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The Start of Fashion!

I have planned for a long time to start my own fashion blog, because I thought that I have quite a decent fashion sense most of the time...note, most of the time, and I guess I want to have this blog to keep track of how my fashion changes over time. :D I guess I won't only be doing fashion here but also other things like skin care and beauty, but sometimes I am really just wondering why the heck I am writing when I am sure no one ever reads this anyway. But then again, I shall do this for funnnnn! Teehees everyone, your very own Fashion King, Kira (I am not going to use my own name), is born!! Now if blog reading is truly an interactive experience, you will be hearing drumrolls and claps of thunder and the whole nation rising in awe at the birth of a "Pashion Wang". That's right. Considering how late it is today, I am going to blog tomorrow I suppose....and maybe I will include some rants on my daily life here and there...but well well...we will see. This blog is going to make me happy and make me feel professional about me studying fashion and trends at such a *cough* young age. :D


  1. Hey there, nice blog! (: Looking forward to seeing more fashion tips. Keep blogging yeah (:

  2. Haha yay! :D Thanks for the comment! :)

  3. stalker dude is not from nanyang. he lives in yewtee choachu kang. so he is a strangerJune 20, 2012 at 1:09 PM

    weee fashion


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