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Some updates(:

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I realized I haven't blogged in a while.

I suppose it won't be entirely true to say that I am so busy that I cannot spend half to one hour blogging, it is more of the fact that I usually pre-blog the post out in my head to see if I like how it sounds, and it usually results in two things:

  1. I really really like the way it sounds in my head, but then I can't write it down instantly since I am usually on the bus, and by the time I have access to computer, the excitement over my imaginary post has died down. Has anyone ever mentioned that passion is very important?
  2. I don't like the way it sounds in my head.
Sometimes I do sit down to write a post, only to stop enjoying what I am writing halfway (Man, that could be like a thousand words or so sometimes), and then I decide to scrape it all because I don't want to share things that I have lost interest in.

Okay anyways, I decided to rant a little bit. Again about things that some how tickle my nerves. Which I just saw somewhere to remind me how much I dislike it.

1. I don't really like daylight saints, or extreme saints. Yes, probably because I am the Wicked Witch of the West (wooh! that actually sounds cool, like WWOW) and I dislike anything cheerful and sunshiny and overtly warm and fluffy because I keep having the feeling that there would be a duality. Like you know, what is underneath all those sunshine? More sunshine? Where are the clouds? Ah, I am a freaking cynic and I love it. 

So it is like whenever I watch TV, and there are these saints riding around on their moral high horses and inundating the world with their high principles, I sit on my couch rolling my eyes so hard that if it could do a 360 swivel, it would. And saints preach almost the same thing, "Forgive and forget." Forget them saints, listen to WWOW, forgive but don't forget, who knows when you will get cheated and hurt again?

2. I really don't like Instagram and its wagon of stupid HASHTAGS. I would have hash-tagged that but thanks to the marvellous virus that my computer is suffering from, it is locking down my hashtag and I cannot hashtag. 

On a sidenote, it screwed up every other keyboard punctuation apart from my comma and fullstop and my apostrophe. *yells in frustration*

I think I have a teeny little right to announce my distaste for Instagram because I have used it before, and therefore I cannot be accused of "not giving it a chance". It is like, the App itself is not that bad, apart from the fact that it is like a virtual Vanity Fair with stuff like OOTD (Outfit of the day) and what LOTD (look of the day) and whatnots. It is like this constant grovelling for attention from others to assure oneself of one's existence (as rightly sited by a comprehension that I did). Another thing is that almost every photo looks the same. It is like the same boring filters applied and reapplied and called art, which is a bit like bleargh because I rather look at a normal ugly photo than one that looks like every other "artsy photo".

3. I really dislike the "internet language" or the "internet slang". It is like why would anyone spell things in an awkward and really non-fashionable manner when it can be spelt properly. My pet peeves include:

Come - cum (seriously it is just one alphabet, and it changes the whole meaning)
Sorry - soz (or something I cannot remember)
Cry - Crey (WHY? WHY? Why add a letter and make it alien?)
What - Whut (okay not the most annoying, since the latter does ascribe a tone of annoyance and agitation to the word)
Mixing in all kinds of numbers to replace words

I can't recall anymore at the top of my head, but I really would prefer conversations to be written in understandable English. Not that we have to spell everything exactly like,

"I have to finish up my homeowork, will talk to you later okay? Or see you tomorrow!"

I mean, this is still understandable:

" I've to finish my hw, ttyl kay? Cya tmr!"

Like just some alterations don't even shorten the word, so I don't even know why people do it.

Anyways, I originally intended to type more, but then I realised I still have not done my Chem home-based learning work (HBL) , so I have to scoot off and do it. Gah, me thinks that HBL is very pointless, and sometimes I imagine that it is the school's way of feeling less guilty about giving us a break. But then we are really shortchanged because I am pretty sure we DO NOT have all the subject lessons even on a school day, so why must HBL include all the subjects? Can't nobody take a break aish.

And, angst angst, three (and half, but really half doesn't count) weeks to blocks and I have not started revision. Lord bless inefficiency. I crey cry.
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I suppose sometimes it is eye-opening to look around the real world than to live in my own make-belief one. I witness things that are vastly different from my imagination, I get disappointed, I learn, I realized that hey, fiction remains fiction, while facts don't change.

So a spin around the world, suddenly makes me appreciate many things, many people, many qualities better.

It made me relieved that I haven't sunken in too far to pull myself out of it, and that I am still clear-headed enough to tell myself where to draw the lines.

Maybe being a spectator is always better than being a participant.

Not everything has to be learnt through experience; we can learn it through witnessing.