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Rant: Should I close this blog?

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Apparently, this blog is doing pretty decently compared to my personal blog which I kept since secondary one. In a period of one week, I already have 700+ view where most of them came from myself, I strongly suspected. But that's not the point, the point is that my mum got to know about my blog and she was really disturbed by my rant on thick-skinned people. She said I sounded selfish and spoiled.

That made me reflect and re-read that post.

That post did sound a little bit harsh, I guess, but I was in a fit of anger when I posted it.

My mum pointed out that if I was going to be a doctor or anything like that in the future, I had to learn to be selfless. If a patient needing treatment badly were to come in and ask for help, would I give it?

My answer was: of course I would.

Why? Wasn't I supposed to be selfish? Isn't Kira supposed to a super duper mean witch who refuses to help her little juniors? You got it wrong laddie.

I will specify this once and for all.

I am selfish ONLY when it comes to the things I spent hours/years producing and people try to take it away from me without giving me any credit. 

Like borrowing all the work that I have done in the past to copy. People from school would know that the syllabus is very often just tweaked here and there and not changed entirely. So are the worksheets.

If you cannot understand my indignant at people enjoying the fruits of my labor, imagine this few scenarios:
  1. You are  a fashion designer and you have just designed your latest series of clothes. Then your good friend came along to look at the designs. After that your friend unleashed that very very similar designs as yours, which you knew for sure was yours. How would you feel?
  2. You have worked for days and nights writing a report. Then your supervisor took your report and pretended that he wrote it and took all the credit for himself and pretended you did nothing. How would you feel
So you see my point?

If you ask my friends, I think I am quite unselfish and generous when it comes to other things. Like if you ask me to help you with your homework and stuff. No prob hey. I can even stay back after school to help you. Or if you need me to edit your essay for you. I will do it too. Or maybe you are not free to go for lunch, I can go down and buy food for you. Or maybe you lost your worksheet and we have exam tomorrow, and I will send you pictures of my worksheet immediately for you to start revising. I am okay with all these. My time, my money and my brain.

What I am not okay with is when people use your "things" and don't give you credit for it. I mean we all have to give others credit. That is why we have bibliography and in text referencing right? I don't see how my juniors/anyone who took my stuff are going to accredit their essays/work to me, from whom they took information from to reference. It doesn't really feel fair right?

On a lighter tone, and to further justify, everyone should do work themselves.

That statement just make me hang my head in shame because I once asked for an essay from my senior considering how I didn't know how to write it, and read hers. Naturally I couldn't credit her since it was supposed to be a timed trial. Hey, I will try my best not to do it again kay?

Back to the point about doing your work for yourself, I am hundred percent behind it. We all start as learners who know nothing. There is no one to guide you out there forever. I mean there is a quote saying that "when you are in the dark, even your shadow forsakes you". Be independent and rely on yourself. Ask for help when you need it, but don't take it for granted. And most of all try. There is no point not trying.

Walt Disney once said, "Whether you think you can or you can't, you are right."

Also, I don't plan to close down this blog. I am not planning to start any controversies like Xiaxue, my favourite blogger, did, and this blog is just going to contain the musings of mine. If you guys don't plan to read it, it is fine. I shall just take down the interesting things along my life. :)

By for now. And I won't be blogging so much anymore because my exams are coming. Till then keep faith and thanks for reading. :D


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