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Doll Trend

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Well, as you can see, it seems like looking like a living doll is the trend.

The mother states that she doesn't mind her daughter looking like that since it is not like she is getting pregnant or getting herself drunk, so thumbs up for the mum. But the immense amount of make-up on a young girl? Venus says she does her make-up everyday, no less. I do makeup once in a very blue moon? So far I only did it 5 times or less in my whole life, if you want to count me learning how to put on eyeshadows.

I am not posting this to criticize, and I don't see why so many people are hating on her, because whether she wants to be a doll or a cat or a rabbit or a banana is her own choice and her own matter. So long she is happy with it, well hoorays for all. One thing for sure is that is that she does good tutorials judging from the number of likes on her video. But there are still many who are not interested by such. I belong in the latter, sadly.

One thought that crosses my mind?

This is pretty weird.

Definition of weird? Something we don't see everyday. Doesn't have to be terrible, but just out of the ordinary.

So my ambition is going to be a tree. I am growing up and becoming a tree. Why not? Being dolls are okay and being a tree is not? Don't discriminate, trees are awesome and green and they have feelings too. I give you oxygen somemore leh. So much love trees.

How to become a tree?
  1. Plant yourself into a suitable ground/pot. You can choose to be a potted plant too
  2. Water yourself.
  3. Stay stationary.
  4. Photosynthesize.
 If I fail to become a tree, I am  going to try and become a chipmunk. Don't stop me, because chipmunks are happy creatures. :D


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