for the tusks. I curse all of you who are in charge of killing animals, that you will go to hell and Satan will boil you in his pot and eat you.

What about eating the animals? I am going to sound like a hypocrite, but that cannot be helped. Whether we are vegetarians or not we are still hurting the animals directly and indirectly. I don't know. I don't know what to do. Someone tell me what to do.


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