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Dust Bunny

Have you guys ever seen a dust bunny before? It is freaking disgusting I tell you. And no, it is not a cute fluffy bunny but  a bundle of dust curled together into a GIANT LUMP.  -shudders in horror-

So this is how I met my dust bunny. (mine??? No it is not mine! -hrrrmph!!!-)

I was lazing around on bed and kicking my feet around and swimming around on my bed when my fingers touched something INCREDIBLY FURRRY...and FLUFFY.

Gypsy Curse
-furry and fluffy I say-
Since  I have no pets at home currently, I immediately thought it is rodent of some sort and screamed my poor gall bladder out. I swear that my gall bladder almost burst with that shriek and my mum who was sitting next to me and printing some stuff for her work literally jumped in her seat. :O :O After my long bloodcurdling shriek, I jumped up on bed and kicked the pillow aside like a martial arts master and guess what?

It was  a yucky, grey ball of DUST!

 I have never seen such a well formed and disgusting and shuddery dust bunny in my whole life okay! It was just gross to the extreme. :O :O

So I was just sitting there and gaping at the dust uttering nonsense like oh my jumping Obama, oh my flying Clinton when my mum promptly grabbed the dust bunny by its imaginary ear and SHRRROOOMM...it was out of the window before I could say "prata". So then, no pictures of the dust bunny for you guys.

So if you guys see a grey flat round patch of dust that is exceedingly well formed and about the size of a hmmm let's see a giant's pimple, pls call me and return the dust bunny to me. It is not dearly missed, but I do want a photo of it for this blog. :D Poor dustie tumbled down nineteen floors and must have disintegrated.

And I was wondering how it even got under my pillow int he first place. Did a rodent rolled a ball of disgusting fur and stuck it there to celebrate the opening of my second blog? :D

hehe. So long, dust bunng!


  1. rafflesinstitution knightJune 20, 2012 at 1:29 PM

    Gib mi the dust


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