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My First Crush

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My first crush was a terrible failure to be very honest. Not that he was a failure, but my an-lianing (secretly-liking) was completely failed. Or maybe a complete success, since I liked him for one year by myself and no-one found out at all, apart from my mum whom I told. So it depends on how you look at it.  I liked him in Primary Six, the busiest time of a primary school kid's life.
"He must never know that I like him", yup, I told myself that. Photo credit: http://www.polyvore.com/
Hey, I thought he was the best looking person on planet earth! Like shouldn't it be this way?

He was pretty smart too. I could even feel sort of inferior around him, which is probably why I never did say anything? The pretty sad thing was, he never did notice me either, despite me doing so well in class and topping in several subjects. And that's saying something, right?

Okay, here comes the serious stalkerish side of me. GOD WHY AM I EVEN TELLING EVERYONE THIS????

Anyway, I just keep looking at him during lessons lar. Lord I feel so perverted saying all this. He was really damn good looking to me, but my mother saw the class photos and were like, "He has small eyes." >__< 

No he does not look like Brock from Pokemon.

Hey you, I like you! Image source: shutterstock.com

During assembly, I would wait around until I see him coming in, then purpose loiter and sit somewhere near. And watch him. And watch. God I am cringing from how disgustingly obsessed I am. Then when I am alone I will just think about how hot he is.

He was popular among his own friends, and I believed other girls liked him too. I think the only interactions we had in class was through this dumb ass club/society thing I made with Janice called Dumbledore's army. =___= I know I know it's so lame, but because we were so in love with Harry Potter that we had to be Hermione and all to make us feel shiok. We even had little round casino tags to resemble the coins they used to communicate. I was Mad-eye Moody, because Mad-eye kicks ass muhahahaha.

Okay, back to the story, I was kind of vainly hoping that this crush of mine would actually like me. I am not even sure till today, but I doubt he does since he didn't even accept my Facebook friend request! Pretty disappointing, eh? But never mind, crush, screw you and you are tasteless because I am so much better looking and sexier than I was in Primary School, and even if you grovel on your knees for me to like you now, I won't! HRRMPH.

 Yeah, your guess was right. I was very very very x (infinite times) nerdy in primary school. From my hair to my specs to the things I used to all my stuff. Lord wonders how I live through all those nerdiness. My only joy is when I top my level each year and get 2 subject prizes, one for science and one for English. But that crush of mine never did like me, I think.

There was once when he was giving out books and balanced mine on my head, and I got all hyper and self-delusional when I got home, and did badly for my mum's test paper and had to do another.
He placed the book on my head.

There was another time where he told me he was bored and asked me to write him something in the journal of Dumbledore's army. I told him I scored a -10/100 for my Chinese spelling so I should stay focused. But I was all happy because hey, what can be happier than you crush taking note of you?

Okay, while I was typing this cringe-worthy post, my younger brother (god-brother) came bouncing in and start saying that my blog is too vulgar, and "what you are going to blog about your first crush?"


"HAHAHAHA You are going to write about your first crush!!!" embarrassing me more than ever.

Maybe someday when I become like one of the more renowned bloggers around here, then my first crush will read this and realize that it is him I am talk about, and will come to me and this will happen:

C: Hey! I read your blog! And was the crush me?
M: yeah it was about you.
C: did you really liked me that much then?
M: Yeah I did, but no longer.
C: I liked you too! Let's hang out?
M: HANG YOUR INTESTINE LAR YOU. Xiang dang nian (remembering that year) you flirt with all the girls in class and didn't even take notice of me, now you want to hang out with me?
C: Aiyo, why so Haolian? Let's just be friends!
M: Whaaa one moment you want to hang clothes other moment want to be friends? Naega manmanhae? (korean: Am I that easy?) I rather hang with my loyal and nice friend Leon lor.
C: Kay, you will regret this, because you know you still love me!!-dances around-
M: No, I liked you once, but not anymore. -punches crush in the face-

Yes. This is the way.

And it is a desire of mine to be a secret agent for some terrorist group known as Flying Pigs. Nah kidding. But agents are cool beans.

Byebye everyone.

I hope my crush doesn't read this. :O


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