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Have bigger, brighter eyes with DuffyBeau contacts!

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Don't you wish to have bigger, brighter eyes like the girl in the poster below?

Yup, the key to having bigger and brighter eyes nowadays is all about wearing big eye contacts! You can have the best eye make up in the world, but even make up cannot change one thing:

Small pupils 
that is a result of smaller eyes

So worry not people, I have the exact solution to solve your woes of having dull, lifeless eyes in a painless, fuss-free and SUPER CONVENIENT WAY! 

Vivieye 18.8mm Black colored contacts

These contacts not only make your pupils so much bigger and better for you to enlarge your eyes even further with proper make-up, it also brightens up your eyes, giving it the much sought after shine in the eyes!

You see what I mean about the contacts being able to give you brighter eyes? They reflect light very well!

Okay I am a little uncomfortable with having my face appearing on my blog too much, so I sort of crop out only my eye area to show you all the difference.

Sorry, the photo isn't very clear because I couldn't get good lighting, so the photo ended up very noisy.

1. Comfort
I think when it comes to wearing contact lenses, the most important thing would be that it has to be comfortable, since you are wearing them in the most vulnerable and easily-hurt part of you body, the EYES. This is actually my first time trying contacts, and you can ask Shi Hui (ireviewuread.tumblr.com) that I was so worried about having to put things into my eyes that I almost for a second wanted to back out of this review. But then I got the lenses, and I mustered all my courage to place the contacts into my eyes.

To my greatest surprise, the contacts are really really comfortable once you have slide them into your eyes, and you can barely feel like there's anything there at all. This is saying something considering that I am wearing contacts for the first time, and I have no experience with contacts and whatsoever, and this contacts are slightly larger than other contacts I have seen, and yet they feel great!

2. Enhancing the eyes
I realized that there is only so much that make up can do to make your eyes bigger, and certainly, having a larger and brighter (more watery) pupil will make you look younger and more energized. I mean look at babies! They have such bright and clear pupils that make them look so cute!

So these pair of lenses does a fantastic job in enlarging the pupils and at the same time, giving your eyes a natural looking shine that make you look so much more alluring! Great contacts!

3. Clarity
I never knew that coloured contacts had DEGREES too, so when Duffy asked me for my degrees, I was like "Huh?" before coming to my senses. I love the fact that the moment I put these on, I no longer need my glasses, which means that I have big clear eyes that are unhindered by unflattering objects like glasses right!

This also means that we girls can use as much false lashes as we want, along with mascara. :3

Oh and in case any of you are wondering, you won't see the pattern on the lenses when you put them on, you see everything as per usual like clearer than ever!

4. Service
I think Duffybeau has done a fantastic job in selling a HUGE variety of lenses. She is efficient in handling the orders and sends them really fast. Not only so, she is also really nice and made sure that we have made the right choices before confirming the order and sending them to us as soon as possible.

I also think that her prices are really average and affordable, and I would definitely buy contacts from her again if I have the need for them. Overall, awesome and friendly service along with great contact lenses, jang jang jang 5/5 rating! :D

I know you all are excited to try out contact lenses too, so you can head over to her facebook page, add her as a friend, and then starting ordering contacts from her! Currently she is taking a break for CNY and she will let us know once pre-ordering starts!


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