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Of Pretty Pictures and "Be Yourself Day" horror 2

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 To begin with, I downloaded some picture editing softwares and decided to snap a picture of my deskie Jocelyn and edit it. I made her super pretty lor! She should thank me to no end muhahahah!

Jocelyn the Chio! :D  A bit act cute arh...

Super pretty wrist bands! Bought for $2.50 at Chameleon in Jurong Point!

Everything looks pretty when soft and dreamy!

The one extreme of dressing up.
 Huiting (left) was dressed up as some Deathnote character, you guys should know, I don't because I am never interested in Deathnote unless people really die when you write their names down. You guys better pray that I don't land my hands on the notebook, or human population might become extinct. -winks- Nah, kidding. I will probably murder terrible people first, like rapists and murderers. OKAY, MAYBE I DON'T WANT THE NOTEBOOK. Too much of responsibility.

 Anlin (right) was supposed to keep to the theme of hollywood or some red carpet diva I can't remember. I just remember myself going blank when I saw her. Teehee.

To the people in the photo, sorry I took this picture from your facebook, and I will credit you kay? Picture is from Huiting's facebook I think. And if you don't like your face shown, please let me know and I will mosaic the face/ remove the photo. But please let me put lar, or BYD very boring. :D

No comments. Wyin is pretty, Anlin looks scary and Huiting's expression looks like >o< literally.
Chio Ting ting left, Wyin right.
Photo credits: facebook of Huiting and Wyin.
Please let me know if you want your face mosaic-ed or pictures removed. :'( -sniffles-

So why I no put my own picture?

The only picture I took was with Awesome Sophia...and after tonnes of photo effect, we looked brilliant...okay Sophia kept her brilliance through while me looks a teeny wee better, Sophia said that if I wanted to use it on meh blog, I must mohhhhhhshack her faceee. I was too lazy to do so, so no pics of myself. Too bad. I mean there are enough chio people around, and I will just cause the chio meter to explode if I add my own. No. Kidding. YOU KNOW I AM FREAKING NOT PHOTOGENIC!!!

The other extreme of BYD was just wearing school uniform.

Did I tell you that I really dislike one of my primary school classmate? That morning of BYD, I passed by her class while going to my own, and she was sitting on the table, and ACTING chio. Like act sexy and act pretty totally lar. Maybe I sour grape, but walao eh, the way she look at me made me want to run into her class, grab her by her stub of a hair and fling her out of the window onto a spear. :D So I was looking around for a banana to attack her with.

And guess what?

Suddenly, a hedgehog appeared with a banana on its back and I took it! The banana was squishy and ugly and full of holes from the spikes on the hedgehog's prickly back, but ugly bananas for ugly girls mah. I flung the banana at the act chio person and the banana hit her with a resounding SMACK.

It burst open.



Nah, it was just my imagination. Booohoo. No ugly banana, no hedgehog, and definitely no maggots. :'(

Kay lar. A bit sian to blog so much. So byebye and just drool yourself to death over pretty [] girls. HAHA!


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