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How did memes come about?

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1. Quote of the Day

"Some things in life are easier said than done, but some things in life are easier done than said."--Toni Rae
 That is pretty true. And that was a pretty cool quote. 
I think we all have different understanding on that one, but to me, it is about how somethings can be easily spoken about but hard to be done, others easy to be done but hard to speak of. I am still mulling over it, so maybe I will talk about it even more later on? 

2. How memes came about 

 I am sure all of you by now would know what is a meme, but have you ever thought about how memes come about? I don't know the real history, but this idea of how memes came about suddenly popped into my head.

So one day, this guy was sitting at home, feeling super sian and useless since he was just fired from his job as a gigolo since the boss was very very angry that he refused to service the ladies with his eyes open. Yup. So he went about servicing everyone with his eyes closed which caused many many disasters. The guy, let's call him Bang, was very angry since he couldn't see (haha see the pun!) what is wrong with servicing with his eyes closed. He decided to make mean comics of his boss and put them online. 

As we know, Bang enjoyed doing things with his eyes closed, which is terrible, and he made some terrible drawings that were even worse than primary school standards. He was so angry that he doodled a horrifying face on a paper. 

Rage face!
  "Hey, what are you doing?" asked Bang's younger brother, Boom.

Boom was an aspiring artist and learnt all sorts of art. Bang tried to hide the picture, but Boom snatched it out of his hand before Bang could. Boom burst out laughing at the ugly drawing. Bang got defensive immediately.

"What is this supposed to be!" guffawed Boom

"It...it..it is dadaism!" Bang thought of the word at the last second.

"Dadaism? Wait a second....that is sort of possible!" Boom decided and began to upload that ugly drawing on the net.

As we all know, not the net is all occupied by people without much of a art gene like myself and everyone felt that the ugly rage face was a piece of art. Bang drew more and more and uploaded all the terrible drawings and that began the era of the memes.

So why is there a Yao Ming "female dog please" meme?

Bang was a very very short man by nature, even shorter than you and I. But he loved basketball. He tried to applied for NBA but the coached kicked him in the ass so hard that he flew to mars and stay there for a week. Meanwhile, Yao Ming did well int he team since he was sooooo tall. 

Since then, Bang hated Yao Ming.

End of story.

#Disclaimer: All characters and stories are purely fictional apart from Yao Ming. No insults intended towards anyone with the name of Bang, Boom and Yao Ming. :D


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