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Curél Sebum Care

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Did you know that sebum build-up in your skin can cause your skin to become more alkaline and lead to skin problems in the long run?

Not only so, it is also a key cause of acne and spots on the skin as the sebum can aggregate with the dirt on your skin to clog your pores, causing inflammation.

If you suffer from relatively oily skin like I do, why not consider Curel's new Sebum care series?

Curel Sebum Care Series - Face wash, lotion and moisture gel
What we probably did not know is that oily skin and sensitive skin often comes together, and not exclusively. This makes me realize why in the past when I used certain face washes, they may feel quite rough on the skin and causes the skin to feel tender and dry out.

This is Curel's foaming face wash!

Curel Sebum Care Foaming wash
One of the best thing about foaming face washing is of course the fact that foam is lighter and it is also more airy, thus easier for the foam molecules to gently remove the sebum build-up from your skin without being too harsh on one's skin! This foaming wash is no different: the texture is soft, light and incredibly smooth, almost like we are holding air.

This is how the bottle looks like from the inside! I am also completely partial to the pump mechanism because it means that we can retrieve amounts of the face wash without contaminating the rest, which is a key problem for germaphobes like myself when using squeeze or scoop face washes.

One of the even better things about this face wash is how the pump allows one to dispense a suitable amount of face wash depending on how hard you press: I have come across those which dispense copious amounts regardless of how lightly you press the pump. Like, com'on! My face isn't that big!

Information on the package!
I have to say I am really impressed with the amount of information they put on the packaging in an attempt to educate the consumers on the need to remove sebum because of the adverse effects it can have on a person's skin.

Whilst the instruction suggests 3-4 pumps, I think that 1 pump (and sometimes I use half) is more than enough because seriously your face is not that big, and the foam gives a relatively decent coverage.

For the Foaming Facewash, I am super impressed by how well it is able to remove oil from my face and also keep my face relatively matte, and I won't hesitate to give it a 9/10! I deducted one point because of the relatively higher price: S$19.80 for 150ml. That makes it almost 20 dollars!

Next up, we have the sebum care lotion!

Curel Sebum Care Lotion
Like the face wash, the sebum care lotion comes in a pump bottle to allow one to dispense amounts in a hassle free, (relatively) drip free manner!

I love the frosted glass look of the bottle, it looks so chic
The texture is light, moisturizing and is absorbed almost instantly upon application. It is capable of hydrating the skin for an extended period of time, and in dry, cooler weathers, your skin will stay relatively matte, whilst in hot humid and sultry days, your skin may feel a little damp after a while.

I haven't been a huge fan of toner ever since finishing my previous one because I find it too annoying since there hasn't been a time whereby my toner does not drop from my hand to the floor whilst I am trying to pour them out.

Such a situation won't happen with this one!

Can you see the streak of the lotion? It has a water like consistency and is very very easy to massage into your skin:) For this, I would give it a 10/10! Careful not to press the pump too hard or it will shoot out a stream of the lotion! ^~^"

The lotion cost S$24.90, which is another slightly high price, but it can probably last you a while since only a pump is needed for each use!

Last but not least, we have the moisturizer!
Curel Sebum Care Moisture Gel
Like its predecessors, it also comes in a pump bottle...wow I am be getting really outdated because each time I open the package to see the pump bottle, I have never ceased to squeal in excitement before. Yes, my love for pump dispensers is unlimited and long lasting!

Curel Sebum Care Moisture Gel
The texture for the moisture gel is slightly heavier, which is to be expected since the product says "gel" and not lotion and stuff, but it is still relatively smooth and not suffocating as one usually expects gel to be.

In terms of hydration, it does a fairly good job, but I think the catch is that with good hydrating qualities, it seems to also speed up the oiling process of my face! Not sure if other people experience it - it could be just me and my overactive oil glands.

Whilst I love the hydrating effects of the gel, perhaps in our local weather, it would better if we wear this when we are going to stay in an air-conditioned area for long periods (because the air tends to be drier), instead of when we are going out into the heat. I feel that the gel tends to get sticky and more uncomfortable when I am sweating, but it is excellent for use in air-conditioned rooms, or in dry winter weathers overseas.

