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Weather: So-freakin-warm-I-am-going-to-evaporate kind of hot, or is it just me?
Mood: Extremely tired, and suffering from post-embarassment-disorder 

At first I was going to name this post as Ohana or something, but then I decided against it, because it might be a little too obvious, yeah? Haha, this is a little self-contradictory since I mentioned it already anyway, but I always think that leaving the title out is a sure sign of smartness, wahahaha. 

Initially, the orientation was quite boring, but it was twice more fun after separating into our Orientation Groups (not to mention 10 times more awkward and embarrassing). I was so relieved to have my awesome friend, Dol, in my OG because she is like my favorite person in NY next to Phiephie, partly because she is so funny, heh.

In order to not bore everyone out, I won't go through all the boring things in the morning, but skip straight to the OG bonding and games part, kay?

I remember the first OG game we had to do was to introduce yourself with your name, school and hobby ( I KNEW it! Each year I have to cook up some hobby just for the sake of this) and play double-whacko.

Poor me, as you all know, the only thing with a memory poorer than me is a goldfish, and mind you, goldfish can remember things for 3 seconds and I can't even do one! Poor me, poor poor me trying to cram all the confusing names like Sean, Shannon, Jia Hui...uh I can't remember anymore, so sorry.

So in the first round, I was Dol's guard, meaning that if someone calls her name, I would have to call out someone's name before Dol gets whacked and consequently gets turned into the whacker. I tried to remember one easiest name by chanting and chanting the name over and over again in my head, so much so that I didn't hear Dol's name getting called out and Dol ended up being whacker despite all my precautions. T_T

I was actually for once proud of my obscure Chinese name and the lack of an English name because Whacko-games always go for those easy English names to call, so if you are one of the Tom, Dick and Harrys, beware! I wasn't even called once during the whole game, so I was all chilled there thinking about what to eat for dinner till my OGL told us to end the game and have nothing less than a SECOND round of introduction.

She made all the guys lined up in one line and all the girls line up in one line, face each other and talk to the person in front of yourself for 30 seconds. After that, the guys shuffle forward to errr...get to know the next person.

Mine went something like that:

1st person
Him: Hello! I am =name!! I cannot remember names!=
Me: Hi! I am YY (name shortened for my own privacy).
Him: What subject combi are you taking?
Me: BCM-lit, you?
Him: BCME! What cca were you from?
Me: ES (English Society). You?
Him: Soccer (or something, pardon me, I cannot remember a thing to save my life.)

*30 seconds up, ding ding!*

2nd person
This person is awesome, he can keep up a conversation by himself really well, so all I had to do was to be interested, look interested, smile, nod and look impressed. *beams happily* (okay, our OGL just added us to our OG group, and the person is Ming (shortened name for privacy sake))

Him: Hello! I am .... you are?
Me: Hey, I am YY.
Him: Your subject combi is BCM-lit right? I heard.
Me: *me thinks: awesome, no more repeats!* Yep that's right, you?
Him: PCME! What cca were you from?
Me: *balks* ES (English Society). You?
Him:Oh! Same as this person here! *points to Dol*
Me: Yup that's correct, your CCA?
Him: (okay now I think he is the soccer person) Soccer! We already began training, what CCA do you plan to join?
Me: Shooting? But I find the training a bit hectic.
Him: *More about soccer etc etc* I am from HCI HP.....
Me: Wow that's impressive, HP isn't easy...
Him: No no HCI HP is quite easy, NY HP is hard, and HCJC HP is hard....

*Okay, a non-awkward 2nd conversation, love it.*

3rd PersonJust when I thought that maybe this kind of intro won't be so bad if the boys do all the talking, I came to a very shy person.

