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Rant: Thick Skinned People

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Come to think of it, many people are bloody thick skinned. They SHAMELESSLY demand stuff and things from you that they have no right to ask of you, and when you 1. give them and they ask for more, 2. refuse them and they call you selfish. I have a few brilliant examples with me and each time I think of it, I just explode from their shamelessness in making such horrific demands.

First on the thick skinned are two of my juniors. Just because they have some "jiao qing" (relationships) with my mother, they (the mothers) expect me to take care of their bloody children in school and help them with their school work. They even go to the extent of coming to my home and asking me to give me all my school stuff so they can start studying in advance and do well. LIKE WHAT THE SHIT? Why should I even do that for you? I am not Saint Lucia Sama! (and do you realise that there is a country called Saint Lucia?) Who are you to me for me to actually put down my busy school work, dig among my storage boxes and find you my stuff? All me non-existent readers out there are going to be like "Dear lord, Kira, you are so selfish." And guess what?

Bingo, you are right.

I am pretty selfish when it comes to my experience and things that I have learned after I poured in so much sweat and (blood)?

Okay away from digressing, I just bloody hate (bloody is the word today:P) those shameless people who expect so much help from other people. One of the aforementioned junior's mother still kiasu kiasi come to my house and went through my collection of stuff and books and TAKE PICTURE OF EVERY SINGLE ONE TO BUY FOR HER DAUGHTER. Go boil your head lar you. Why should I even tell you what assessment books to buy? Just because my mother is your friend? That doesn't make me your friend! I am selfish especially with my study tactics and stuff so if you know what I really detest, go rot in shark fins soup so poor sharky don't have to die.

But being the really nice person I am, I sat down with that parent for two hours, and twice I might say, to tell her what are the useful books and what she should get. No one did this for me when I just went to secondary school. I spent like several hundred over dollars to get a variety of books. Trial and Error. Your life cannot just be lived by following in the steps of others. Others hate it when you try to use the foods of their hard work so relaxedly. I hate it for one.

Okay, after that several hours I spent with that parent of the bloody whiner, well you guess it. I guess me being all saintly and helping them once despite my selfish personality has given them the free ticket to come and go out of my house to irritate me with dumbass questions whenever they like. I am not even receiving money for it. Okay maybe she bought me some gifts every now and then, but well bring your gifts back. Those are bribes. I hate being bribed. HRMMMPH.

One conversation between me and parent one:

P: This thing need to buy or not? -referring to paint set-
M: don't buy also can lar. You have liao then don't buy lar, don't have then buy lar.
P: Eh I think it is time for my sweetie (yuck) to get a new paint set.
M: Ok then buy lor.
P: but very ex leh.

I want to freaking punch a hole through her face, jumping George Bush. :O:O I so nice sit there with you and you waste my time wondering whether you should buy a paint set?!? Like just buy lar! Or don't buy? So hard to decide meh? Not even like marrying your daughter off to some random guy so must think hard hard. And why I sound so broken english? Must be the anger. Tsk.

Okay then that same parent, because she is friends with my mom, took away my calligraphy set and a brush for her daughter. That I had actually intended to give to my dear cousin Ella, but well never mind, I can still look past that. Here comes the irritating part, the most shameless part:

She expects me to take care of her daughter during CCA and help her when she meets a problem.

I wouldn't have minded so much if her daughter was like those nice little girls who are all sweet and quiet, but this one is a jabberjay. An irritating one for drama's sake. And yes, it is the same one from my "selfish people rant", the one with the princess syndrome.


During CCA, she pretends to be nice to all the seniors by being super high and hug everyone (ugh). My classmates who were in the CCA were freaking shocked. They were like O_O!! when she just hugged them. And now they are steering clear of her. So was I. She embarrassed me to no end with her act cuteness. I wonder if I am being  a cyber bully by writing this, but then decided that I was not since I didn't mention any names. Besides, she should know that this is annoying so stop being annoying. That's why you don't have much friends in class, my dear. Don't be so selfish and expect others to take care of you and sayang you all the time. You are secondary one, grow up. And I don't hate you so much, hate is for people with more spine, but I will appreciate it if you can grow up and become more mature.

Okay, moving on to shameless person no 2.

This parent has been my mother's so called friend for quite a while, and while she pretends to be nice, both my mother and I know that she is a lying calculating...bi....BIRD. No no don't insult animals. You are a Bismuth. That is a element right? okay, you are a bismuth.

So her daughter lucky lucky get into NY, she boasts to everywhere, and tried to ask my mother to give her my study materials for secondary one. Since she was sec one, I was sec two, she was sort of planning to use me to survive through each year, the mother implied. HO HO! What makes her think that I was going to be a willing step ladder? Hrrrmph. So my mother politely refused to give her the things, saying that I had given someone else. Guess what?

Shameless people just doesn't change.

She asked again when she was secondary two, and I secondary three.

What the hell?

Like seriously? Who are you to me that you actually expect this kind of treatment from me? For me to take care of all your children, to give you my notes, to guide you in your schoolwork? I just hate these type of presumptuous people who live like others are supposed to give them help. I did receive a lot of help from my seniors, but I must say that I was never such a idiot like you guys. When i tried to ask  for notes and it didn't work, I stopped. I studied on my own. You guys should too. No one has the duty or responsibility to help you or guide you but you and yourself. You cannot live your life waiting for things and help to come your way.

The more I think about this kind of things, the more unjustified I feel. I acknowledge that there are some people out there who are really kind and all and don't mind helping you, but I am sorry I am not one of those people. I bloody hate it when people read my essay which I spend hours crafting. Why? I spent countless hours writing an essay, and you just what "can I photocopy your essay?" HELL NO. Freak you. Sorry this is the first time on this blog I am being so vulgar (I replaced the F word), but you deserve it. Hrrrmph.

Yeah yeah I am going to get lots of, "she is so selfish", "why she so stingy with her stuff". Whatever. Your head is yours. I don't give a hoot what you think I am like. I know I am nice, I know some people think like this too even though they will never say this out loud, but I think all you shamless folks out there need to know when to stop asking so much. Hrrrmph.

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  1. hwa chong so fantasic babyJune 20, 2012 at 12:57 PM

    since u are giving people tuition, she shld charge them money. I dun get free tuition


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