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Given that there are only three days and less left before school starts again, my life is now in a turmoil or confusion. I am not really sure how far has my revision gone and stuff, and I guess I will go with the flow. Maybe when school reopens I have more interesting stuff to blog about, like backstabbing girlfriends and gossipy people? Haha nah kidding.

So I always sit on the bus in the morning,  and in my groggy state I would kind of wish that you know something fun and romantic would happen. *cough* Like how Taemin suddenly pop up out of nowhere and sit next to me and yay we talk! No lar, my mind is so much dirtier than that, but cleaner than what you are thinking. I will probably like trick him into becoming my boyfriend muhahahhahas. But I think Taemin will scram, boohooos. But buses can really be romantic, like way more romantic than your MRT trains where aunties try to chase you out of the seat and still scold you when you have already given it up. Precisely why I don't sit in those priority seats. Not worth the hassle afterwards where a post-menstrual old lady comes along and yaps at you. Hrmmmph.

OH YES. I always wanted to be a power ranger -cough- =gags=

=shock faces in the audience=

Don't be so surprised, power rangers kick ass. Like their martial arts and kungfu and fighting skills are seriously daebak (the best). Not to mention sexy. For the girls category, I worship Tori from Power Rangers Ninja Storm, who is played by actress Sally Hansen? I think. Can't remember. I alos like Kira (haha, see where I got my pseudonym from?) from Power Rangers Dino Thunder. But she is not as hot as Tori because why? I don't know, Tori is like my craze.

 This is  for you lazy bums:

Tori (from Ninja Storm)

More Tori for myself muhahahas

Okay, so if I like Tori SO MUCH why don't I name my blogger name after her then? No way. I tried to use that name when I was like Primary 2 in my tuition center, and guess what happened?

Teacher: Who is this? =waves my worksheet around=
Me: =squints= Oh it's mine!
Teacher: When did you change your name?
Me: Ah it is my English name.
Teacher: ahh, Toilet is your english name?

There is a difference between Tori and Toilet okay.

(.___.) my reaction then.

Yeah I freaking love power rangers. So much swag when they morph, but I don't understand why they take so long to morph and pose. Like why don't the baddies attack them while they are going "ninja storm, ranger form!! Hah!"??

So if you are planning to watch power rangers, and you love hot girls/guys, I suggest you watch Power Rangers Ninja Storm first. The cast is damn awesome looking, and their training uniform kick ass. Not to mention their sensei is a guinea pig for animal lovers.

My Ranking of Power Ranger Shows:
  1. Ninja Storm
  2. Dino Thunder
  3. Jungle Fury
  4. Space Police Delta (SPD)
  5. Mystic Force
AND NO MORE. I freaking hate what Mighty Morphing or what not. And Turbo Powers. And Samurai. NOT FUN AT ALL. Not to mention that Turbo Powers and Mighty Morphins are like freaking outdated with their videos at the lowest possible resolution. People are not good looking, and yeah it is just lame, in my opinion. If you don't agree with me then how? BOOOHOO too bad. Read someone else's blog where the person loves Turbo. Oh yeah I forgot to mention I don't like Wild Force either. Tooo outdated. Eeesh.

Repeat after me:
Ninja Storm Rocks
Ninja Storm Rocks
Ninja Storm Rocks
Ninja Storm Rocks
Ninja Storm Rocks

Okay that's enough. If you don't like it, well you have no taste. Too bad.

Okay, another revelation.

I always wanted to be a Pokemon trainer.

=shock gasps from readers, whispers of "is she nuts?"=

No I am not nutty. I am sure tonnes of people want to be pokemon trainers but are way too shy/embarrassed to say it. Pokemon freaking rocks. Like what's there not to like about a Squirtle who can provide you with water wherever you go? You don't even have to bring a water bottle.

Anyway if Pokemons do exist, then there wouldn't be pollution.


Think you, caterpillar, think.
  1. Charlizards would be used instead of airplanes. We can save our oil resources and all that metal used to build airplanes.
  2. We won't worry about water running out, since we have so much water in the water pokemons, unless the water pokemons have to drink a riverful before being able to squirt.
  3. Hey we don't even need stoves! Cook your food on Charmander's tail!
  4. We won't need bulldozers. Onix can do it, no sweat.
  5. Flowers and plants? Hand it over to Bulbasaur and Vileplume and all the grass pokemons.
See my point? But the sad thing is many people would lose their jobs when Mr Mime takes over their jobs as roadside sweepers and table cleaners. Or maybe Mr Mime will even become a doctor and steal my future dream job.

Dream job? No. I am scared of dead bodies and ghosts. And I strongly suspect that each hospital has its fair share of ghosts.

Back to the point about me being a pokemon trainer, it is probably because I was always bullied in Primary School, so I wished to have a charlizard. I think it was my favourite pokemon then, because I can sit on it and fly to school! Also because anyone who bullied me would be roasted by dear charizard. Then I would have free roasted meat! :D And I can save money. Then I will be rich. Then I can buy a mansion. Then I can get more Pokemons. And I WILL DOMINATE THE WORLD MUAHAHHAAS.

Lord, Kira must be losing her mind.

This is going to end abruptly because I want to read Xiaxue's blog, so bye pals. -waves-

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  1. Charizard?
    Nothing a trusty sniper rifle(how about one with a 2km range and power enough to kill a tank)can't handle^^


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