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Musings 1 and 2

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Musings No. 1

you streak past as a silver shadow would
i speak, yet it makes not what it should
we seek love as only statues could
so meek, the drive of our hearts goes bold

see the fleece that frames your face
hear the silence that fills our days
touch the scars that lost their ways
taste the fears that knot my lace

does it end for naught?
will i forever be in drought?
can the future be forth brought?
or will us forever be en route?

Musings No. 2

i may only see you in red, green and blue;
but we run deeper than the wires do.
we converse about the sun, the birds and the bees;
to our hearts we exchange the keys.
my eye lingers from your name to the sign of grey,
till the circle comes round, my fingers are at bay.
in this entangling web there lies the gap,
through which my soul draws its sap.
every low note reminds me of
the empty life before it
and God's present of you.


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