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Go, if you wish to

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Go, if you wish to 

Go, if you wish to.
I can't and won't hold you back.
I won't be the shackle to tie you down;
or the anchor that have you bound.
Go, and I won't stop you.

Go, if you wish to.
The world is vast and my grip is
but not enough.
I will let go if I have to.
My frail grip, it won't hold,
I have no wish to do so.

Go, if you wish to.
Go, and don't turn back.
Leave, and don't look back.
Spread your wings and soar 
through the shattering night sky,
I will see you,
but you won't.

Go, if you wish to.
Depart and don't come back.
What is the point in you staying,
if I love you and you never loved me back?

[Original Work on Live & Dictate]

Side Notes:
Do you all like this poem? It sort of sprang to my head while I was showering (haha showering is such an inspiration) and I think that is poem is inspired by both Pablo Neruda's "Tonight I can write the saddest lines" and by the Victorian period, where women were seen as subservient to men and if their husbands wanted to have affairs and leave them, the women can only bless them and take a step back. 

A rather sad, and melancholic poem in my opinion, of a person who had held on so hard to the person she loved only to realised that the lover is leaving her, presumably for someone else. Do you all feel the melancholy and the after-calm in the lines of the poem? It feels like the narrator had come to terms with this separation that she knows for sure will come and she seems to have let go by telling the other party that she would let go if she had to because there is no way she could ever hold him to her should he not love her back.

Will appreciate your feedback on the poem! (:


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