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Shopping with Mum! :D

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The first thing yesterday was that I got a TEN DOLLAR NTUC VOUCHER!!! I just spent 15 minutes doing this survey for this nice lady surveyor and I got my voucher! I was like damn please and happy? :D Like 10 dollar just fell from the sky ahahahaha. :D meheheheh. 

Cute stickies!

More Cute Stickies

Scotchy! :D

files. I am gonna get one of this in JC? :D

Drawers. I <3 drawers!

Love the Neon green one!

this freaking cup cost like 40 bucks?? -shocked-


AHA!! The eyeshadow palette that is really damn pretty! Want it. But I probably won't use such anyway. :(

Hada Labo free sample came! :D

The mini nail polish I got from Sasa, 2 for $3.50 :)

Free Sunplay sample!(:

Super pretty bands! Bought it at $2.50!

Yesterday I and my mom went out shopping and for dinner at Crystal Jade Restaurant. We bought tonnes of stuff. On the way back on the bus, I was sleeping on my mother’s shoulder and she went:
“Ooh, your head is so hot! I am going to cook ramen on your head and fry eggs on it too so as not to waste the heat energy.”
egg on head! :D

 Which was quite funny hehe.

Anyway love the stuff I bought! 


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