Him: *stones and stares*
Me: Eh, hi!
Him: *quietly* Hi.
Me: Your name?
Him: *soft* Sean.
Me: *cannot hear* Sorry?
Him: *a teeny-weee louder* Sean.
Me: *still didn't hear* I beg your pardon?
Him: *loudest possible for him* Sean!
Me: Oh, okay, I am YY.
Him: *nods*......*stares*
Me: What CCA are you from?
Him: Maths Club.
Me: Wow you must be really smart!
Him: *shakes head demurely*
Me: Subject combi?
Him: PCME.
Me: *kicks myself for asking an obvious question like that* Oh cool! I am BCM-lit.
Him: *looks vaguely interested*
Me: *awkward silence*
Him: *stares at me comfortably*
Me: *tries to stare back, fail after 3 seconds and burst out laughing, turned to Dol* What do I do?
Dol: It's okay, don't laugh (she was laughing hysterically herself kay!)

*end of super awkward 3rd conversation*

Okay, I joined Dol in her conversations and apparently, she was interrogating her partner. I heard something like:

"What is your religious stand?"

..... .....

"Del! Are you going to ask 'What are your political views?" next?" I laughed at Dol's question.

Suddenly, in front of two guys, without any warning, Dol burst out:


*shocked, awkward silence. shuffle feet, shuffle feet*

Dol might have been possessed when she said that because the next moment when she noticed what she just said, she hid herself behind my back in this fit of helpless laughter. I was laughing so hard at her sudden outburst demanding for rapists to be castrated that I was doubled over, so we had our respective partners looking at us like we just grew an extra head.

I have to say, I love Dol so much because she is so terribly funny and amusing and she makes every moment of awkward-ness more cheerful! <3

Okay that is until she told me that this one person looked like Ip Man (Donnie Yen) and I was like, "Where got? Okay a bit." and Dol promptly turned to the person and went like, "My friend *points at me* says you look like Ip Man. You know Donnie Yen?" I was like !??!!?! What did I do kind of face and went indignantly, "HEY I DID NOT SAY THAT!" But then, BAMMMM! Impression spoilt. Now I am probably a judgemental person with no courage to own up to what I say in that person's mind. Poor soul who looked like Donnie Yen looked so confused and surprised because he was told that he looked like Donnie Yen by Dol. HAHAHAS, come to think of it, it is damn funny.

Okays then after that we joined OG10 for a game of squirrel and trees. Basically a two persons (allocated) form a tree, and an allocated squirrel lives inside. If the gamemaster shouts: "FIRE!", then trees run away and form new trees, squirrels stay. At the shout of "HUNTER!!", squirrels run and trees stay. At the shout of "earthquake!!", everyone runs for new formation, though squirrels always stay as squirrels and trees as trees.

This game was relatively okay, and at this one point, one funny guy came up to me and said, "You are a tree right? Good, I am a tree too! So all we need is a squirrel!" cheerfully, and he threw out an arm and scooped a squirrel out from thin air. He then pushed the squirrel down and made the tree over the relatively-zen squirrel.

I met Shuen during the small break, and good golly, she was as pink as a tomato! I think her face was badly sun burnt already and she happily showed me her watch tan which she got from staying out in the sun the entire day some time ago. By then, my face was boiling from the afternoon sun and we all went to the washroom to chill after ponning the catching game.

Afterwards, we had this bounce-catching game (I named it myself hehe) where everyone stood in pairs and the game commences with one runner and one catcher, and the runner will run to a pair and bounce one person out, and the person bounced out becomes the new runner whom the catcher has to catch. Okay I will assume everyone knows this so I shan't explain further.

I was actually in a very zen and somewhat comtemplative mood because during the squirrel game, one of my OG mates that I didn't really know asked me, "Are you a blogger?" and I was like stunned for a moment, before going, "Huh?" and she said, "You have a blog right?"

I told her "Yeah I did had a blog, never had the impression that anyone read it." and suddenly she and Dol were telling me that my blog is actually read by half the Nanyang and Hwachong population and I was like *shocked, shell-shocked* I almost considered closing the blog for a second, tbph.

After the amazement of hearing that people actually bothers to read my blog wore off, I immediately started to worry about things like, "Oh no, maybe some of my posts are really mean." and "I bet I have tons of anti-fans." and "What, I don't believe it, they are just trying to be nice :3"

Okay back to the bounce-catching game, I was thinking about my blog and zenning by myself, when I got bounced out from my place THREE times. Each time it took me 15 seconds or more to realized that hey, omg I have been bounced out!!! Before I started running around like some crazy person in a desperation to catch the runner/escape the catcher.

