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Post Orientation Party and Others

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Bwahahahaha finally orientation has ended today!

Weather: Rainy, but rain stopped by tonight so it was between warm and cool. :D
Mood: Tired, but relieved and relatively happy and cheerful

Most important thing of all, Phiephie, Wennie, Chinny and I have gotten ourselves new names (partly for this blog) because Wennie had the habit of calling people the way I call them on my blog, so sad for us, people all know our nicknames and it is time to change!

Phiephie is now officially Sluggy/Sluggish.
Chinny is now known as Sleepy Chin.
Wennie, hehehe, we sort of called her Smelly Snape but she is in the midst of holding a protest, so there might be a further change. :D
Me? Sluggy gave me the name of Llama. (I guess there are things worse than a llama, like a YAK. -_-)

Anyway today we had like Post Orientation Party, aka POP, and I was feeling so apprehensive yesterday because I knew today was going to be such a tiring day, and I don't like tiring days, haishh. But in the end, I guess it was relatively okay, and in fact relatively fun because me and Sluggy were hoboing together and neither of us could remember any of the dance from SODACHE so all was well.

POP was rather funny, because people keep forming choo-choo-trains and going round and round, so we just randomly stick ourselves onto an existing HUMAN CENTEPEDE (ahahaha gross much) and chugged our way around. It wasn't easy okay! There were like trains everywhere and I couldn't hold onto the person in front of me (coz I so gentle, don't want to grab hard) and the train kept snapping at where I was. Weepy-weep-weeps. I think I am a bit high here.

I thought everyone did a fantastic job dancing and even though I wasn't part of my Fac's dance (coz I missed too many sessions, so too bad), it was still pretty cool, and Ares won the POP in the end. Their dance was like super professional and synchronized, and I was like how did they manage to be so synchro! So pro. Their dance included loads of dubstep and house music I think, not very good with music genres myself hehe, and it was really very cool.

Jumpy kept imitating the calls of a specific type of bird today, don't ask me what bird, I also don't know the bird name, but the call is super familiar coz that species of bird caws very very LOUDLY like this:


Gah, oh no that was a lousy onomatopoeia on my behalf, it sounded like a donkey's braying instead. Haish. But Jumpy did an awesome job of cawing and she was trying to teach me and Sluggy to caw too so that we can caw at the most inappropriate moments like when the Fac Com is demanding for silence. Imagine that:

Fac Com: SHhhhhhhh everyone!
Jumpy: eeeeeee-yoh!
Me: Eeeeeeee-yoh!
Sluggy: eeeeeeee-yoh!
Everyone: *stares*

Okadie, I can't really remember much of the most of the day because it was so much dance practice and I didn't have to pratice, so I did most of my homework allocated to me, went through my lecture notes and slept. I drooled into my jacket, omigod so gross, I have to wash it this weekend. :P Some more it was drizzling then and somebody turned on all the ceiling fans and it was like so chilly at the class bench there, brrrrr.

Speaking of coldness, this morning on the bus, the bus was so freaking freaking cold that I wonder if the bus was supposed to ferry polar bears around (haha lame) and when I departed, a sheen of condensation formed on my plastic file and the droplets rolled around. Brrrrr.....coldness.

Oooh and today me and Sluggy hoboed together most of the time, even though I am starting to like my class, I still think it would be wise for me to keep a safe distance from most people except for Denyse because being volatile as I am, who knows I may just blow up someday and irritate the hell of everyone eh?

The best thing about my class is that they don't really care whether you are highing with them or simply sitting by the side doing your own work, and mostly nobody bothers/cares what I was doing. I guess a few "OMG YOU SO MUG!" or "WAH WHY YOU DOING WORK?" every now and then is pretty fine, because it shows that I have still failed to be transparent as I had wished to be, and I should work harder in trying to camouflage myself into the class bench. :D

Oh I suddenly thought of a very funny thing, and it is regarding the Bio Notes distribution. Yesterday, our class monitor/rep, Theng Fung probably passed everyone their notes/tutorials/etc but I wasn't around, so I didn't get them, so at night I was asked via Whatsapp if I took the Biology Revision Package instead of tutorial. I was like, um no I didn't, in fact I took nothing at all. Then another classmate, Giogi replied that she was the one who took the Biology Revision Package by accident, and I was like okie, this matter is settled then. But guess what?

This morning Theng Fung asked me again if I took the Biology Revision Package and I was like O.o and said that I already said that I didn't take any of the 3 things we were supposed to take and he is like hmmm and walked away. So I thought tadaaa end! Aha...

During lunch, Theng Fung asked me if I took the rest of the notes that I had to take, and I said yeah I had. Then he asked me AGAIN if I had taken the Biology Revision Package and I was like really quite speechless, like "Grrrr I told you twice already that I didn't take it and some more someone already told you that she took it, rawr you sotong!" But then I managed to try to make myself think in the other way (I am trying to be nice nowadays): "Ahhh, I should be glad that we have such a responsible CT Rep, and I should do my part to aid him in his tireless hunt for the missing Biology Revision Package! Don't be mean, llama Kira!" So I sort of opened my file and checked in front of him, and let him checked too so that he can sleep well today knowing that I didn't take the notes. .__. Aigooo.

Ooh and here is my class photo that I downloaded from Facebook if you are interested:

Class Photo
Haha, we only have three boys in our class (one of the boys here is a senior) and 20 girls (a few in German when photo was taken), so uh the female hormones a bit the high. Oh and if I am not wrong, we already have a couple in our class since I see them together 24/7, but I don't really care since it doesn't affect me and my work anyways :D

Oh and one last thing, recently I have been so self-conscious because of this one horrible terrible idiotic pimple on my face that is turning purple like oh-god-why-someone-please-kill-me. I think part of it is my fault, because when I just had the pimple that was not yet purple, I was all conscious over it and tried to make it invisible by putting tinted moisturizer on it and sometimes even dabbed foundation. I think it worsened the dumb pimple and so in retaliation, it has gotten progressively more vicious and eventually turning a nasty shade of purple and making me feel like I am disfigured. 

Oh my sweet lord, I can't even find the courage to raise my head nowadays (yes it is that serious) and I am praying for the pimple to go away soon or it is going to ruin my life. I have been lathering tons of acne cream on it each time after I rinse or wash my face, hence smothering that evil purple pastille that is plotting to take over my skin and hopefully killing it well. I do see some improvement in it, and I personally hope that it will disappear soon (hopefully over this weekend) or my whole tube of Acne Medicated cream will be all gone, wasted on ONE pimple. .__.

[Haha I can't believe I am so drama over one pimple, traalallalala~~]

Ahhh so tired, I don't want to get panda eyes this year, so I think I will end here and go sleep....and maybe do some reviews that I have been putting off for so long tomorrow hahahas (:

To all my 200+ daily readers that come back frequently to read this even though updates are so rare nowadays, I am really grateful to you guys and hope that you had enjoyed reading this as much as I had enjoyed typing! Feel free to drop me messages (that are not spam, I hate those GRRR) in the comments below or in the tag board, and introduce yourself, whatever. You can email me too, if you want, my email in the sidebar. :3

Promise that I will try to do at least one review this week end (probably a Nuffnang post too) and keep reading! 

Thanks, love you all and take care. (:


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