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Sweaty palms & fingers and fibrous skulls

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I have really sweaty palms and fingers, and it becomes especially obvious when I am in an air-conditioned room or when I hold a pen for an extended period of time.

Sometimes I wet the paper I am writing in with blotches of dampness because of my overactive palmic-sweat glands.

I drew you guys a picture to demonstrate how the sweat glands/ cells in my palm and fingers work.

I suppose it could be rather disturbing on a molecular level.

Overactive sweat glands
I really don't find my palms sweaty at room temperature, it is always in air-conditioned room that my palms are exceptionally sweaty, like the colder my body gets, the warmer my palms are.

Sometimes they get like really clammy and cold. My mom calls it the "reptile-hands".

Not too enticing an idea, me thinks.

This is my artistic impression of an overactive sweat cell/ gland.

The greatest disadvantage about have sweaty palms is that I always end up smudging what I write on my homework, or leaving damp round blobs where I rest my left palm to hold the paper in place, or multiple tiny round blobs where I cautiously pressed the paper down with just a few fingers.

I think that teachers sometimes suspect that homework depresses me so much that I cry onto it while attempting them, since my paper is often crinkling and looked like they had dried from some unidentified puddles.

I tried to imagine if my General Paper teacher ever asked me about why my homework looks flimsy, crinkly and damp.

I would be like,
"I can't help it ma'am, my palms and fingers drool onto the worksheet."

I drew a picture of myself looking perfectly stern whilst explaining that.

I can sort of predict my GP teacher's reaction.

To the minds of detractors, every reason could be an excuse.

Personally, I wouldn't believe it if someone handed me a soaked piece of work and claimed that their palms sweated onto it. I would wonder if they were so hardworking that they did the work while bathing.

Anyway, I don't really like my sweaty palms or fingers, just saying.


I was also told a while ago by a friend that when you get brain tumors, your skull will supposedly change shape.

I thought it was the oddest and most un-biological thing I have heard.

According to my friend, we should be able to feel it on our head if we have a brain tumor because our skull will sort of convex out when there is a tumor.

"Your skull is fibrous."
 I tried to imagine it in a biological way, but I couldn't. So I had to dramatize this in the manner of a cartoon.

Yes, your tumor will ostensibly deform your skull.

The argument went like that:
Another friend of ours complained of a persistent migraine and wondered out loud if it could be a brain tumor, at which my friend with the fibrous-skull claimed that if you have a tumor, you should be able to feel a lump on your head: if you don't feel a lump, then you don't have a tumor.

I tried to tell the person with the fibrous-skull that you cannot possibly feel a tumor on your head because you have a skull, and your tumor grows inside the skull.

He confidently told me that nope, your skull will protrude because your skull "is fibrous and will change shape".

I privately disagreed with him, but because he is a person who likes to pursue his point until everyone concedes and also because it was during a lesson, I decided to just nod and agree with him.

After which I asked Clarissa and Denyse, because I was too lazy to google that.

Our conversation went like that:
Clarissa: Does he learn biology?
Me: Nope, I don't think so.
Clarissa: Figures.
Denyse: You can't feel a tumor through the skull! If your skull deforms that easily then you would have cracked it long ago.
I thought they made sense. I mean, if my skull was that malleable, mine would have resembled the surface of the moon from all the times I cracked my head against hard surfaces right?

I asked my mom too and she figured that if we could feel for brain tumors, why bother doing CT scan? I thought that was a good point.

But still, I am curious. Does anyone know for sure? Or won't mind checking and telling me? I really want to know, heh.

Tell next time, see you all!


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