The moisture gel costs $34.90 for 120ml, and I am guessing that the higher price means that it is going to be an effective treatment for the skin! I am so going to finish my entire bottle!

For the moisture gel, I would give it a 6/10, because I am still baffled as to why it causes my face to oil more a little quickly heh xD

There we have it! The post face-wash skin treatment set!

After reading this, I am sure you would love to try out the Curel Sebum care products for yourself! Fret not, you can head over to Curel Singapore's Facebook page to request for a sample and they will mail it to you! How simple is that! xD

Thanks for reading this blog post and I hope that you have learnt more about this product!

Take care and till next post, bye!

Megrhythm Steam Eye Mask

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How many of you uses the computer, or at least uses your eyes extensively, for multiple hours a day?

If you are like me who loves watching drama series on the internet or simply just using the computer for recreational purposes, you might have also experience dry, tired eyes. Not only so, as students, we have to spend long hours each day poring our our notes and revision materials, which makes our eyes even more strained and lethargic at the end of a long day.

After a hectic day at work or at school, how do you usually relax?

Gradbear sleeping with his eyes open
For me, I like lazing around on the bed and taking naps, even if I am not that tired, I just like snuggling into my comforter because it feels that great.

Eating is definitely another top option!

Recently I am introduced to another method of relaxation that will not only help to soothe my eyes but also rejuvenate them- needless to say, I was extremely excited to try it out.

Unscented Steam Eye mask
This is the Steam Eye Mask by Kao, and it is supposed to produce steam naturally (meaning you don't have to do anything but to put it on) when you open the sachet, heating up the mask to about 40 degree celsius or a little more/less to destress your eyes. After a long day of using your eyes at work, why not pamper your eyes?

A box like the one above contains 5 pieces of masks.

A single sachet looks like that:

This is how the eye mask looks inside the sachet.

I thought it was super interesting that Kao paid attention to put the cute purple and white spotted pattern on the mask: I didn't expect them to be so detailed, I mean afterall, it is just a use and throw kind of mask right?

This is the other side that you will see.

You are supposed to gently break apart the joining segment in the center so that you can tuck each ear into the respective hole to hook the eyemask close to your eyes. Please try not to be a genius like my mom and yank out the entire ear-hook thinking that it is the protective sheet, hehe xD

It will then look like that! There, you can wear it!

I have used the mask three times so far, and I am pretty impressed with how well it can warm up once it has been exposed to air. For myself, as I spend long hours using the computer and reading my school notes, my eyes get tired really easily, and tend to feel really dry and sometimes blurred which is why such eye relaxation is really necessary to ensure the long term benefit of our eyes.

If you are busy person like I am, and have really little time to relax your eyes, or you just don't want to spend too much time go for SPAs and facials or sit with a face mask, then you can consider this! The steam eye mask treatment requires a mere 10 MINUTES to refresh and brighten up your eyes!

The gentle heating from the mask is a refreshing change from all the previous cold gel eye mask that I have to pre-cool in the fridge before use, and this one is so much more convenient and really really innovative! I feel that the lovely heat is especially good in winter and in air-conditioned spaces, where my eyeballs tend to feel drier and maybe even colder?

I also love the fact that the product is super hygienic because each mask is for single use only (so never never try to microwave or heat up a used one please!) and packaged into individual sachets for convenient usage. Afterwards you can just throw the package and the mask away! :)

Not only so, the loops for the ears also mean that you can use the mask in any position as it will NOT fall from your face whilst you are enjoying the steaming session!

Check out the video demonstration!

Here is a demonstration of myself with the mask, and sorry for the really messy hair and everything because I sort of dozed off whilst using it... xD

Oh yes, from experience, sometimes the warmth may not be comfortable for yourself, depending on the individual really. If you think that you feel the mask getting a little warmer than you like, here is the trick to using it: don't hook your ears!

