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Fashion King, Lee Ga Young Style

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Hi Potatoes!

This blog post is more or less about Lee Ga Young's (Shin Se Kyung) fashion in Fashion King! I love the drama and some of their clothes are quite cool!

First of all, I love Ga Young's shoes! They are those half sports shoes half wedges like kind of shoes, which is really very cool and increases your height while giving one a spunky look! The best part is that the heels are not as obvious as your daily wedges and heels etc and makes you look like it is your real height!

Image source: http://www.trendyoutfitter.com/ (copy righted, I will remove on request)

Yup. I know this one the heels are more obvious, but I think it is really cool. You can purchase these from http://www.trendyoutfitter.com. 
I will post a picture of Ga Young's shoes for comparison tomorrow morning! :)


Okay okay, I am a little lazy to hunt for Ga Young's reclusive shoes, but you guys know the episode  where she tried to steal fabric and almost fell? That part zoomed in on her shoes, which is really very cool. :D

Next for Ga Young's style, she likes to wear loose fabrics which hides her figure most of the time when she is alone with Young Gul. Then she has that amazing hot pink blazer with the open neck blouse which she wore when visiting Jae Hyuk to be his designer temporarily. Really cool fashion, but the pink is quite a shocking shade. I think it can only be pulled off by her fair skin and beauty~ !

Okay okay I changed my mind. I will go around and hunt for Ga Young's clothes and fashion when I am more free kay? Now I should go study for my terrible exams. D:


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