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Megrhythm Steam Eye Mask

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How many of you uses the computer, or at least uses your eyes extensively, for multiple hours a day?

If you are like me who loves watching drama series on the internet or simply just using the computer for recreational purposes, you might have also experience dry, tired eyes. Not only so, as students, we have to spend long hours each day poring our our notes and revision materials, which makes our eyes even more strained and lethargic at the end of a long day.

After a hectic day at work or at school, how do you usually relax?

Gradbear sleeping with his eyes open
For me, I like lazing around on the bed and taking naps, even if I am not that tired, I just like snuggling into my comforter because it feels that great.

Eating is definitely another top option!

Recently I am introduced to another method of relaxation that will not only help to soothe my eyes but also rejuvenate them- needless to say, I was extremely excited to try it out.

Unscented Steam Eye mask
This is the Steam Eye Mask by Kao, and it is supposed to produce steam naturally (meaning you don't have to do anything but to put it on) when you open the sachet, heating up the mask to about 40 degree celsius or a little more/less to destress your eyes. After a long day of using your eyes at work, why not pamper your eyes?

A box like the one above contains 5 pieces of masks.

A single sachet looks like that:

This is how the eye mask looks inside the sachet.

I thought it was super interesting that Kao paid attention to put the cute purple and white spotted pattern on the mask: I didn't expect them to be so detailed, I mean afterall, it is just a use and throw kind of mask right?

This is the other side that you will see.

You are supposed to gently break apart the joining segment in the center so that you can tuck each ear into the respective hole to hook the eyemask close to your eyes. Please try not to be a genius like my mom and yank out the entire ear-hook thinking that it is the protective sheet, hehe xD

It will then look like that! There, you can wear it!

I have used the mask three times so far, and I am pretty impressed with how well it can warm up once it has been exposed to air. For myself, as I spend long hours using the computer and reading my school notes, my eyes get tired really easily, and tend to feel really dry and sometimes blurred which is why such eye relaxation is really necessary to ensure the long term benefit of our eyes.

If you are busy person like I am, and have really little time to relax your eyes, or you just don't want to spend too much time go for SPAs and facials or sit with a face mask, then you can consider this! The steam eye mask treatment requires a mere 10 MINUTES to refresh and brighten up your eyes!

The gentle heating from the mask is a refreshing change from all the previous cold gel eye mask that I have to pre-cool in the fridge before use, and this one is so much more convenient and really really innovative! I feel that the lovely heat is especially good in winter and in air-conditioned spaces, where my eyeballs tend to feel drier and maybe even colder?

I also love the fact that the product is super hygienic because each mask is for single use only (so never never try to microwave or heat up a used one please!) and packaged into individual sachets for convenient usage. Afterwards you can just throw the package and the mask away! :)

Not only so, the loops for the ears also mean that you can use the mask in any position as it will NOT fall from your face whilst you are enjoying the steaming session!

Check out the video demonstration!

Here is a demonstration of myself with the mask, and sorry for the really messy hair and everything because I sort of dozed off whilst using it... xD

Oh yes, from experience, sometimes the warmth may not be comfortable for yourself, depending on the individual really. If you think that you feel the mask getting a little warmer than you like, here is the trick to using it: don't hook your ears!

In that way, it won't be plastered so closely to your face and also enable airflow around your eyes such that the temperature is comfortable! :)

Four fragrances available!
Steam eye mask is available in four different fragrances! Mmm..aromatherapy whilst enjoying the mask? Sounds good to me!

If you are interested to try out a mask, do head over to http://web.kao.com/sg/megrhythm/ to request for a sample! It is really worth a try and somemore they will mail the item to you, so why not right? If you are already convinced and can't wait to buy these, you can get them at Watsons and Guardian outlets!

Wait wait, there is more! There is an ongoing instagram contest held by Kao where 10 lucky winners get to walk away with the steam eye mask sets worth $50! The winners will be announced by the 7th of August 2014~!

The contest is ending 31st of July, so head over to Instagram and follow @MegRhythmSG to find out more!

Till next time, see you!


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