In that way, it won't be plastered so closely to your face and also enable airflow around your eyes such that the temperature is comfortable! :)

Four fragrances available!
Steam eye mask is available in four different fragrances! Mmm..aromatherapy whilst enjoying the mask? Sounds good to me!

If you are interested to try out a mask, do head over to http://web.kao.com/sg/megrhythm/ to request for a sample! It is really worth a try and somemore they will mail the item to you, so why not right? If you are already convinced and can't wait to buy these, you can get them at Watsons and Guardian outlets!

Wait wait, there is more! There is an ongoing instagram contest held by Kao where 10 lucky winners get to walk away with the steam eye mask sets worth $50! The winners will be announced by the 7th of August 2014~!

The contest is ending 31st of July, so head over to Instagram and follow @MegRhythmSG to find out more!

Till next time, see you!

Klarity Lasertox CC Miracle White Lotion

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Looking for something to help you lighten your skin? Why not check out Lasertox by Klarity?

Lasertox CC cream by Klarity
I was amazed when I received the product, I mean, just check out the beautiful and mysterious shimmering surface: the multi-coloured hue reminds me of the glittering faces of a well-polished diamond.

About the Product
Lasertox CC cream is enriched with diamond powder, which is supposed to give you a healthy glow after application. Not only so, it also has the added goodness of rose extract that is a powerful source of antioxidants that will help to keep you skin youthful.

Upon further research, I was amazed to find out that rose extract is not only a powerful anti-oxidant, but also great in reducing acne scars (and other scarring) as well as blemishes, as it contains "80% essential fatty acids which help to regenerate skin cells and repair damaged skin tissue" (source)

Thus when you are using the CC cream, you are not only improving the temporary appearance of your skin through a superficial coverage, but also improving the long term condition of the skin through the benefits of rose extract.

Klarity Lasertox CC Miracle White Lotion
As you can see from the picture above, Lasertox CC is the first CC cream without colorant, which explains why the product is a white shade, instead of the skin-colored tones we usually see in BB and CC creams.

Not only so the CC cream is waterproof, which means that it is suitable for you to wear to the beach or on rainy days where you would come into contact with the water for sure: we won't want streaks of white to be running down our face, would we?

Check out the 11-in-1 functions of Lasertox - warning - be prepared to be amazed:

Can we say wow?

You would think that with all the water-proof, soothing, hydrating and lightening functions, the cream is going to be thick and un-breathable on the skin: that's where you are wrong.

Contrary to my initial belief that I would have all the pores on my skin clogged up, the CC cream is actually very very light, cooling and feels like a comfortable moisturizer on the skin rather than the heavier texture of BB creams. Furthermore, there is no need to worry about it clogging your pores as it is non-comedogenic!

Not only so it is supposed to help reduce acne, lighten acne marks, soothe itchiness, and lighten scar marks over time, remember the rose extract?

Let us first talk about the smell.

Lasertox has a light sweet scent that is comfortable and not overpowering, and I love this factor about it as other BB and CC creams tend to have this chemical-cosmetic smell in them that may be quite unpleasant at times.

And imagine you have to wear that CC cream everyday at work out when you are out, of course you want to smell faintly of roses than a chemical spill right?

Not only so, it provides a good adjustable coverage for the skin. This means that depending on the amount applied, you can either lighten you skin tone by perhaps half a shade to one shade. This is a clear advantage over the heavier coverage provided by my old BB cream, with those you just look one uniform shade, without being able to control the colour much.

I have demonstrated in the photo how the skin will appear with and without the cream: yes I am aware that the paler side looks too pale, but that is only because I layered on the cream thrice as the camera could not properly capture the difference initially. So I thought I would put more to make the difference clearer~!

When I put on the first later with a pea-sized amount of cream, my skin just looked more radiant and smooth, without observable lightening effect. With the second repeat, it became considerably lighter and brighter, which I think is the suitable shade for daily use. The third repeat was really just for my incompetent camera  xD

I tried it on my face as well, and it felt great, like a fresh, hydrating lotion that doubled as a sunblock and blemish-coverage. It is not too sticky, and most of the lotion are absorbed by the skin after five minutes, leaving a healthy, hydrated glow frequently seen in Korean stars.

