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Hectic Week of School

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Mood: Tired, somewhat disenchanted and hurt
Weather: Relatively warm and stuffy

It had been a hectic and pretty terrible week at school; the lessons are starting normally and after the refreshing change from the energy-zapping dance practices, it just sank into this sort of tiring and boring stupor.

My class? I am in a love-hate-relationship with my class as Smelly puts it, because she is in one too with her class. I laugh remembering Smelly saying that there is apparently this rich boy in her class that is like the son of the Fareast Organization and all the girls in the class (excluding Smelly, because Snape does not like guys haha) are trying to catch his attention and also longed to be paired with him. Upon hearing that Sluggy and I were like "whaaaaaaaaat are you serious, why they so no shui zhun..."

I like several people in my class because I think they are quite nice and friendly, but there are also this extremely dao and black-faced-all-day group that I do my best to stay far away from, and recently I have been trying to minimize the number of words I say in class and to ANYONE in class so that I can remain safely and hopefully obscure.

Sometimes I think I speak so little that I wonder if my voice will disappear from disuse.

Currently, the top three people I like in my class are:
  1. Denyse
  2. Clarissa
  3. Jun Jie
The others are like, I either don't really know them (I don't know about 5-6 people's names, and I have to address them as "eh") or they belong to the DAB (Dao-and-blackfaced) Group mentioned earlier and I had no wish of getting into their way.

Denyse and Clarissa are pretty awesome because they are both nice in different ways and I always do try to see the good points in people and appreciate it and try my best to overlook the bad points. Ah well I don't try to make myself sound saintly, but if I do sound that way, it means that I must be like that in person right...haha just kidding.

Anyways, I thought Monday was one of the worst days, because I felt lousy through and through both mentally and physically at school and there was the disgusting PE which I hate so much. We had to take height and weight and I am still like 165cm but my weight is like pretty terrible. Yes yes, my weight is nasty and I know it, so I am off to run later hahahas. It makes me feel morbidly fat each time I see how fat I am, and the idea of becoming a young killer whale scares me witless too.

In any case you are curious why I am blogging despite being so busy, it is because I am too burnt out to do anything now and so I shall blog, then go jog and then come up and do work. It is very demoralizing to work hard and realize that you are lagging behind all the lessons, and sometimes my mind just refuse to cooperate with me when working.

Tuesday was the only day I got home at 5pm, the earliest timing. All the other days I reached home at seven, and that is like freaking sad because I am bloody tired by then and it took every ounce of my self control to not plonk myself down on bed and sleep till the next morning. But Tuesday, I recalled that a lot of terrible things happened to me, so I reached home in a dejected and depressed mood, and zombied around till pretty late before I started working.

I remembered one of the mornings, Bryan came to join me, Sluggy and Smelly S. in the morning and truth be told, there was this lingering sense of awkwardness that pretty much refused to go away, but fortunately for us all, Bryan isn't an awkward person (unlike the people in my OG, damn bloody awkward) and yeah it went pretty well. (FYI: this is a different Bryan from the one in primary school, kays, don't be confused.)

Oh yeah I remembered on Tuesday, Bryan and I went to Bukit Timah Plaza's Popular for him to get notebooks for his class since he was appointed physics rep. It was quite fun to go there because school is honestly quite suffocating and BTP was quite near school and in the direction of my travel, so I wasn't too disturbed. The Popular there is like freaking warm and I sweated a bucket inside Popular, phew~~~

Wednesday Apollo and Athena went to OCS (Officer Cadet School) and I was really quite excited because I watched "Ah Boys to Men" a bit of it, and the show is pretty funny and a bit lame too, and going there made me super high all the way. Denyse and Clarissa were obsessed with playing lateral thinking on the bus there, and I think half my brain cells died trying to figure out the puzzles. One difficult one went like that:

"A body is discovered in a park in Chicago in the middle of summer. It has a fractured skull and many other broken bones, but the cause of death was hypothermia."
So we were supposed to keep asking questions to Clarissa, the game master and she can only reply yes or no, but the thing was so hard that she had to keep giving everyone hints. I remember I was so tired with playing it that I opted out, and I would read the solution with Clar and feel blissfully knowledgeable while smirking at the ignorance of the others, ahahaha.

On our way off the bus, we met this group of boys from class 75 that was also playing lateral thinking, and Clarissa got excited because she just loves that game and she asked them for their question. At this point I would have to be irrelevant and point out there one of the boys (their gamemaster) looked a bit like what G.O. (from Mblaq) would have looked like as a kid. Don't know who is G.O.? Here he is:

Okay lar, not so good looking, but the features are more or less the same and I had pointed it out to Dol once and she agreed with me, so I think I am not so off-point yet.