Only once did I noticed the runner running towards me at full speed and the moment he came to my partner, I took off (feels proud of my fast reflexes) and ran around a bit before going back to the same partner. Heee, coincidence, really.

Okay, the game ended and here comes the highlight of the day.

You know that I can't dance. I have 6 left legs, no right legs and probably have tentacles instead of arms, and this dance was like had to be boy-and-girl.

Awkwardness aside, there are more awkwardness.

I mean my dance partner (oh no, I can't remember the name again!) was really nice and kind and in fact AWESOME because he seemed to minimalize his movements like I did, which is great because I won't face pressure of having to dance with all my extra limbs. But it doesn't help with the fact that I was dead awkward, and at the same time guilty because Dol was trying so hard while I just kept looking confused and thunderous at some points.

Okay, you know the butt-jerking dance moves? I tried to sway as little as possible (so there was this funny side-to-side swaying) and my partner just stood there, ramrod straight with an unreadable expression on his face. I think Wennie's dark aura might have floated over to me because I felt increasingly frustrated, gahhh.

And then again there was this arm twisting dance step that I was too afraid to do because I was afraid of twisting my arms out and each time we arrived at that move, I will promptly try to skip doing that step by looking confused and blur (and feeling them too, mind you!). So the dance conversation went like that:

Partner: Okay, okay, you have to turn this way.
Me: Okay. *turns wrong way anyway*
Partner: No no no the other way.
Me: Oh sorry. *turns again*
Partner: Okay now you turn all the way.
Me: *turns halfway*
Partner: No no no, you have to end up facing me!
Me: *feels thoroughly depressed by my own fail dance* Okay. *turns again*

Finally got it right. =___= After the first round of trauma:

Me: I am so sorry about that!
Partner: It's okay~~!

Such patience. If I were to dance with myself, I would have thrown myself out of the window already. Haish.

There was also this one part where the Dance ICs were like, "GUYS HOLD OUT YOUR HANDS." But around me, no girl took the hands (most didn't hold out), so I didn't take the hands either. Poor partner stood there with his hands out for 1 min- 2 min or so.

After the entire session of failed twirling and aching legs, Dol and I met with Phie to recount our embarrassing experiences. Dol kept telling me that I should be happy with my dance partner (which I was, in case you are wondering), because according to her, "He is so cute in the face."

I told Dol that he was so tall that most of the time I stared at his PE shirt and tbh, because I am the socially awkward person I am, I didn't scrutinize his face.

Me: Really? I didn't see.
Dol: YOU DIDN'T SEE? But...but he is quite good looking.
Me: Okadie. Which one is him again?
Me: Well, he is tall, and all I saw was the Hwachong logo on the PE shirt.

Dol then started this super funny rant about her dance partner, who was the Shy Sean from earlier on. She kept saying that Sean must have been a genius or something because according to her, he is a little lagged in his responses so she postulated that he is probably formulating some cheem maths equations in his head, which got me and Phie laughing so hard.

Dol to me and Phie, "Do you know, my partner doesn't hold out his hands, so I have to reach over and grab his hands and then yank his arm up and then squeeze myself through the hole??"

Phie and I almost died from laughing at the look of outrage on her face.

Dol, "Sometimes I feel like pointing out to him that I am the girl here, hello!"

See, I told you that Dol is so funny!

Suddenly, Dol went like, "But he is actually quite cute lar." which made me laugh because I thought of her comparison of her partner to a teacher in NY.

I told Dol that apparently every guy looked cute to her, and it is not a bad thing, because she can see the good points people can't. :D

Dol suddenly turned to me and said, "Hey your partner is actually very nice to you!"

I was like Wh....at?

Dol continued, "At least he holds out his hands."

Me, "Yeah he is very kind. And patient."

Dol, "My partner expects me to hold out my hands!!!!"

Haha that was about it. Dol made some other jokes about the dance which me and Phie enjoyed totally, but I am too tired to write anymore. I shall go sleep already.

Nights all, and sorry about the abrupt ending hehe! :)


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