If you are interested in the product, do head over to Secretive.sg and check out their demonstration video as well as other Klarity products. 30g of Lasertox cost S$29.00, but it can last you for quite a while as you don't have to apply copious amount each time: a small amount already does the trick!

Coming up in the next post...

Klarity Lasertox Slim Up Mask
Achieve your V-shape jawline without pain

Sweaty palms & fingers and fibrous skulls

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I have really sweaty palms and fingers, and it becomes especially obvious when I am in an air-conditioned room or when I hold a pen for an extended period of time.

Sometimes I wet the paper I am writing in with blotches of dampness because of my overactive palmic-sweat glands.

I drew you guys a picture to demonstrate how the sweat glands/ cells in my palm and fingers work.

I suppose it could be rather disturbing on a molecular level.

Overactive sweat glands
I really don't find my palms sweaty at room temperature, it is always in air-conditioned room that my palms are exceptionally sweaty, like the colder my body gets, the warmer my palms are.

Sometimes they get like really clammy and cold. My mom calls it the "reptile-hands".

Not too enticing an idea, me thinks.

This is my artistic impression of an overactive sweat cell/ gland.

The greatest disadvantage about have sweaty palms is that I always end up smudging what I write on my homework, or leaving damp round blobs where I rest my left palm to hold the paper in place, or multiple tiny round blobs where I cautiously pressed the paper down with just a few fingers.

I think that teachers sometimes suspect that homework depresses me so much that I cry onto it while attempting them, since my paper is often crinkling and looked like they had dried from some unidentified puddles.

I tried to imagine if my General Paper teacher ever asked me about why my homework looks flimsy, crinkly and damp.

I would be like,
"I can't help it ma'am, my palms and fingers drool onto the worksheet."

I drew a picture of myself looking perfectly stern whilst explaining that.

I can sort of predict my GP teacher's reaction.

To the minds of detractors, every reason could be an excuse.

Personally, I wouldn't believe it if someone handed me a soaked piece of work and claimed that their palms sweated onto it. I would wonder if they were so hardworking that they did the work while bathing.

Anyway, I don't really like my sweaty palms or fingers, just saying.


I was also told a while ago by a friend that when you get brain tumors, your skull will supposedly change shape.

I thought it was the oddest and most un-biological thing I have heard.

According to my friend, we should be able to feel it on our head if we have a brain tumor because our skull will sort of convex out when there is a tumor.

"Your skull is fibrous."
 I tried to imagine it in a biological way, but I couldn't. So I had to dramatize this in the manner of a cartoon.

Yes, your tumor will ostensibly deform your skull.

The argument went like that:
Another friend of ours complained of a persistent migraine and wondered out loud if it could be a brain tumor, at which my friend with the fibrous-skull claimed that if you have a tumor, you should be able to feel a lump on your head: if you don't feel a lump, then you don't have a tumor.

I tried to tell the person with the fibrous-skull that you cannot possibly feel a tumor on your head because you have a skull, and your tumor grows inside the skull.

He confidently told me that nope, your skull will protrude because your skull "is fibrous and will change shape".

I privately disagreed with him, but because he is a person who likes to pursue his point until everyone concedes and also because it was during a lesson, I decided to just nod and agree with him.

After which I asked Clarissa and Denyse, because I was too lazy to google that.

Our conversation went like that:
Clarissa: Does he learn biology?
Me: Nope, I don't think so.
Clarissa: Figures.
Denyse: You can't feel a tumor through the skull! If your skull deforms that easily then you would have cracked it long ago.
I thought they made sense. I mean, if my skull was that malleable, mine would have resembled the surface of the moon from all the times I cracked my head against hard surfaces right?

I asked my mom too and she figured that if we could feel for brain tumors, why bother doing CT scan? I thought that was a good point.

But still, I am curious. Does anyone know for sure? Or won't mind checking and telling me? I really want to know, heh.

Tell next time, see you all!