Main point here is that their lateral thinking is really quite hard. It was something like:
"A naked person was found dead in the desert. He does not have any clothes on and there was a used/broken match beside him."
So all of us were like guessing and guessing, and you have to listen to G.O.'s friends (haha omg such a easy way to refer to the gamemaster there), they were asking things like:

"Is the person a woman?"

It went on and on till I asked, "Did the person fall from the sky?" and G.O. went like "YES!" and then he was all suspicious that we knew the answer because me and Clarissa thought that it was the same as our Chicago question and we were like exclaiming happily....till he said that the guy didn't fall from the plane and we were like awww, too bad.

OCS was really super fun! I thought all the officers inside would be very strict, stern, humorless and maybe even shout at us, but they were so nice and friendly and humorous that I was surprised. The one in charge of our group was really cute and funny, and he wasn't so tall or buff, so he was less intimidating imo, and yeah, he kept coming over to join our group as we played lateral thinking, and I could sort of tell that he didn't get it and must be thinking like, "Lord what are these girls doing..." even though he just smiled sweetly and all.

Best part? We get to hands-on on some of the guns and it was really cool because we can fire empty shots for fun. It smelled pretty bad I must say, and it made me appreciate and prefer my air-rifles and pistols so much more because they don't give off acrid smoke after each fire.

There was a station where you can hold the guns for fun and I was going to try it when the NS person whipped out his camera and I was like, "No no no, I don't want a photo thanks!" so he put it away and I tried to looked through the focus and aim, and he just took out his camera again and took a picture anyways. I was like *Edvard Munch's The Scream* face made and he looked so happy with himself that is was rather amusing.

Oh at the start Junjie was asking everyone for their bread rations because he didn't have any lunch, so 5 of us sitting near him gave him our bread rolls and he was like, munch munch munch on like 3 rolls, one after another at one go that he looked like a food-deprived squirrel cramming its mouth full of nuts. So funny haha, I am like trying to amuse myself all the time because life is so boring.

We ended quite late, at 6pm or so, and I wanted to go home with Sluggy but Sluggy left in her classmate's car, so I left with my class to take the school bus back to school and then back home. I got Jeremy to call me on the way so that I could ask him Chem prac and about library and before that I annoyed Theng Fong senseless with maths. See, that's called time saving aahaha.

After that, I was tying my shoelaces at the bus stop when I saw a new gleaming double decker coming into the station and I shrieked for Junjie to see the number lest it is my bus. It was like 157 and I was like, shoot shoot shoot, my bus!!! And guess what it turned out that he took the same bus and he lived SEVERAL BLOCKS away from me, and I was all like, "WHAT??? I HAVE NEVER SEEN YOU IN MY LIFE!!!"

It was quite fun to talk to him on the bus because he reminded me of pragmatic Sluggy and we were talking about how we had the disadvantage in literature so we sort of wanted to ask for consultation, which he was pretty eager about. That is good, I told him to tell me when he goes so that I can learn too, and I was getting really worried about lit because I just couldn't see anything you see. Like the underlying meaning and all, the things I write are like super superficial that I can't even.... Okay we talked a lot about other things but I am too lazy to type, so I will leave it at that.

Thursday had lunch with Bryan and the food we bought was like damn disgusting that we threw away most of the food (suddenly the contrast between Bryan's "Just throw lar, damn gross" and Junjie's "No no cannot waste food!" comes to mind and it is so freaking hilarious hahaha). Friday had lunch with Denyse and Denyse is super cute and sweet and it is comfortable to be around her because she was humorous but not jarring, and she makes me feel at ease.

I met Leon twice in the school, both times I didn't seem to see him because I was absorbed in my own thoughts, and he waved at me the first time during Thursday break, and I didn't see him, and Bryan was like, "HEY HE WAS WAVING AT YOU!" and I was like, "WHO??" So it turned out to be Leon and I guess if I am Leon I would feel pretty hurt, like gosh, did you just daoed me? The worse thing was that on Friday he waved at me again and I still didn't see him because I was still absorbed in my own thoughts, and this time he stopped and waved his hand in my face and I was like startled before going "HIIII!!!!!!!" He was so exasperated he was like, "Aiyo wave to you each time you cannot see one is it? Always never wave back!"

Poor, adorable Leon and his funny statements. He is worth 10 times of any flirts out there who think they are so great when they are not. Hrmpph.

Friday Sluggy and I had the CenTAD mini project interview, and it was not so hard, since Sluggy was there and I let her answer most because I suck at interviews and well, I think she did brilliantly. Must have been pretty impressive for the interviewers too, I should think.

We went home later feeling so happy because it is FRIDAY AND WE WERE LIBERATED!

I told her that I felt like we were walking out of Azkaban and I felt this fierce rush of joy pumping into my veins.

Was so tired that when I went home, I slept till nine, woke up and slacked till 2am talking to Bryan and others online and went back to sleep. Woke up at 10am today, sighs.

Shall go and jog now, and then come back to do work!

Catch you all later then!


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